Hot Girl Privilege Throughout Facebook

Hot Girl Privilege Over the Internet Is Real!

If you’re in search of a forum where men continually clown themselves out of the ballpark: browsing a hot girl’s Facebook feed for just a second, is that ideal place to get a front-row seat to the shameful-male debauchery.

Now, I know I may come off to some as being somewhat trollish and negative when it comes to putting men on the spot. But there is a method to Kenny’s madness.

The Facebook medium is the ideal forum to get a perfect sense of where guys go wrong, how they go wrong and how women in turn react to these wrongs and blunders perpetrated by men.

As a seductionist who has developed a keen eye for details between the sexes, I am duty-bound to pinpoint to every guy out there his faults, shortcomings, mistakes and where he needs improvements.

Part of this is to put on display “Hot Girl Privilege” for the Average Joe to see.

Some while back, I saved an interesting screenshot of a status update from a female friend of mines on Facebook.

😯 😯

Talk about empowered and privileged!

Ok- so from that screenshot, and bearing in mind the insights I dropped on you within the previous article, are you now convinced that hot girls get turned off by men who shower them with attention, text messages and phone calls?

If you aren’t convinced yet, then I advise you to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, make a fist and proceed to punch yourself in the nose until your face becomes a bloody pulp! 😥

Wake the hell up!!!!

Girls in general are fucking ungrateful!

Can’t you see that!?

The hotter the girl, the higher her ungrateful-meter rises.

This post isn’t to bash women at all.

I am actually bashing and shaming men into getting their shit together!

It isn’t a girl’s fault that she operates the way she does.

Men made her that way..

Most of us [98% of us] are damningly guilty of spoiling girls rotten.

How does the Average Jane repays you for showing her seemingly-positive attention in wanting to get acquainted?

That wasn’t very nice, wasn’t it?

Personally, I get a kick out of men being tooled on Facebook by privileged girls.

It’s equivalent to tough love.

Since most guys are unable to read the writing on the wall, girls are some times forced into being rude bitches just to get their point across…and I don’t blame them at all.

Facebook, the internet in general, is where men let their incompetence shine for the world to see.

The internet is also where men go to chase ass because they aren’t self-confident enough to chase ass in the real world…i.e. on the streets.

Hence, whenever girls get bitchy with guys over Facebook, I see it as an opportunity for those men to broaden their horizon, step up and learn how to interact with women mano-a-mano, opposed to hiding behind the comfort of their computers being keyboard-jockeys to the fullest.

The problem with guys who exclusively chat to women online, is that they inadvertently rob themselves of real-world references and experiences in learning about the other sex.

You can’t learn about women solely through the internet, neither by reading Kenny’s Pickup Adventures…though I appreciate you reading.

Therefore, guys who are lacking in real-world experience with male-female interactions and dealings, are already at a major disadvantage whenever they seek to communicate with girls online and through social media.

That is the underlying theme to guy’s issues in connecting with girls over Facebook.

Lack of real-world experience with real flesh and blood women, gets carried over into cyberspace and the guy gets exposed as a know-nothing fool…I mean tool.

With that, you have cases where hot girl privilege is rampant due to the ineptitude of men on the internet.

They themselves have created the monsters known as bitchy girls. Then they [men] have the gumption to complain and moan about how women are bitchy, stuck-up and spoiled.

You conditioned them to be that way dude!

Why the hell are you complaining now when girls decide to ignore your messages as a result of your low-valued ass-kissing approach!?

This pedestalization shit has gotten way out of hand where guys continue to display mucho desperation to their detriment in dating.

Frankly, I shouldn’t give a crapola about guys ruining their chances.

That just leaves more girls for me to seduce. 😉

On a more serious note, a part of me dies whenever I come across posts where girls snub and tool guys because of their needy behavior.

Girls are left to gloat and posture high off of their hit of the validation which guys provide them at no cost whatsoever.

I can’t begin to stress it enough that arguably the only way in which to successfully pick up and sleep with a random stranger from Facebook, is if you don’t (openly) chase her by showering her with words of positivity and nicety.

How to go about this was exhaustingly dealt with in the previous article.

Hot girls, and even the semi-cute ones, have built up a tolerance towards compliments, niceties and guys trying to hit on them.

Wantonly trying to pick up girls on Facebook without having a shrewd strategy will work towards your failure.

Now, I’m not saying you must have a literal game plan.

However, you should at least be aware of the pros and cons and what not to do in order to keep yourself in the game.

Remember: the hotter the game, the more you treat her as though she doesn’t exist.

Guys do the total opposite by treating the hottest girls as though they were princesses.

Now you know from where and why “Hot Girl Privilege” gets its steam.

Stop chasing foolishly and chase strategically.

What's your view?

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