Warming The Periphery – Facebook Seduction Tactic For Men [Patience Is Key]

Facebook Game is an Art!

As of late, I’ve been sharing with you lots of subtle tips on how to pick up girls over Facebook.

In this post, I’ll be imparting another strategic approach to seducing girls on Facebook.

As someone who isn’t a big proponent of Facebook Game, I sure do write a lot about this subject you might say.

In all honesty, though I hate the concept of picking up women online because it puts the guy at a major disadvantage, I do meet a fair amount of hot girls on Facebook through various methods resulting in rendezvous and sexual escapades.

What gets most guys blown out over Facebook is impatience, which originates from their pent-up horniness due to the lack of penetrative activities…or simply sex.

Horny guys are generally unable to exercise a bit of patience when it comes to meeting women.

Being horny and thirsty isn’t a bad thing in essence.

It is the inability to subdue this subtle giant of an emotion [arousal] that makes males in heat inadvertently chase girls away [online specifically].

Being sexually excited in the physical presence of a woman is a HUGE turn on and a plus!

However, “physical presence” is the operative phrase here.

On the other hand, being an aggressively horny guy online [where you’re not in the presence of the girl], will turn women off: BIG TIME!

I mean, if you’re sexting, having cyber sex or happen to meet a girl on a dating site where people look to hook up- then by all means- being a horny man on the loose will get you somewhere.

However, when it comes to Facebook and other such social-media outlets where girls aren’t (actively) looking to find dick, acting a horny mess is the quickest way to ensure that you get ignored, un-friended, deleted and subsequently blocked.

I’ve said this a gazillion times and I’ll continue to say it at nauseum: chicks aren’t signing up to Facebook with the expectation of being hit on, picked up and fucked!

Facebook isn’t a goddamn dating site! It is where chicks go to gossip, attention-whore and have virtual cat-fights.

There exist tons of websites for the purpose of hooking up.

Facebook isn’t 1…albeit I teach guys how to get laid from Facebook…but that’s another story in an of itself! 🙂

Be as it may, when trying to get laid on Facebook, you [the guy] ought to approach it with strategic caution, strategic patience and smarts.

Now, I know “Smarts” isn’t a strong point for most men [pun intended 😉 ], but hopefully I can drill some into you by the end of this article.

Ok, so since women aren’t using Facebook to find men [though they definitely utilize this platform for validation and to get attention], how do you go about getting girls on Facebook then?

There are tons of methods on this.

I personally utilize 5 different strategies to pulling ass from Facebook and into the sack.

However, I’ll stick to the script by sharing with you the “Patience in the Periphery” method of mines.

When you first meet/add a girl as friends on Facebook [I’m speaking of someone who isn’t in your social circle] and she accepts your request…or perhaps she added you, your initial approach shouldn’t be to pounce upon her like a wild animal by flooding her inbox with lame-ass messages.

What are some classic examples of lame-ass messages?

“I think you’re a very cute girl”

“Hi…whassup beautiful”?

“Can I have your phone number so we can talk privately”?

“You’re the hottest female I seen in a long time on Facebook”

“Can I take you out someday”?

Lame, Lame and fucking Lame!

Sadly enough, such messages are oft-typical when guy meets girl online.

In essence, there’s nothing egregiously wrong with those messages [I almost puked saying that 😥 ].

Nah- seriously- there’s nothing wrong with expressing fondness for a woman.

However, you don’t want that to be the sum total of your communication on Facebook.

Your initial message to a girl on Facebook should have an air of chilled and aloof opposed to desperate, sex-crazed and desperate…oh- I said that already.

As I spoke about in my hot-new manual , the Facebook seduction guide, whenever I meet a girl on Facebook, my 1st message to her will have read like this:

Hey, cool to meet you. We’ll chitchat sometime down the line when time permits”. Ciao”.

That’s it!

Nothing special.

Nothing magical and artful.

Nothing of compliment or ass-kissing.

The vibe I create with my initial message says:

“I’m a man of value, patience and importance”. I have too much on my plate to spend my time chasing you or anyone”.

That is the vibe you want to create at first.

That is the boss’ mentality: “I’ll deal with you later”.

Women have been conditioned to become attracted to men who appear to not desire them.

This vibe is amplified tenfold online…especially on Facebook.

You must show the girl that you’re not desperate by any mean to get into her fucking pants.

My initial inbox/chat message hammers that point/vibe home.

It let’s the girl know that I am not desperate, not horny, not chasing, somewhat not interested, not fazed by her beauty [nor booty]…and so forth and so on.

This is a far cry from the typical dude who lauds the girl with tons of compliments and shit.

Doing so will have placed the girl in a position of power and cede her the upper hand in the interaction.

When dealing with women online, you as the guy should always look to maintain the upper hand, the power and the vantage point.

Guys give these 3 crucial things away right off the bat within their first message upon the girl accepting their friend request, by saying stuff like:

“I’m glad that you accepted my friend request. To be honest, I didn’t think a pretty girl like you would accept my request because I know you have tons of men already trying to get to know you”.

Ok, so do you see what is wrong with such a commonly sent message?

1.) It puts the guy in the position of the one with lesser value and lesser importance

2.) It puts the guy in the position of the chaser

3.) It puts the girl atop a pedestal

4.) It gives the girl the power to accept or decline any future proposals

Is that the situation you wish to create?

Obviously not.

Most sane men would like to have some sort of control of their dating life. But most men don’t because of such commentaries/texts/lines which automatically put the girl in the driver seat.

What happens whenever a woman gets placed into the driver seat of a relationship?

She inevitably wrecks it…as sexist as that may sound to some. 😳

Hence, as a man, it is your inalienable role to lead, call the shots and be the one in position of power. And not to continue to make the stupid blunder of handing over your nuts on a platter for the girl to neuter you like an animal.

Ok, with that being said, my 1st message after I would have added a girl, is one that keeps me in the position of power as the chooser.

Instead of doing what ever other guy does, which is to flood the girl’s inbox with messages of gratitude for accepting the friend request, I play it off by appearing as though I had done her the favor by adding her. 😉 😎

That is the mindset and the vibe you should want to cultivate.

The girl should be grateful that you had put her on your proverbial guest-list to your party by adding her to your Facebook inner circle.

Not the other way around where you’re begging then praising the girl for letting you enter her exclusive party.

That is what most guys do in social media: 98% of them!

They beg and plead “on bended knees” in hopes to get accepted into the girl’s party.

Unbeknownst to such foolish men [I was once one of them too]: girls rarely ever sleep with men who beg, supplicate, apologize and show gratitude.

Ok, so to give a detailed synopsis here, I met a girl on Facebook about 3 months ago [someone with who I share 1 single mutual friend].

She’s a Dominican chic living between the Dominican Republic and the not-too-distant English-speaking island of Antigua…where I reside.

As you can see from an actual screenshot below, her physique meets my specification: thick and shapely [I’m super turned off by thin stick-figured women. I’m black; what can you say ❓ 😛 ].

Anyway, so the truth is: she gets hit up a lot on Facebook by a gang of Latino men who put her on a pedestal…thinking that such is the way to get to a woman’s heart…or her vagina.

As you can see from the screenshots below which I’d taken earlier today, my vibe is entirely different from the impression that most guys aim to set.

I’m rude, ballsy and un-apologetic.

Translation of my status update into English:

“People always say that vagina has the power, but I’m here to change the rules and say that dick has some power too”.

In the screenshot directly above from a status of mines, I’d posted a lame pic of myself, and the Dominican chick left an emoticon in the comment section.

Now, what does this saying?

For starters, it is obvious that she is chasing me and seeking my attention and my approval.

She’s doing to me what guys typically do to her: drool all over her pictures and leave lame-ass emoticons and smiley faces.

How powerful it is when the roles are reversed and the girl is the one acting like the desperate guy! 😉

Now, the question is, why is this hot Afro-Latina girl so into me?

What had I done so special since we first met on Facebook 3 months ago?

What did I do differently than 99.9% of other men [also strangers] whom she wouldn’t dare chase and leave comments on their posts and pics?

I simply refrained from chasing her by exercising patience within the periphery!

That is the subtle magic in how I was able to attract this girl without doing anything awesome but rather dickish and rude.

Bear in mind that in this screenshot from a pic I’d posted earlier today [Saturday], she clearly admitted to liking it via “Sí”.

Whenever you get a girl to verbally invest and admit to liking you, or liking something about you, it makes your job that much easier.

Once again, I never said anything special to this girl over the 3 months since being FB friends.

Never complimented her once.

In fact, I negged her photos as we would say in the pickup world. In other words, I did the opposite of complimenting her by making sly remarks which would appear to be somewhat of a diss.

This totally flies contrary in the face of what any ordinary guy would do when trying to get a girl.

Well- Kenny isn’t your ordinary chap who plays by the rules. 😉 😉

All in all, with hot girls over the internet [barring dating and hook-up sites], you should NOT chase, compliment, ask, beg, nor come off as (too) nice [those things have their place…which isn’t online].

Those seemingly innocent things will translate to being desperate.

Hot girls see niceness in a guy as desperation, neediness and weakness.

Do you understand that?

The quickest way to turn a hot girl off [over the internet] is to tell her that you like/love or admire her.

You are also putting the nail in your coffin by trying to hold a traditional conversation with her over text/Facebook chat.

If you’re not being somewhat of a dick, then you have no chance in hell buddy!

Was I a dick with this Afro-Latina?

You bet!

I’m somewhat of a dick with every girl I meet; whether in person or online.

I understand that girls who get hit on and complimented a lot, become desensitized to such nice gestures, thus repelling the guys who continue to praise them while they [hot girls] continue to chase after the guys who show them little to no gestures of fondness.

Whenever you withhold traditional nice-guy compliments from a girl who perceives herself to be hot, she can’t help but to become somewhat self-conscious and go:

“Why isn’t this guy bowing down to me and licking my butt-crack like the rest of these lap dogs? How dare him! Am I not attractive enough? Am I not his type? I thought I was every guy’s type”! 😦 😯

She may not consciously say that to herself [though she will]. But subconsciously, you not putting her up on a pedestal like the rest, will make her question her beauty, sex appeal and viability as a potential mate [this shit is evolutionary science guys].

Hence, whenever I come across a hot girl, or even a not-so-hot one on Facebook, I run my usual gambit of playing indifferent, pretending as though she isn’t that attractive to me, hold off from the nice-guy compliments, refrain from bombarding her with tons of messages, etc, etc, etc.

All of this come within the scope of strategic patience and playing to the girl’s periphery.

What I mean by that is, just as I do with the Afro-Latina chick, I bait her into commenting on my statuses and photos.

How do I do this?

I firstly comment on 1 or 2 of her posts.

I bust on her a bit with a snarky comment or 2 just to get her frowning and laughing.

There’s a little secret I know that you may not…unless you’ve been following me:

“It is extremely difficult to get a girl truly upset and offended”!

Girls only get genuinely offended and upset when they figure that they’re dealing with a pushover-guy who doesn’t have a backbone to stand up them.

From my attitude and my vibe which I put out there from the get-go, 99.9% of girls I meet [online or in person], know that I’m the type of dude who doesn’t hold his punches, nor am I stifled about the things I say and what I want.

With this frame/mentality of mines which I put out there bright and early [through my statuses], girls on Facebook know what to expect from me:





   *Banter and pun

   *Funny and humor

…And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Therefore, when I interact with a hot girl over Facebook, she will NOT punish me for saying/doing something outlandish and forward.

She will definitely punish and scold your ass, simply because she doesn’t respect you as a man who gets away with shit.

Anyway, so when I first meet a girl on Facebook, I would send her a super-brief message telling her that we’ll catch up when the time permits since I’m such a busy guy.

She will usually reply with: “Ok no problem”.

From thenceforth, I would NOT send her another message, neither hit her up in chat (even if she’s online) for a few weeks…and even months as is the case with the Dominican chic featured in this article.

What I would do instead over the course of those weeks and months, is to comment on her statuses and photos…sparingly.

I won’t flood her statuses with tons of comments neither.

Two fucking comments the most!

I willfully leave girls hanging all the time in their statuses by purposely not replying to a comment they’d made in response to my comment. So if the girl asks me a question [which I baited her into doing], I purposely ignore it [her status]. 😈 😈

Once again, such calculating strategies set the tone of: “I’m the prize, I’m a busy guy who doesn’t have time for you. If you want me; you will have to invest and chase me”.

Now, 4 in 10 times, I would get an inbox message from the girl whose status I’d commented on and ignored, saying:

“Hi Kenny. I’d asked you something in my status about an hour ago but I guess you didn’t notice my comment”?

Now she begins to chase me as I’m ignoring her.

I’m essentially flipping the script on women by supplanting myself into their role of being the ones who ignore guys, by ignoring them.

Powerful shit!

This is what I do with almost every girl I meet on Facebook whom I intend to take to bed eventually.

Ok, so I would also ignore the inbox message that she will have sent me.

What other option is she left with in order to get my attention and to reach me?

Comment on my status or a photo.

Do you see the Jedi-mind trick of what I’m actually doing in order to get girls to chase me on Facebook?

Likewise with the girl whom I’d featured in this post.

She kept hitting me up in my inbox wanting to talk/connect, wondering/asking if I’d seen her comment/reply on her status.

When she didn’t succeed at getting my attention, her last resort was to blow up my status updates trying to get my attention [talk about desperate measures].

Is she the only chick I have in such a limbo?

Of course not!

I have every single girl in such a limbo on Facebook…at least the girls whom I plan on sleeping with shortly.

Be as it may, that is what happens when you ignore a girl who’s been told that her looks and body will get her anywhere, anything and anyone in life.

She becomes desperately proactive through her own self-consciousness.

To summarize the strategy: you comment on the girl’s status/picture but don’t reply to whatever it is she replies with.

By “comment”, you should already know that I for sure don’t mean anything lame, generic, cheesy…such as direct compliments on her looks and sexiness.

You do this over the course of days and weeks until she begins to chase by commenting on your stuff.

If she doesn’t reciprocate by chasing you, it likely means that your comments on her statuses and pictures were lame and ass-kissing.

I have a +90% success rate in getting hot girls to chase me via this patiently applied technique of mines.

Ok, so what do I do when the girl becomes invested/hooked (by chasing me)?

Sensing that she’s now into me and highly attracted, I would then transition from trading comments on our statuses to inbox/chat.

I lay my sub-primary intention right out on the table like a fat girl at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I won’t spend 2 hours talking/texting about how she’s been doing, where she grew up and what she ate for breakfast.

Sensing that a girl is hot for you, you should waste no time with preliminary bullshit, rather get straight to the point [and I don’t mean to verbalize your intention of wanting to fuck her].

Me: “Anyway Jenny, since I’m a real busy guy, I’m not fond of this internet chat thing. Send me your # so we can set something up during the week…like a walk and chat”.

Without a doubt, she will send her phone # and agree to meeting up.

This must be done on the proverbial-high point when the girl is totally into you.

The rest will have been history…if you know what I mean. 😉

Thus, patience is key for sure.

There are instances where you should act swiftly with girls you meet on Facebook.

However, those are the cases where the girl is already fully into you, or she’s someone whom you already know fairly well.

In such a case; it is counter-productive to wait and allow weeks to elapse.

However, if this is a stranger whom you’d cold-approached and cold friend-requested, chances are, she isn’t keen on you at all, isn’t attracted (yet), so you’ll essentially have to build everything from scratch…so you’ll have to take the patient route by playing within her periphery.

This is where and why most guys stumble from the gate when it comes to trying to get with girls on Facebook.

Instead of utilizing the patience-first method, guys throw the entire carton of eggs into this 1 basket while crossing their fingers and wishing for the best.

This sort of ‘luck approach’ is equivalent to throwing a pile of feces at a wall and see if it sticks.

As a Pick-Up Artist; I never foolishly rely on luck as 99% of guys on Facebook do. But I put my reliance in prudent strategy!

I play to girls’ insecurities and vanities.

Girls love positive attention; so I withhold it from them.

Girls love to be reassured of their beauty and physical affectations; so I keep from any mention of her beauty in a positive light.

You have to learn how to reel a woman into your world, your party, your frame and your reality. Stop trying to wiggle your fucking way into her party by kissing her ass with the same cheesy-generic compliments that she’s been getting for the last 15 years from scores of clueless men like yourself.

As far as look; they mean squat!

What I mean is, her looks don’t frazzle me. And just because a girl is hot, doesn’t mean she’s impervious to my strategies and seduction techniques [my stats over the years prove this].

Likewise with my looks.

I always have to remind guys that I am not the most handsome lad in the crowd.

I’m no fucking stereotypical-Hollywood type dude in the looks and net worth departments.

Yet I comprehend female psychology throughout my years of learning the art of seduction. And I come to the realization many years ago [through seducing hundreds of girls], that women respond way more to attitude in a guy over his looks.

Hence, I’m able to regularly pick up, seduce and bed smoking-hot damsels whom I met over the internet- not with my non-Hollywood looks- but my Alpha-Male persona, vibe and energy.

Read: Attitude over Looks: Socialkenny’s case study of Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation and Dj Pauly D

‘Not Caring’ is the sexiest quality a man can have in relation to attracting and shagging tons of women.

“He who cares less; gets the most sex”.

A large part of why I’m able to sleep with so many girls from Facebook, is my attitude and free-spirited vibe.

This is sexy to women.

Being opinionated without being too obnoxious and overbearing, is sexy to women.

Having semi-radical views and unorthodox opinions are also attractive in the eyes of women.

This is why 80% of my Facebook and social-media postings are liable to ruffle some feathers…mainly that of women.

Whenever I post a Facebook status, this is what goes through my head beforehand:

“What can I post, and genuinely mean it, that will get a few women pissed off at me”?

These are some of my most recent Facebook status updates…some with the intention to tick a few girls off just to get them invested into a dialogue.

Being un-stifled is what it boils down to.

This is why the asshole/douch-bag gets the good girls [the hot ones might I add], while the un-expressive nice guy, who truly deserves the good girl, has to settle for the proverbial leftovers and damaged goods.

The douch-bag, probably not consciously, knows that girls for the most part, respond well to being treated with contempt. While they [girls] respond negatively to being pedestalized, idolized and cherished.

Over all, apart from the tactical lessons I wish for you to deduce from this article, I hope that you take into consideration the ‘VIBE’ [an Inner-Game concept] that is crucial to building an all-around profile of a sex-worthy guy who gets women chasing him.

You can have all the tactics and magic pills in the world at your disposal [the Outer-Game stuff]. If your Inner-Game [energy and vibe] isn’t congruent and doesn’t align with your tactical stuff: you will fail miserably…all the time!

Being patient and having the wherewithal to keep your desperation in check, requires Inner-Game strength and resolve.

Having a smoking-hot chick who’s out of your league, accept your friend request, and not instantly feel the urge to chase her to death, requires mental strength, patience and confidence…all of which fall into the Inner-Game bracket.

When a super-hot girl who appears to be out of my league, accepts my friend request on Facebook, I treat this occurrence as though it’s a non event…which requires confidence in one’s ability that everything will cannibalize within due time.

Your aura should exude: “I got this”. And not scream: “I need to get this girl right now if it means sabotaging everything”!

Warm the girl up to you through her periphery while patiently and strategically reeling her in.

If you enjoy my advanced insights on the topic of seducing girls on Facebook, you may want to check out “Facebook Bang”, which ironically has been my most purchased e-book of 2015…thus far.

With that, I leave you with an interesting video from Todd Valentine which hits on the subject at hand.

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