Most Men Are Unaware That They’ve Been Friendzoned

In keeping with my previous post, most guys don’t even know that they’ve been friendzoned.

They learn of this revelation months and even years down the road, when they finally summon the balls to at least make a sexual pass on the girl, to then discover that she isn’t interested in anything romantic.

Sounds familiar?

I bet you.

That is the case with the vast majority of guys who’ve been relegated to the dreaded friend zone: they don’t even realize it had gotten this far into the red.

Talk about living in oblivion.

I know quite a few guys in my personal inner-circle of distant acquaintances, who routinely get friendzoned [or friendzoned themselves] and aren’t aware of it until I drop the bomb on those poor fellaz.

In addition to me revealing to them that they’d been friendzoned, they often times find out from the girl herself.

Ok, so why are men that unconscious to their own self-inflicting demise?

As I eluded to in the previous post, it comes down to misconceptions about women and what they want.

It’s difficult for most guys to believe that the treasured girl whom he’s been chasing, could actually be open-minded towards quick-casual sex.

We would all love to hold fast to the belief in the fantasy that the girl we decide to court, is somehow intrinsically different and more special than the rest.

In the same way that it is difficult for a man to accept that his girlfriend could possibly cheat on him…especially given the fact that he spoils her and hoists her atop the social pedestal.

Guys who get friendzoned unbeknownst to them, are clinging to the reality of the perfect girl, perfect situation and how to not ruin it.

Hence, he plays it super safe, actually thinking that the longer he stays in the game [by playing it safe], the greater his chances become to get the girl.

As time goes by, the friend zone deepens and he doesn’t even see it.

Ok, so this begs the following question:

“How does a guy know that he’s been friendzoned”?

There are numerous signs that you’ve been friendzoned [or that you’ve put yourself there] by a girl whom you’re trying to get with.

1.) If the girl talks to you about other guys she’s seeing or interested in: You’ve been friendzoned!

2.) If she nonchalantly makes plans with another guy [over the phone] while in your presence: You’ve been friendzoned!

3.) If she phones you whenever she’s having issues with other men and needs a shoulder to lean on: You’ve been friendzoned!

4.) If she walks around naked in your presence [presuming you’d never fucked her]: You’ve been friendzoned!

5.) If she hits you up for a monetary favor and is looking to bum some cash off of you [presuming you’d never fucked her]: Then you’ve been friendzoned!

6.) If she phones you to pick her up and drop here and there: You’ve been friendzoned!

7.) If she gets away with trying to use you in any way, shape or form: You’ve been friendzoned!

8.) If she doesn’t filter what she does and say around you: Then you’ve been friendzoned!

Those are just the top 8 tell-tale signs which come to mind.

Bear in mind that if you haven’t slept with the girl, and 1 or more of those previously mentioned things have been taking place, then you’re in the friend zone while being unaware of it…that’s if you’re not aware of it.

As the post’s title indicates, most men aren’t aware that they’ve been friendzoned until it hits them like a bag of bricks months to years down the line.

What's your view?

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