I Have A No-Friend-Zone Policy

Customarily, I get e-mails from my readers which read:

“Do you ever get friendzoned Kenny”?

Simply put: NO!

My style isn’t suited for the friend zone.

I lose more girls than I eventually get to sleep with…which shouldn’t be rocket science to rationalize why that is.

With every girl whom I meet and interact with, she knows from the inception that my reason for talking to her, is NOT to be friends nor friendly, but to get inside of her clothing as quick as humanly possible.

With this approach, 2 things will have happened as a result:

   ♦ I’ll lose the girls who just want to become friends

   ♦ I’ll meet the girls who are open to the idea of hooking up

I frankly don’t want to entertain the girls who are not into me sexually, hence I’m able to screen them out quickly and move along.

Whenever you interact with a girl, she will or should either sense 2 contrasting things emanating from your aura:

   1.) You want to fuck her

   2.) You want to be her chat-pal…her friend

Either way, the girl will have come to 1 of those 2 conclusions as to your motive in why you are communicating with her.

The problem with most guy’s approach, is that they communicate the wrong message; and that is that they’re looking to become friends or friendly.

Now, if you are genuinely into the girl for platonic purposes- then by all means- continue to give off that friend-to-friend vibe.

There’s not a thing wrong with that if ‘just friends’ is truly your mantra [can’t believe I just said that 😦 ].

I on the other hand, am not looking to become any chick’s shoulder to lean on while she bangs other guys and leave me out to dry.

That is typically how the cookie crumbles for 96% of men in the Western hemisphere.

Ninety-six percent are tossed into the friend zone [more so, they put themselves into the friend zone].

The residual 4% are allowed to bed the 100% of girls who are sexually active. 😯 😯

Those stats are fucking INSANE, right!?

I would think so.

The question then begs itself:

“Why is such a minuscule amount of men getting to sleep with women who are sexually active? What is the secret”?

There isn’t much of a super secret besides putting yourself into the fuck-worthy bracket instead of the friend-worthy bracket…as I eluded to at the beginning.

If you communicate ‘friends’, she will accept and deduce from your vibe, that friendship is the only thing there to offer you.

Hence, this is why I always say that it is NOT the girl’s fault for friend-zoning you. But it is your fault [the man’s] by positioning yourself as a friend, thus essentially placing yourself into the LJBF [Let’s Just Be Friends] category.

In addition, the girl accepts whatever frame you put out.

What does that mean in non-PUA parlance?

It means that the girl will look to follow your lead as the man…at least, that’s how it should be.

Anyway, so it’s about how you set the frame and the underlying theme of the interaction.

For instance, if you say to a girl:

“I hate girls who have one-night stands”.

She will automatically accept your frame that ONS [one-nighters] are no good…even if she’s used to having more one-night stands than a hooker in a brothel.

On the other hand, if you say to a girl:

“I don’t judge girls who just want to have fun for 1 night. Sometimes, humans go with instinct”.

She will automatically accept your frame/reality that One-Night Stands aren’t a bad thing that women should get crucified over.

Do you see how this works now?

As the man, it is your duty to lead, and to lead the girl down whichever path you intend to go.

Most men however [the 96%-ers], are foolishly oblivious to leading and frame control, hence they inadvertently put themselves into the friends basket, by thinking that to say things like the following, will get them the girl:

“Most men don’t know how to appreciate a woman and how to be a friend”.

With such declarations, you automatically pressure the girl into having to see you as just friends.

This is why whenever you meet a new girl, you want to avoid making such statements in trying to win her over.

Women aren’t looking for you to win them over by proving to them that you’re Mr. One Of A Kind.

Therefore, this is where the average Joe goes wrong, and why he subsequently gets friendzoned for trying to be Mr. Nice Guy.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid getting friendzoned, then do/say the opposite of whatever it is you’re used to doing/saying.

“Say what Kenny”!? 😯 😯

You heard me right!

Whatever society, Oprah, Dr. Phil and girl-centric magazines have taught and advised you to do and say: Kenny advises you to do and say the opposite…that’s if you desire to break the cycle of perpetual friend-zoning!

For example, you were taught that to get sexual and or touchy with a girl whom you’d just met, is a Fat NO NO and would be a huge turnoff.

This may be so with some women. And you will likely turn some girls off by being touchy and verbally sexual.

However, as I stated previously, you will eliminate the girls who are looking to just be friends, while simultaneously screening and accepting the girls who want to be more than just friends.

Isn’t that you want anyway?

Be as it may, within the 1st few minutes [if not seconds] of meeting a girl, you want to be flirty, sexual and or touchy-feely.

This’ the only way to avoid being friendzoned.

Also, by no means should you decide to turn on the sexual months later after being friendzoned.

It would’ve been too late when the girl’s impression of you would’ve already been set in stone.

Hence, it is never a prudent strategy to play ‘friends first’ when you’re really only romantically interested in the girl.

The reason you think that you have to play ‘friends first’ by seeming non-sexual, is because of what you were taught growing up, and also your misconception about women, that they don’t want sex.

Once you begin to realize that chicks dig dicks as much as guys dig poon, you’ll begin to approach women in a brand-new light: sex first, friendship later…if anything.

With this style of mine, I absolutely never ever have to fear getting friendzoned because it just won’t happen with the ‘sex first’ mentality that I espouse.

Therefore, be flirty, sexual, playful, forward, and raise certain topics which you normally would think are off-limits due to their sexual nature.

Ok, so how does this look on camera?

Here’s a little snippet from a video I’d posted a while ago.

You want your interactions with girls whom you’d just met, to follow this thread just as mines was within the first minute of meeting this sexy-fitness instructor.


One thought on “I Have A No-Friend-Zone Policy

Add yours

  1. Ah nice one! Confirms what I’ve always suspected : We can’t blame women for friendzoning guys.

    Most guys don’t give off a sexual vibe and are just way too vague for the girl to even figure out what the guy actually wants. She has options so she doesn’t have time to discern if you’re really interested in her.

    Again, good point about the framing. I personally don’t judge women for their sexual escapades and most feel free to express their sexuality with me. They take on the role that you give them. Why not give them the role of you possibly fucking them? Great article!


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