My Most Memorable Moment Of 2014

Aaaaah…what a year it was indeed.

As for picking up women and getting laid, 2014 was actually 1 of my worst years on record. For the Average Joe however, if they had my 2014 stats, it would’ve been record-shattering to say the least.

Be as it may, my most memorable moment of 2014 wasn’t about pickup, but good-old politics.

My political party, The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party [ABLP], which had been out of power for 10 consecutive years, finally regained power on June 12th, 2014 after a landslide victory [the largest in island’s history] over the then governing political party,The United Progressive Party [UPP], in the general election.

What made this victory of ours [ABLP] so gratifying, is that we were robbed out of winning the 2009 general election [George Bush in Florida style] by the then governing party, the United Progressive Party [UPP].

As the political pundits had predicted, we cruised to election victory on June 12th, 2014 almost 10 to 1 over the governing party.

It’s for that reason why the general-election cycle was the most memorable moment of 2014 for myself.

I re-posted 4 articles in this post, from the election cycle which I heavily participated in.

“Socialkenny Psyched For June 12th, 2014 General Elections In Antigua And Barbuda [+ The Political System Makeup]”

[Originally posted June 4th, 2014]

Vote or Die!!!

Haven’t done a post on (electoral) politics since the last U.S. presidential election showdown between Mitt the Slick and Obama Osama.

Ok, it’s been a heavy-political season within the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda.

Politics in the Caribbean is real serious business on every level!

Everyone eats, breathes and shits politics!

Furthermore, virtually everyone participates in some form or fashion: from the elderly down to the toddlers donned in their political-party paraphernalia.

In the Caribbean islands on a whole, politics, especially during an election year, is the greatest spectacle around which usually overshadows every other activity including sports, recreation and entertainment.

It draws a larger following than Basketball, Cricket and Soccer combined [goes to show how politically conscious people are in these parts]!

We take our elections very seriously [“We” being that I was born here and vote here]. So much so that it’s customary for families, friends and marriages to be severed due to political affiliations, partisanship and which way you cast your vote (for which party).

As in the United States where you have the Democrat and Republican parties, there are only 2 major-viable political parties in Antigua and Barbuda: The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP), and The United Progressive Party (UPP).

The independent candidates as expected, are NOT electable nor viable.

In the Caribbean however, unlike the USA, there is no recognized and established Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Progressive, etc.

However, if you were to poll all registered voters, they will likely claim to be (social and fiscal) Conservatives. Also note; the Caribbean is an ULTRA Conservative region which makes the Conservative GOP and Tea Party in America look like wannabes. 😯

Now that’s saying a lot!!!!

Liberalism and most liberal ideas, are widely seen as taboo, hedonistic, ungodly and immoral.

For instance, abortion is generally FROWNED upon in the Caribbean and it is a cause for social shame, whereas a girl who had undergone an abortion, is likely to have hid such undertaking from her peers and parents as to avoid a devastating-social stigma which generally follows someone who had aborted a fetus.

Therefore, abortions are pretty much done through the proverbial back door and undercover although a planned parenthood had set up shop a year or so ago.

Another Liberal idea and agenda which is COMPLETELY shunned in Antigua and Barbuda (and the wider Caribbean region), is gay rights, gay acceptance and gay marriage.

A politician in these parts who dares to go public in support of gays, or merely just to verbally recognize their existence (in a positive light), will have committed political suicide and risk being assassinated in some of the more volatile islands such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana [which is in South America, but recognizes itself as an unofficial member of the Caribbean states].

Basically; Gays and Lesbians are NOT recognized by the law, neither society, nor are they treated as having existed but rather a mythical taboo and a shame to society which most either steer clear of (physically) or refuse to acknowledge verbally.

On a further note, gay sex aka buggery, is a crime in the Caribbean and is tantamount to rape…hence the name “Buggery” which means rape!!! There is no such thing as consensual-gay sex between 2 men!!! You can be tossed in prison even for mere speculation of partaking in homosexual sex. It is a serious crime in these parts. So much so that if a neighbor even reports you to the authorities as having gay sex (male on male), you can be arrested, especially so if there are minors living in the household.

Homosexual men generally stay in the closet out of fear of being killed or jailed.

As you would’ve guessed: hate crimes against gays doesn’t exist.

Lesbianism however, as expected, is way more tolerable in Antigua and Barbuda and the wider Caribbean in spite of the ULTRA-Christian Conservative societies which dominate.

It’s commonplace to spot 2 females making out heavily in a bar or nightclub. This is fairly accepted socially by the youths (although frowned upon by the elderly).

On the political end, interestingly though, if you were to poll every single voting adult in the region as to whether he or she identifies with the Republicans or Democrats of the United States, it’s almost guaranteed that he-she would say Democrats.

Quite confusing and contradicting since Democrats identify with Liberals while folks in the Caribbean are staunch Conservatives who contradict core to novel Liberal ideas.

It’s a very perplexing situation to say the least.

The main reason for this sort of rigid Conservatism in the Caribbean is due to the Christian Right aka the Christian Counsel [they basically regulate laws and dictate what should be the social norm].

They have the most sway and say politically and socially, which means they can get a nightclub shut down if they feel that the music is too vulgar [they’ve done this many times].

No politician dares offend or questions the Christian-Conservative Right Wing lest he be unelected or crazy!

Because of the Christian Right, muslim candidates, or persons of other faiths, are generally impossible to get elected to parliament (on the exception of Trinidad and Guyana which have large Muslim and Hindu population).

For a non-Christian, Atheist or Agnostic (as I am) to get nominated, let alone elected to anything, he’d probably have to front as a Christian, essentially concealing his religious beliefs…which brings his integrity into question at the end of the day if he does take that route.

Again, it gets trickier in that the Christian Right virtually runs the legislature and regulates laws and social norms, yet prostitution in Antigua and Barbuda isn’t an offense, and brothels, whore-houses and sex-bars are on public display once the sun sets. So grave contradiction again in what gets regulated and why.

Ok, back to election-season politics!

In Antigua and Barbuda, as in majority of the other islands of the Caribbean, we use the “Parliamentary” system of governance as they do in the United Kingdom and a whole host of other countries around the globe.

Hence, there’s no president nor presidential race in our elections.

We have a “Prime Minister” as the head of state.

This is totally different than having a president, although when you think about it; the USA is really set up like a prime-ministerial system like what we have here (in theory).

The president is really just a front-man and sometimes mouthpiece for Congress who have the real say and sway in U.S. politics, policies and law making.

Therefore, America having an elected president, is really just a bogus show when in fact, they use a quasi-parliamentary system as we do here, in Canada and the U.K.

Anyway, so “Prime Minister” it is and not president.

The reason the head of state is called a “Prime” minister, is because he is the “Prime” or “Primary” minister among other ministers within his political party or cabinet. So he’s not the “sole” minister but the “prime” minister among ministers (plural).

Hence, when it comes to general elections here, and in any other country which has a parliamentary-style system, we don’t elect just 1 candidate or 1 person but it’s broken down within constituencies/districts/parishes.

It’s similar to congressional, gubernatorial or district elections in America in the sense that each state has its own and separate elections.

In the Caribbean or the parliamentary system of government, the general elections (which is held every 5 years and not 4) are a (s)election of numerous candidates [would-be ministers] who would have made up the government once they are elected majority by winning the most seats for their party.


My American audience might be very baffled at this point!

Basically, the general election isn’t between 2 candidates or 2 persons, but rather party against party for who can win the most vacant seats for his or her party. So it’s a team of guys (and gals) against another team.

The party which gets the most candidates elected, essentially wins…but not quite. 😯

In Antigua and Barbuda for instance [my birthplace], in my district/constituency, the candidate vying for that vacant seat- for my party [ABLP]- is the Senator Arthur Nibbs, hence the following photos I’d taken of billboards and posters all around my town.

I took this in my area the other day @ a store front.

I took this in my area the other day @ a store front.

I took this the other night @ a public function for the party

I took this the other night @ a public function for the party

My family (maternal and paternal) are also long-time staunch supporters of the ABLP. So party politics and partisanship is very deeply rooted within families.

My grandmother's also a die-hard ;)

My grandmother’s also die-hard 😉

The thing is though, when it comes to parliamentary elections in order to decide which party ultimately wins the government [ABLP or UPP in our case] , it depends on how many seats are won and how many seats that the party had won already from previous elections.

To make it simpler: majority does win!

Right now as it stands, there are 17 vacant seats up for grabs.

Whichever of the 2 parties wins the most of those 17 vacant seats on June 12th, then that party ultimately wins the general election. Not 1 person wins [as in a presidency] but 1 party/team of candidates wins [parliamentary].

The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party [ABLP], my party, is currently in opposition and has been for the past 10 years (2 election cycles).

We’re looking to retake the government from the United Progressive Party [UPP] who has wrecked the twin-island nation over the past 10 years [sounds partisan as fuck…I know].

The UPP who controls the government after winning elections in 2004 and 2009

The UPP candidates who controls the government after winning elections in 2004 and 2009

General elections are held every 5 years opposed to 4 as in the USA.

Now the interesting thing is, whichever party wins the most of the 17 vacant seats, in effect winning the election, the leader of that party, by default, becomes the “Prime”/main minister as the head of state or head of government.

He isn’t elected head of state/prime minister by the voters, but his party instead, after they would have won the elections, selects him to become the “prime/main” minister.

Sounds complex to someone who is used to the simplified-presidential election system.

Having grown up and lived in the United States of America my entire life, I too was puzzled by the parliamentary-style system when I first came home some years ago.

A general election as in the USA is very simple: 2 candidates only in which to vote for, irrespective of where you are located as far as state is concerned.

In Antigua and Barbuda, there are (usually) 34 candidates representing the 2 major parties [17 candidates per party], with 2 candidates representing each of the 17 districts/constituencies [2 candidates consisted of 1 incumbent and 1 opposition].

When each district will have voted for their individual-lone candidate, the votes nationwide are tallied up to then decide through a computation system, which party won most of the 17 seats [so whoever wins 9 or more seats, pretty much wins].

As for my party [ABLP] which is in opposition right now, the 17 candidates are depicted in the below image [1 female]:

Wondering why “Labor” is spelled “Labour”? The system here is modeled of the British’s, where words such as color and labor are spelled as colour and labour, etc. #JustSaying

Since election is a grand spectacle around these parts, leading up to it, both parties usually throw mega rallies, concerts, functions and socials in show of force and solidarity.

It’s like your team against mines which creates a super-interesting atmosphere unlike humdrum-funeral procession like elections held in other parts of the world.

These are some photos from around my district over the weekend and other districts also.

Our slogan overall for 2014 is Ready To Rebuild!

UPP (The United Progressive Party) has wrecked the country for the past 10 years!

UPP (The United Progressive Party) has wrecked the country for the past 10 years!

This girl stopped me to take her pic then bluetooth it to my phone

This girl stopped me to take her pic then bluetooth it to my phone

Socialkenny out to represent!

Socialkenny out to represent!

Custom made LOL

Custom made LOL

ABLP Political rally on the move

ABLP Political rally on the move

ABLP Marching on the current government (UPP) for trying to stall the elections...

ABLP Marching on the current government (UPP) for trying to stall the elections…

A political concert over the weekend

A political concert over the weekend

The leader of the party and would-be next Prime Minister, Gaston Brown

The leader of the party and would-be next Prime Minister, Gaston Brown

Asot Mika'el, a Lebanese parliamentarian & deputy leader of ABLP, vying for his now vacant seat

Asot Mika’el, a Lebanese parliamentarian & deputy leader of ABLP, vying for his now vacant seat

Asot Mika'el, 1 of quite a few Lebanese-Syrian parliamentarians and Senators in Antigua and Barbuda

Asot Mika’el, 1 of quite a few Lebanese-Syrian. parliamentarians and Senators in Antigua and Barbuda

Motorcading through the district of St. Georges in support of Dean Jonas, 1 of our 17 candidates

Motorcading through the district of St. Georges in support of Dean Jonas, 1 of our 17 candidates

Finally, while cruising through the rural areas, I had to get a snap of this fellow-party supporter chick just for the record.

All in all, I just hope that the shady tactics of the government (UPP) won’t rob us of a victory which pollsters have been predicting a win for us (ABLP).

The MP (Minister of Parliament), Asot Mika-‘el [a Lebanese who’d immigrated to Antigua some decades ago], had spoken to that issue in parliament recently, as far as the government attempting to steal the elections as they did in 2009.

Samantha Marshall, the lone female candidate for the ABLP at the Launching of the party’s manifesto.

Some rhetoric by the prime minister, Baldwin Spencer (of the UPP).

“Massive Rally Last Night In Support Of Asot Mika’el, The Arab-Antiguan Candidate For The ABLP + Why Kenny May Never Returned To The USA”


[Originally posted June 7th 2014]

Why am I posting about politics on a seduction-pickup blog?

Good question:

It’s general election time!

Notwithstanding I’ve been voting here since 2004. Elections will be held on June 12 th. 2014 in Antigua and Barbuda. That is literally less than a week from now, so I’m going all out in support of my party: The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP)!

BTW- I love politics (locally and globally) as much as I love Seduction. Plus it’s only 5 more days till elections are over and it’ll be back to fucking normal on the blog! 😉

Ok, so one of our 17 ABLP candidates vying to get reelected, held a massive rally last night.

He’s none other than the Lebanese Arab, Asot Mika’el, a guy who has consistently won reelection over the last 20 years and more (although our party has been in opposition over the last 10 years).

What baffles a lot of people outside of Caribbean politics, is that we have quite a number of parliamentarians and senators who are of Arab descendant, citizenry and were born in the Middle East, as is the case with Asot Mika’el, from Lebanon.

In the English-speaking Caribbean, One does NOT have to be a citizen (born or naturalized) to vote…unlike other parts of the world!

In Antigua and Barbuda particularly, as long as you’ve been a legal resident here for more than 3 years; you are free to register and vote without having to be a citizen. Likewise with running for office, which is why we’ve had tons of Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese senators, representatives and parliamentarians over the decades.

The island actually has a huge Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese Christian and Muslim population who have migrated here decades ago with their families, primarily as merchants. But they have totally assimilated into society here where blacks and Arabs coexist and mix without any hiccup or ethnic and religious tension.

It’s a far cry from the tensions in the USA and Europe between immigrants from Arab countries and the citizens, including self segregation and non-integration [not to mention September 9-11 which caused massive scorn towards Arabs in the USA].

In the Caribbean on a whole, Arabs and blacks integrate, mingle, mix, copulate and live together in harmony.

When I first got back home some years ago, my mind was blown as to the free-racial integration and how people of other ethnicity and races can coexist peacefully without racism, classism and favoritism, where everyone was TRULY seen as equals irrespective of their religion, race or ethnicity.

When I weighed my 2 existences, these were the realities I was faced with:

A.) I can either return to the U.S.A. In the near future and have to deal with the bullshit such as social and political hypocrisy, stupid laws, segregation, racism, classism, exclusion and harassment on every level (all based on race, geography and class).

B.) Or I can remain home to enjoy a society where everyone freely mingles: Arabs and blacks, Muslims and Christians co-existing PEACEFULLY in a social and work environment.

C.) I can return to the USA in the near future where freedom and equality are myths, hate crimes based on race, the government stripping away so-called freedoms and rights on a daily basis…

D.) Or, I can stay home in Antigua and Barbuda where we have true basic and fundamental freedoms and rights, where we don’t have to worry about a prying and spying government, rights being taken away unlawfully, police brutality, TSA groping people at the airport and so forth.

I don’t know about you, but as a freedom-loving Aquarian; I like to know that I can drink and drive, drive and text without worrying about cops pulling me over because of some idiot who might have struck a pedestrian while driving and texting. I don’t have to wear a seat belt, I can exceed the speed limit without a ticket, we can drink in public wherever, whenever, without a forethought about public-intoxication laws, prostitution is as commonplace as going into a candy store to buy sweets…

Those little freedoms are why I don’t have the slightest urge to ever return to the USA to have to deal with the bullshit and hypocrisy where groups self-segregate, whites don’t want to live among blacks, blacks and East Indians can’t live among one another, Arabs self-segregate into their own communities, etc.

In the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda primarily, whenever Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian Arabs immigrate here, they adopt our culture, lifestyle, customs, way of life, fashion, etc. with a total assimilation and integration into the black society.

This leads me to the conclusion that racism/prejudice is an American problem and deeply ingrained into the psyche of the American people. Which now makes sense as to why immigrants who migrate to America, naturally self-segregate due to prejudices and a need to avoid racial strife with the white majority.

In the Caribbean (where the African stock is the majority) whoever migrates to this region, will naturally assimilate into the black population and live amongst us PEACEFULLY without fear of racism, prejudices and inequality, unfair treatment as to employment, housing and opportunities.

East Indian Hindus, whites, Asians and Arabs live among us without trepidation.

Would an average America vote a Syrian or Lebanese Arab into government, be he a citizen or not [well he’d have to be a citizen according to their constitution]?

Of course not! Especially given the rise of Islamaphobia over the years. Which once again speaks to the hypocrisy of the average American and his or her government’s policies.

The constituents of St. Phillips, Antigua [99% black], LOVE the hell out of Asot Mika’el, a Lebanese Arab, which is why he has 1 of the longest winning streaks of reelection in the nation’s history.

A very great man, a man of action, down to Earth, beloved, and supports and sponsors everything locally.

Our rivals (The United Progressive Party) who now controls government since 2004, are notorious for slandering Asot on the campaign trail but the man is ever blazing like never before.

I’m confident that we’ll win back the government in less than 6 days when the nation goes to the poll in hopes that we pick up the most vacant and contested seats.

A fellow party supporter who attended the political rally last night for Asot Mika’el, sent me some snapshots of the event.

As the slogan goes: Asot Cares!

Asot Mika'el's campaign manager rallying the support

Asot Mika’el’s campaign manager rallying the support

“The Government Is Broke”? Oh Really? More Election Gimmicks By The UPP”

[Originally posted June 8th, 2014]

One of the talking points of The United Progressive Party’s [UPP], the party which has been in control of the government since 2004, is that the government/state is broke due to the global-economic crisis and the recession from 2008.

Yet, the UPP over the past months leading up to general elections in 5 days, has managed to pay millions of dollars in bringing figures from overseas in order to sway electors.

As the poster below depicts: Yolanda Adams, the award-winning gospel and R&B singers, will be performing in a UPP political rally/concert on the 8th of June (tonight)…4 days before the elections…yet the government has no finance to take care of state business…so they say.

Who knows how much bringing Yolanda Adams here will cost? ❓

Not forgetting to mention that around February, the United Progressive Party (UPP) had rolled out thousands of pairs of custom-made Converse sneakers with the UPP emblem stamped on them, including custom-made baseball caps in the hundreds of thousands. 😯

We wonder how much that had cost?

Yet the government is broke?

One may claim that they’re using the party’s funds…but they haven’t claimed that publicly.

To take it a step further, they recently got Sammy Sosa, the baseball great, to campaign for them in order to win some of the Dominican votes since Antigua and Barbuda has a super large Dominican population for its size.

Traditionally, Dominicans vote for ABLP (Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party) since our party has always been pro-immigration while the UPP has been legislating laws over the past 10 years which is tantamount to mass deportation of Dominicans back to The Dominican Republic.

Hence, it’s no surprise that they’d get Sammy Sosa to do some damage control for them.

Sammy Sosa, the Dominican-born MLB baseball great (L.). Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer on far right

Sammy Sosa, the Dominican-born MLB baseball great (L.). Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer on far right

How much was spent to bring Sammy here to campaign?

We’ll never know…but the country’s broke and the party’s broke.

Gross mismanagement of government funds and a very poor job through various ministries which John Maginley, has passed through.

John Maginley (of Syrian descent), current member of the UPP government seeking reelection

John Maginley (of Syrian descent), current member of the UPP government seeking reelection

As for our party’s funds [ABLP]: we raise them and have declared them publicly so.

As for the UPP’s funds, such declarations haven’t been made publicly.

All in all: the populace is sick of the mismanagement of government funds and the lack of a vibrant economy over the last 10 years due to the likes of Jackie Quinn-Leandro and Joan Massiah to name a few.

Jackie Quinn-Leandro (in yellow), current member of the UPP government, vying for re-election

Jackie Quinn-Leandro (in yellow), current member of the UPP government, vying for re-election

Joan Massiah

Joan Massiah

Be as it may: Thursday will be the defining day. Either the United Progressive Party stays in power or be voted out.

Polls have repeatedly said that it’ll be a landslide victory for the ABLP.

Fingers crossed, full speed ahead with our political leader, Gaston Brown!

BTW, elections were due in March 2014 but the UPP totally disregarded the constitution and dragged out the election to almost 4 months (June 12), as Baldwin Spencer, the prime minister, tries to cling to power.

“We Won”

[Originally posted June 13th, 2014]

We won!!!

Before being sworn in, the new Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne (middle) with the new First Lady, Maria Browne

Before being sworn in, the new Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne (middle) with the new First Lady, Maria Browne

The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP) won the general elections of Thursday, June 12th, 2014 by a landslide as predicted by most pollsters!

After 10 years, 2 election cycles of a regressive government rule of the UPP, which brought zero stimulus to the economy, over 25% unemployment rate: the people have fucking spoken!

Voter turnout was over 92% which is super high!

The following graph depicts a map of the election outcome, with ABLP [in red], the new government, while UPP, the government voted out yesterday, being represented in blue.

The red on the graph says it all of the landslide victory!

Of the 17 seats/races, 14 of our candidates won, while the incumbent government (The United Progressive Party- UPP), won only 3 seats/races.

The new Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, has declared today, Friday the 13th, a public holiday…which means Kenny gets to loaf around town and does what he does best: pick up chicks! 😉

All in all, it was a vigorous campaign on our part (ABLP)!

My candidate for the constituency I vote in, Arthur Nibbs, had won his seat over the incumbent, Trevor Walker, by literally 1 vote…LITERALLY! 😯

Former Senator, Arthur Nibbs (left) of ABLP, defeats incumbent Trevor Walker (right) of UPP, by 1 vote

Former Senator, Arthur Nibbs (left) of ABLP, defeats incumbent Trevor Walker (right) of UPP, by 1 vote

I'll be wearing this wrinkled shirt all day for victory...a foregone conclusion

I’ll be wearing this wrinkled shirt all day for victory…a foregone conclusion

All of us were shocked that it was so close with our race!

The polls predicted a landslide win for Nibbs in that race, so something went awry: Poll predicts landslide win for ABLP Barbuda race.

Fuck it: a win is a win!

One of the slogans of the United Progressive Party going into the elections was “3 Peat”, being that they won the last 2 general elections [2004 & 2009], albeit they stole 2009’s, George Bush vs Gore style, they were gunning for 3 straight wins but we countered those fuckers!

Word around town has it that they were already printing t-shirts with victory slogans saying “Take That”…as if they were gonna win.

Of our 14 candidates who were victorious at the polls yesterday, the lone female, Samantha Marshall, was among them, as she defeated the incumbent member.

Other winners for the party included, Asot Michael aka “the Lebanese Arab action man”, who won his race by a wide margin!

Asot Michael aka “the action man”, Lebanese-born parliamentarian for ABLP

We did it!

I’m so fucking elated right now!

We all took to the polls yesterday at 6AM, bright and early to cast our votes.

As you can see from my right index finger which I had to dip into ink to signify that I voted, it was all inked up.

It was apparent that we, ABLP, were headed to a landslide shellacking around 10:30 PM, at which point, we had already beaten 4 incumbent members of the United Progressive Party (UPP) government, including their beloved-finance minister, Harold Lovell, who was slated to run for a future Prime Minister bid for the UPP in the near future.

Harold Lovell

Harold Lovell

The former prime minister, Baldwin Spencer, conceded the elections bright and early last night, as his party realized they had no chance of winning.

The new Prime Minister addressed the nation earlier this morning after our huge victory!

We’ll be celebrating all day baby!!!


All throughout the towns since last night into this morning, we’ve been celebrating the landslide victory of 14 to 3!

The new Prime Minister addressed the nation earlier this morning after our huge victory!

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