“Get Laid From POF- The 2nd Edition” Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method

“Get Laid From POF: Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method [Second Edition]”

A while back, I had a buddy ask me in raw fashion: “What is your single best-kept secret to fucking all those girls from POF”? 😯

Haven’t ever been asked such a pertinent question, I had to dig deep to provide the magic answer which would rationalize my best-kept secret as to how and why I manage to get so much hot poon from Plenty of Fish.

“Well…what is it Kenny”?

My greatest and best-kept secret to pulling 3 new ass per week from POF is:

Paying Attention To Subtle Details Within The Girl’s Profile

“HUH!? It can’t be that simple”!?

It actually is buddy!

Truth is: there are subtle indications and tell-tale signs which give away the girls who are only looking to get laid with no strings attached!

Due to social constraints, a woman, whether on POF, Facebook or the nightclub, will NOT, and CANNOT directly state her purpose and intent as to why she is where she is [i.e. browsing online-dating sites].

She has to cloak her sexual aims within a facade of sexual piety, humility and prudism.

It is your job as the man, to weed her the fuck out!

This is where Kenny comes to your aid with his brand-new updated POF method [in .PDF format], which is essentially your wingman to getting hot girls off of cyberspace and into your bed!

If this sounds like the usual pie-in-the-sky marketing bull: then you really haven’t been following my pick-up method!

I am not here to blow my own trumpet, but allow me to cite 3-raw pieces of information from the period where I was most actively seducing women on Plenty Of Fish.

   ♦ I was sleeping with 3 new girls per week. So much so that 2009 was a record-shattering year, where I’d slept with so many women, that I deemed myself sexually maxed-out and just couldn’t keep up with such a treacherous pace of shagging.

   ♦ I was collecting and exchanging upwards of 15 phone numbers on a weekly basis. So much so that I literally had to ditch my SIM card and change my phone number because of the influx of phone calls I was steadily getting [sleepless nights to say the least].

   ♦ I had only been active on POF for 2 weeks, before hooking up with 4 new girls. Additionally, I had never experienced a dry spell where I didn’t manage to pick up a few new girls per week.

Now, how does this information relates to you?

How does Kenny’s POF prowess address and solve your girl problems by getting girls off of POF and into the sack with you?

Firstly, since I was able to have those killer results on a consistent basis, why the hell shouldn’t you!?

Why you aren’t currently having such results, is partially due to your utilization of the WRONG approach. Not your looks, not your body type, not your height, not your receding hairline– but the wrong approach overall!

Additionally, your profile likely needs tweaking.

Your profile’s “about me” section [including the photos you decide to use], is likely killing your chances of easy sex by turning women off…unbeknownst to you.

I repeat: the “about me” section alone will kill you!

My method addresses the super-simple alterations and tweaks you can make within 5 seconds through the edit button.

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time

Ok, ‘TIME’ is of the essence, and I empathize with each one of my subscribers and their issue with time implementation [since I’ve been there]:

“How long will it take before I begin to see real results…meaning women on dates and in my bed”?

I don’t believe in quick-fix methods at all, because 99.9% of them are scammy!

However, my POF Dating Method is a true fucking Quick Fix!

How and why so?

For starters, this manual is NOT LENGTHY, in comparison to the usual fluff and bluff guide which is designed to sap your money without the honey to show for it!

This guide [the 2nd edition] is only 40 pages long [I should really say “short”].

In the interest of ‘Time’, and in all fairness, I refuse to subject any guy to a tedious and cumbersome approach of having to divest ‘Time’ and energy into getting laid from Plenty of Fish.

You are looking to get laid fast and NOT to waste time trying to piece together 100 complex concepts within a 300 page e-book filled with huff and puff.

The Socialkenny POF Dating Method [“Get Laid From POF…2nd Edition”], contains 40 pages of hard-hitting strategic tips which even a newborn can execute…with blinders on. 😉 😉

I repeat [and specify]: just 40 pages of straight-to-the-point tips and simple tweaks and alterations to make to your profile in order to set it up for easy sex.

That is the goal: to get you laid on POF!

Hence, ‘Time’ isn’t there to be wasted burning the midnight oil over a lengthy guide (which this is NOT).

Some additional pointers within the guide:

   ♦How mass-texting and cut-and-paste will kill your chances

   ♦Why you shouldn’t mass-text

   ♦The DTF signs to look for, hidden within her profile

   ♦How to spot the girls who just want to hook up

   ♦When to get her phone number…and why

   ♦How your “ideal 1st date” section can make or break you

   ♦What to NOT include in your profile

   ♦How to get any girl to reply to your message

   ♦How to get her to your place with ease

   ♦Why you should suggest she come to your place and NOT a date

   ♦Tea, coffee, juice and film are your allies

Furthermore, you’re unable to spot the girls who just want to hook up, while wasting valuable time on the girls who are merely there just to be spectators…and to stalk their boyfriends.

As your proverbial wingman via “Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method”, I’ve already done all the hard work for you.

Your task from henceforth is just to utilize a bit of observational skills whenever you come across a hot girl’s profile.

“How Long Until I Get Laid”?

In keeping with the previous points: this e-book in the form of a PDF guide [40 pages], will not take you an entire day to complete and to make the necessary edits and tweaks to your POF profile.

There isn’t much thinking to do!

I’ve done all the thinking and trial runs for you! 😉 🙂

Therefore, after you will have completed this e-book [within hours’ time], there isn’t much absorption work to do.

It is simply to make notes and tweaks as you go along.

It is my job to get you laid.

Fair enough?

Ok, so how much will this new e-book product cost you?

For a month only [until February 1st], this product will be available and sold for $39.50 USD…that is virtually a $10 rebate from the original set price of $50.00.

Call it a New Years special from me to you.

Not to mention that the head honchos at Plenty of Fish, have been gunning for me ever since I’d published the 1st edition [free] some years ago.

As a consequence, my POF account was subsequently deleted and a permanent banned had been placed on me [I spoke about this in the second edition].

In addition to that, the POF company had petitioned numerous online-book stores to not host my POF Dating Method…I guess because they felt this information threatens their dominance in the game? ❓

Anyway, so there’s no telling how long I’ll be able to host this e-book product on the internet before it gets pulled like the 1st edition.

In the meantime, this brand-new edition [the 2nd] will be sold at $39.50 USD until February 1st. 2015 when the initially agreed price of $50.00, will be instated.

You can’t get a better offer elsewhere from other methods which have been published by internet-marketing gurus who know nothing about getting laid …especially with the gems and personal secrets I share with you on How to get laid from POF”.

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