Getting Random Strangers [Girls] To Accept Your Facebook Friend Requests

Has it happened to you while browsing the news feed, or merely combing some comments on Facebook posts and- “BAAM”!

It hits you smack dab in the kisser!

A fine piece of woman ass that makes you wanna gawk, stalk and jerk [I actually meant jerk as a joke :confuse: ]

We’ve all been there, right?


As a result of coming across this stranger’s miniature-profile photo, you’re left to propel yourself into action by immediately sending a friend request and hoping for the best [fingers crossed].

I spoke about this gross miscalculation at nauseum in “Facebook Bang”.

Most men being deaf, dumb and blind…and lazy, elect to taking the simplest route by hitting “add friends”, and expect magic to happen out of thin air.

Granted there are cases where a total stranger with whom you share zero to minimal mutual friends, will accept your friend request.

However, such a girl is in the vast minority…and she probably has issues to say the least.

On the other hand, if you do share at least 6 + mutual friends with the object of your desire, then it is pretty much an okay move to shoot off that friend request.

She will likely accept it as you would have been deemed safe and sane [pre-selected].

The underlying reason as to why random strangers [i.e. girls] won’t accept your friend request, is simply because they don’t know whether you’re safe, sane, sociable or troubled.

For all she knows, you’re some loony-toon character, stalker or recently paroled sex-offender looking to victimize another damsel in distress.

It’s for this reason why she will elect to hit the “decline”, “later” or “not now” button, on your friend invitation.

Trying to get a random girl with whom you share not one, to minimal mutual friends, to accept your friend request, is equivalent to cold approaching random strangers on the streets as we are accustomed to do in the pickup arena.

The biggest difference in cold approaching strange women on the streets, is that the girl cannot just snub you and swat you away like a bothersome pest.

Though she may not be attracted to you, she will likely stop or at least acknowledge you, even just to fleeting listen to what you have to say.

Online however, there is zero fucking social pressure forcing the girl to have to engage you by talking or accepting your friend request.

Hence, she will gladly decline and dust her shoulders off.

Furthermore, over the internet, opposed to street approaches, the girl has a monopoly on power.

This is why you must be strategic and prudent in getting her to accept your friend invitation.

This can only be achieved in 1 way and 1 way only.

   If you do share a mutual friend or 2 with this girl, post a comment on a status or photo that she’d commented on.

That’s all you have to do…well almost.

Essentially, this is an indirect approach opposed to the direct approach which most guys foolishly use.

By doing so [the indirect approach], what you’re actually sub-communicating to the girl is that you’re sociable, safe, sane and friendly.

Whether you share any mutual friend with her or not, this strategic approach of mines can still be utilized.

Bear in mind: this chick does not know you from Adam!

You must communicate to her that your safe.

Quite naturally, you cannot directly say to her [through a comment thread], “Hey keisha, I am Kenny…and I’m not a weirdo stalker”.

That is obviously weird…and defeats the purpose to prove that you’re indeed cooky.

Hence, you must firstly communicate with this total stranger through interactions on Facebook statuses and posts [normal enough indirect interactions].

Just for shits and giggles, as someone who’s subscribed to the Bad Girls Club page [yea I know- that’s lame], I periodically browse the comment section on interesting posts, and there is almost always a super-hot chick who sticks out like a diamond among cheap gold.

I am smart enough to know that to simply click on her profile and hit “add friend”, will have been a futile approach…likewise with sending a lame message to her inbox.

Therefore, I exercise covert strategy by commenting on the same Bad Girl’s Club post, whereas the object of my desire, will have noticed my comment directed towards her.

This isn’t just a one-off comment neither.

You have to cross-interact a bit on the topic at hand.

After you will have done that, you can simply send an inbox message along with a friend request.

Me: “Hey Keisha, since we both are Bad Girls Club fanatics, I decided to add you up”.


That is the only commonality I need in order to friend-request her.

No cheesy compliments or ass-kissing.

You should also seek to make your comments specific to the girl.

Let’s say that Jenny, the random stranger [who’s hot by the way], comments on a post.

You can simply cross-interact with her by commenting about whatever she’d said.

Again: you don’t have to kiss ass!

You simply make a comment with an @ symbol [@Jenny] so she knows that you’re referring to her.

Me: “@Jenny, why would you say that the tattoo is weird? I think it’s cute. I recommend every woman to get 1 like it”.

More than likely, the girl will have responded to the comment in reply.

After a back and forth dialogue on the post, I would then send a friend request with a message.

This is a full-proof method.

I’ve done this dozens of times over the last 3 years with a 100% success rate.

Now that I think about it, I’d have to say 99.9% success rate because I did have 1 girl not accept my friend request in spite hitting it off in the comment section on a female friend’s Facebook photo post…but she’s the only exception. 😉

In conclusion, if you find yourself constantly making the miscalculated blunder of cold friend-requesting girls without success, you now know the cause of your dismal-failure rate [failure to communicate “safe and sociable”] and how to correct it.

You cannot blindly and coldly add any hot girl whose profile you come across.

You must firstly utilize my strategic approach in indirectly reeling her in.

If not, you’ll have to continue to rely on the luck factor; which spells a 1 in 20 success to failure rate.

In all fairness, my approach sounds like common knowledge.

However, most men still take it upon themselves to operate in idiocy [the lazy man’s way] by shooting off friend requests without firstly interacting with the random stranger.

9 thoughts on “Getting Random Strangers [Girls] To Accept Your Facebook Friend Requests

Add yours

      1. Before I send a friend request to a specific girl on FB (a stranger – no mutual friends), according to your post above, I should find a random post on which the girl commented on. Then replying to her comment on that post and going back and forth there in the comments should be my first interaction with her before sending the friend request with the tailored message.

        I didn’t find a way to do that because the comment history of a person is not publicly available to anyone. There’s no way to find her comments or the posts she commented on as far as I know.

        The other posts of yours on this site gave me the idea that sometimes you’re friend requesting random stranger girls with NO prior interaction. If you do that, what kind of message are you sending along?

        All I want to know is your current FB PU routine Before sending a Friend Request; because I’m out of ideas of how to appear to her sane and safe without posting/commenting on her shit (page&photos) or inboxing her before sending the FR in order to accept it.

        Thank you for answering. You’re the main PUA I follow right now.


        1. I don’t recall actually saying you should post or comment on posts that she commented on, especially if you 2 aren’t friends on FB. But in any case, what you can and should do, and this is what I advocate on online dating sites, is to either check out her profile pic and pick out something to comment on. Or, so it on her profile and what is available and visible…for instance, where she lives. If her profile reads: “lives in Cincinnati”, send her a message along with a friend request saying something to the effect of, ” Cincinnati girls always have this sort of look that’s intriguing and confusing”. You get the point. If you already have your opener lined up, then go with that. But I used the Cincinnati line as an example. So, pick something out from the girls profile and send her a message based on that…accompanying a friend request. And ensure that it isn’t some lame shit that’s ass-kissing like compliments.


          1. You said it right in this post – in the Keisha and @Jenny examples above.
            And don’t mention it, bro! Keep up the good work! I will also try to contribute to it by posting here my uncertainties. 😀


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