Why You Should Record Yourself In Action

“In Field Is King”!

A classic-pickup moniker that rings true to this day.

Field experience will be your greatest teacher in the game.

You can remain at home and read theory upon theory of how to meet women. But until you put those theories to the test, you will have just been another mental-masturbator among the masses.

Every bit of information I’d shared with you guys here over the years, have been put to the test by myself.

The beauty in recording yourself (whether video or audio) is that you’re able to see/hear your sticking-points, strong-points and faults in real-time.

If you think you sound cool and confident in person: record yourself in an interaction and you’ll be amazed at how shitty and non-confident you come across.

All of your faults will have been highlighted and magnified as if under a proverbial microscope.

It is actually very difficult to notice your faults while in conversation.

Hence the beauty in recording your interactions which I’ve been doing for over 4 years now.

You get to work on your stuff and improve your overall social and communicative skills with women and people in general.

I’m reminded of 1 of my very 1st audio interaction of pickup up a girl, which I’d posted to a pick-up forum some years ago.

Every other guy on the forum who’d listened to it, kept telling me how much I stuttered whenever talking to the girl.

I surely didn’t notice this until I’d re-listened to the audio and realized how fucking terribly often I stuttered…and I certainly don’t have a stammering problem.

However, I was so nervous talking to women, that I stuttered every second and appeared very uncomfortable.

I was able to totally get over that hump after studying my recorded interactions with women.

This isn’t only applicable to face-to-face interactions.

You can also record yourself over the phone chatting with a girl, in order to get a real idea of what you should fix, omit and retain.


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