Taking A Woman Home From The Bar [Attraction Method Video]

I came across an awesome video some months ago from Magic, who’s a pick-up instructor for the Attraction Method.

He’s an Indian guy living in Miami who constantly shatters the myth that Indian and Asian men living in America, cannot get laid.

I just want to cite a few points in the video that stuck out for edification sake.

42:40 He chats to a bartender whom he knows, which indirectly builds pre-selection and makes the girl in black [the Cuban] a bit jealous.

50:50 “That was forward but ok”

56:00 Explains why he had to go for the semi-awkward kiss at the moment he did. A great breakdown.

1:00:02 At this point of the video, since the romantic chemistry he’d built was already established, he held her hand romantically while talking.

1:00:40 He amps the sexual tension way through the fucking roof by unintentionally touching her breasts. But he did it playfully and in a natural and non-creepy way.

1:00:51 He gives her a hi 5 which helps with touching.

1:12:45 At this point, the girl is obviously sexual roused and her buying temperature is pumped. Looks how she preens her hair too…which is a sure sign of her attraction and arousal.

1:14:54 Lol this is 1 of the funniest moments in pickup. She says that there’s a lot of douch-bags out there. Fine- I agree! Why are they douches? For trying to hit on you? But this guy is hitting on you, kissing you and getting physical!! Why isn’t this PUA instructor a douche? It’s all the art of seduction.

1:35:20 Some lovely KINO reciprocation where he kisses the Cuban girl on her hand and she gives him a love tap on his chest. #Nice

1:41:14 He perfectly goes in for the make-out at the most convenient time.

Check it out.

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