Why Less Is More When It Comes To Processing Information + Why My Products Are Concise Opposed To Lengthy

Less is more! What a frikkin’ paradox!

A curios question I get asked by some of my marketing buddies in the seduction genre: “Why and how do you produce and sell electronic books containing 30 or less pages? And would people actually purchase something that isn’t lengthy”?

My straight-to-the-point answer to the last part of the question is simple: “Newspapers, Periodicals and Booklets”.

Physical newspapers, including their online subscriptions, have been selling for decades, in spite of the fact that the average newspaper in the western hemisphere, contains less than 40 pages.

Hence, consumers and potential customers, aren’t deciding whether to buy based on how many (or few) pages a magazine or book contains.

Just as myself, and any rational person, am not going to decide to buy a shitty brand of cereal just because it contains 5% more cereal than a quality brand which taste better, is healthier but holds less.


People are interested in content!

We want our content fast and easily!

Let’s be real here: the general public has an extremely short-attention span.

Society in itself is structured in a way that facilitates laziness.

For all I know: I’m a product of that [most of us are]! 😉

We all want our shit “INSTANT”!

Think: microwave, cellphones, instant banking, credit/debit cards, vehicles, online shopping…you name them!

Virtually everything nowadays is automated in order to suit the demands of society.

In a sense: it has to be that way (automated).

Bearing this in mind, it boggles my cranium matter as to why publishers would go contrary to the flow and trend of things, by being persistent in ignorance, in not realizing that people today, are short on fucking time!

I frankly have no time at all to spend reading a 300 + page book!

No fucking way buddy!

I’ve been there- done that years ago!

Ninety percent of the information I came across in those years, has since seeped out of my brain like a punctured tire on a slow leak.

Am I just an unfortunate-isolated case?

Doubt it!

I can bet that every person out there reading this post right now, can testify to my anomalous experience, that most information that they would have read, are now lost and relegated to the dustbin of history.


The human brain, especially in the 21st Century, where stimuli are at an all-time high, just isn’t equipped to process ton loads of (useless) information which the brain doesn’t need.

The brain operates as a filter of information.

It has to!

Whatever your brain deems as useless information, it will reject and flush out!

Information that is valuable to that person; is stored for later usage.

We all inherently understand that this is how the human brain functions.

What is useless: it discards.

What is useful: it stores and retains.

With this factor in mind: time is of the essence.

Most marketers [online or real-world] miss the boat on this 1…by far! 😯

The average person, whether he or she has massive amounts of spare time on their hands, isn’t necessarily looking to kill that time by drowning themselves in a lengthy self-help book on how to get their shit together.

It is simply that they have no choice because information is limited in the sense that there isn’t any source which dare to delineate from the norm of publishing.

To be more technical: every author of self-help material, or simply someone who wants to share their advice with others, is under the impression that he or she must glue themselves to the status quo. And anything outside of that, will render you unsuccessful…or retarded.

This simply isn’t true.

You can get your information across within less time, less pages and the least amount of effort toiling like a slave.

Personally, I empathize with the average Joe and Jane.

I well understand that we live in a world where everyone wants [and NEEDS] information that they can digest and apply as quickly and smooth-sailing as humanly possibly!

Once again: this is why newspapers steadily sell like hotcakes, opposed to a memoir or autobiography, which is usually short-lived after the hype will have subsided.

With concise documents, one is able to cram necessary information within his-her virtual hardware [within minimal time], without the hassle of having to sift through 150 pages of fluff and bull in order to get to the meat of the issue.

This is why people rarely ever read the fine print, contracts or agreement statements.

We skim and click, scan and accept…even to our detriment.

Pickup and dating advice carries no difference when it comes to demand.

We want our shit now!

This is why blog posts and articles are so popular as means for one to become abreast with whatever it is he/she is in search of.

None of us really want to labor through a 250 + page book on how to meet women…or how to quick-fix a faulty appliance.

I sure don’t…at least not anymore!

Therefore, whenever I pitch my pick-up and seduction products at my audience and valued readers, I’m always mindful of ‘TIME’. And I also put myself in their shoes.

Hence, I refuse to encourage my readers and potential customers, to invest time and money into lengthy material on how to meet women and get laid.

I know for certain that most (online) marketers are disingenuous-shady characters; whether this be in the genre of pickup or self-help.

Therefore, in order to get you to buy the latest and greatest electronic product, it is very common that they’ll cloak away 15 pages of valuable information within an e-book filled with 250 pages of pure garbage, fluff and mental-masturbation, just to get the book sold.

When you distill it down, after you will have read 300 pages, only 10 to 15 of those pages, will have contained valuable information. So you basically wasted time with virtually nothing in return.

This sort of antiquated-style marketing isn’t necessary at all.

I’ve proven this many times!

My e-book products sell with an average of about 20-25 pages per book.

This shatters the perception that you have to sell the people rubbish packaged as a pot of gold, in order to get a sale.

It simply boils down to quality and useful content.

If you can deliver quality shit within 10 pages or less- we consumers- are willing to buy!

In this case, it’s not about the quantity [length of the information] but quality [usefulness of the information].

Most product-creators in the field of pickup, are incapable of delivering quality gems within 30 pages or less.

If they could- they would. 😉

Make no mistakes about it: I am not trashing anyone in the community.

If other coaches feel that they have to waste valuable time toiling over 400 pages: more power to them.

I frankly don’t have the time when I’m knee deep in other aspects of pickup and dating advice. Neither would I like to subject my followers to time-wasting when they could be elsewhere getting other shit done…like shagging hotties.

Learning game, or how to pick up a particular chick, should be forthright and a non-complicated procedure…like taking a piss.

You should be able to read, digest and apply that information instantly, without having to drain your mental faculties due to information overload, which is a common byproduct of over-reading.

I’m all-too-familiar with information overload [which leaves the reader mentally paralyzed], because I was accustomed to drowning myself in 3 hardcover books per week [self-help stuff], unable to retain an even dismal 10% of what I read.

Since quitting that self-defeating practice about 5 years ago, and devoting myself to reading short and concise scripts, I’ve seen a drastic change in how much info am able to retain [90%], and how much time I am able to save and devote to other stuff.

People are short on time, and I respect that.

Hence, I take that into consideration whenever I decide to put a product on the cyber market.

Instead of pumping out an e-book chocked with 200 pages of information. I elect to reduce it to 20 pages…every page containing nuggets of fucking gold!

As for marketability and sell-ability: “Can a 15-20 page book sell”?

Of course!

I repeat: It is not about quantity but quality [value]…at least in the sale of electronic products.

Every potential product-creator should bear that in mind.

Ok, before wrapping this thingy up, I just want to send a big THANK YOU to the guys who have thus far purchased my recently released products which have been doing well over the last 2 weeks.

One particular product, is my recently published electronic manuscript: “Facebook Bang”.

Less than 25 pages, sold at $4.99. But every piece of information is valuable to the guy out there wanting to learn how to pick up girls on Facebook.

Therefore, I really appreciate you guys patronizing my stuff, as it shows that you believe in my material and what I have to offer in building your dating and sex life.


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