“From Streets To Sheets: How To Meet Women” [new e-book now available on Lulu]

Hey guys, my most recent e-book is now published to the Lulu store, where it can be had with ease…+ additional details and excerpts from the document.

As the title clearly denotes: “From Streets To Sheets”, this guide is specifically geared towards the courtship process of meeting women while out and about, picking them to eventually setting up rendezvous which will eventually lead towards sex…the pre-ultimate goal.

I tried my darndest best to steer clear of heavy PUA jargon whereas to not get the average guy lost to the process of meeting women.

Therefore, it is a guide that any Average Joe can utilize quickly [only 27 pages].

I stress the adverb “Quickly” to arouse a specific reaction!

Most manuscript products [hardcover or electronic] on the topic of dating and pickup, are very clunky, complex and designed to bombard the reader from all angles like a swarm of bees.

Having read an entire 300 + page e-book, the reader usually leaves without knowing where to start or what to do [information overload].

Hence the reason I kept this e-book product [included my others] to a maximum of 27 pages, where you can coherently apply each step without the info overload as an impediment.

So- since you’ve been wanting to Learn and Master the art of meeting women while out and about, “From Streets To Sheets” will have been a godsend, which I diligently put together without the complex terminology typically used in the seduction sphere.

You can read further if you’d like some additional info: “From Streets To Sheets”…on Lulu

Or purchase directly on Lulu, since you already know what it is you’re looking for.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

If you aren’t familiar with the ePub file format [which is available through Lulu], you can simply purchase this product in the .PDF format from the original posting at the link below:


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