Reminder Of Why I Don’t Do Virgins [Wednesday Evening field-report update on 17 year old]

Part of why I don’t game, pick up nor bang young girls [meaning the ones under 22], is the potential virgin factor and what it enjoins.

Definitely not saying that all girls between the ages of 17 and 22 still hold their v-cards. But the reality is, a huge percentage (majority) will have been virgins…especially those between 17 and 19.

I’m not at all fond of virgins, which in essence, highlights my contentious attitude towards young girls.

Over the past month though, as documented on this site, I have been experimenting with the seduction of girls under 21…particularly 2 seventeen-year old chicks.

I haven’t updated you much, so here is that update.

Ok, so this 17 year old who’s featured in this field report, I’d met her some weeks ago [perhaps 5], and have even since been trying to seduce her. Not particularly to take her v-card [she is a virgin] but just to get intimate and to take note for further case study.

Over the past 5 weeks since I’d picked her up, we’d met about 4 separate times under the guise that I accompany her home during the evening trek.

Up to Tuesday evening we’d met under similar conditions where I took the trip with her home. But due to her parent’s strictness, we would go almost incognito then say our farewells before actually making it to her street (so as to avoid detection from her siblings and parents).

Meeting up with this HYT (Hot Young Chick), obviously isn’t a problem.

Logistics and getting her to stick to the script, are the issues.

As I mentioned in a recent post: Young girls have super-short attention spans and suffer from ADHD.

Therein lies the roadblocks.

Ok, so this evening, the plan was for her to meet me outside of my grandmother’s house.

Why grandma’s?

The young HB actually lives closer to my grandma’s than she does to me…although she still lives a great great distance from my grandmother’s, however it’s closer than she lives to me.

Finally, I got her to stick to the plan and she does meet me on the sidewalk outside of my grandma’s house, about 30 minutes after giving her directions of the streets.

The Whatsapp screenshot below shows where I try to direct her as she reached the designated street.

Now, the plan, as originated by myself, was to invite her into the yard [not the house] and we sit and chat out somewhere in the yard until it was time for her to leave.

This was not a bang-mission nor an attempt to get her into the house.

This was simply a sort of reconnaissance mission to gather intel on the seduction and behavioral patterns of teenage girls.

Sounds evil doesn’t it? 😈 😈

Well, what I come to learn about virgins over these years [through social analysis] is that they are highly attuned to attempts by males to deflower them.

“Attuned” is probably an understatement!

Along with that attunement comes a barrage of hypers-:





…and that’s just to name a few.

For whatever reason, girls who still possess their v-card, hold dear to it like nobody’s business.

Every move from a guy who shows a liking to her, is registered by her brain as an attempt to rob her of that invaluable virginity.

Therefore, skepticism (opposed to gullibility) on her part, will have been at an ultra-high state whenever a guy tries to become acquainted with her.

Basically, she gave token protest to my suggestion that she enters the yard and we sit and chat there.

Hence, I was forced to exit the yard and stand with her on the sidewalk.

I could’ve lifted her ass up and hauled her into the yard: but coulda, woulda, shoulda!

Sidewalk interaction it is.

During our chat, she was very standoffish and kept herself at an unreasonable distance.

This is a far cry from the other 17 year old hottie, who wasn’t a virgin, thus allowed me free reign to be all up on her like white on rice, since she had no chastity to protect.

With virgins, at least at this stage in the game, they will rarely allow you to get physical and touchy-feely with them, until you would have fucked them.

Apart from that, you will have had to build tremendous amount of comfort and trust, in order that she submits to physical contact.

Anyway, so this virgin chick stood about 10 yards away from me while we chat.

Every 2 seconds or so, I would sternly command her:

“Come here”!

“Stand in front of me”!

“I rather you closer”!

Her: “Why? I can hear you from here”!

Me: “Come here before I grab you and bring you here”!

She would come closer to me but playfully retreat whenever my arm(s) extend.

Me: 😡 “l’m not tryna fucking grab you”!

Girl: 😆 “Yes you are”!

Me: “Come here…NOW”!

Girl: “Whaaaaaaaat! I’m here”!

This went back and forth for the duration of the meet-up.

My plan was to go KINO.

In other words, I wanted to touch her and possibly kiss her after I would have established some KINO-Escalation Ladder stuff like light touching and so forth.

This plan was thwarted by her virgin intuition which kept telling her:

“He’s trying to fuck you”.

Not to mention the fact that girls are hit on by grown men by the time they attain the age of 9, hence they are already socially conditioned from a very young pre-teen age, to men coming onto them.

This is exactly what was taking place here with my non-aggressive advances.

Coupled with the fact that girls respond to dominance and aggression in men.

Therefore, on 1 end: she wants me to be aggressive [manly], stern and chasing.

On the other hand- if I do chase and become aggressive- she flees in an attempt to guard her chastity.

Catch fucking 22, huh?

Anyway, so with every forward-physical advancement I made towards her; she took some lateral steps and backwards movements to maintain distance.

By no means is this fleeing on her part done in seriousness.

It is all playfully done while she chuckles.

In essence, this is push-pull as we’d say in Pickup.

It is akin to the mating rituals of humans and many animal species which date back millions of years in evolution.

Females flee and males chase.

It is just the nature of the game and the sexes.

Hence, in no way was I butt-hurt, confused, or discombobulated about what was taking place here.

I knew the situation and I very well knew the 3 main reasons as to why she acted that way [virginity, evolution and social conditioning].

This comes with the territory of seducing virgins.

All women partake in this push-pull ritual, whether virgins or grand harlots.

Only that virgins ramp it up a few notches out of fear and unfamiliarity with intimacy, romance and getting penetrated.

The girl who’s been fucked a few times, though she still plays the game, she is no stranger to being penetrated, thus the push-pull, ‘I run, you chase’, isn’t so religiously adhered to.

Me: “Come here”!

Girl: “Again? Gosh! What!”?

Me: “You look fucking sexy”!

She bursts out laughing and sucks her teeth.

Girl: “That’s what you called me for”!?

Another note on young girls [particularly the teenage virgins]: they don’t know how to handle a compliment on their sexuality.

Their mental faculty doesn’t know how to process it and what to make of it [sexualized commentary].

Though she may very well LOVE the sexualized compliment – once again- with a virgin, any verbal or physical play from a guy who’s interacting with her, will be translated as a move towards de-flowering her.

Hence, when I told her that she was sexy as fuck, she blushed and retreated simultaneously, unable to process such forwardness while guarding her chastity.

This is why I abhor chasing virgin poon.

It is time-consuming to say the least!

I have a friend who’s infatuated by the thought of virgin poon.

This guy took about 5 years religiously courting a virgin just to be the 1st to enter her.

Though an AFC [an average Joe who doesn’t know much about women], he was smart enough to figure out the push-pull nature of girls [virgins] and knew that he might have had to be in there for the long haul just to get the virgin notch.

It took him 5 years of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly courting to finally get the notch.

I wanted to point out that little tidbit just to show you guys that this isn’t an off-scripted rare occurrence that happened to occur in my interaction with this 17 year old HYT [Hot Young Thing].

Excessive push-pull is the rule!

Not an exception!

Anyhow, I made a few more attempts to coax her into the yard [my grandmother’s] by entering the yard myself.

She defiantly stays on the outside [sidewalk] while holding onto the gate as you can see in this crappy picture that I took last evening [Wednesday].

She stood holding the gate sorta flirting with the idea of entering but having 2nd thoughts.

By all means I recognize that such a move is purely token resistance which comes with the territory.

I could’ve simply grabbed her hands and pull her into the yard (which was what she needed and wanted), but I chose to pass on the aggressive route and banked on my verbal leading instead…to no avail. 😦

Seeing that this wasn’t gonna go further, I relented from the idea of her coming in and decided to continue the chat on the sidewalk…which has already gone a great while.

Ok, I know that there are bound to be guys saying, “Kenny, she isn’t into you, and that’s why she’s playing games and acting so (playfully) defiant”!

I’m no fool in denial. But I totally disagree with that sentiment!

No girl who isn’t into a guy, would elect to take an evening trek [half an hour drive away from her part of town] just to meet up with a guy, and not be into him at all…or even a bit.

Remind you, this is about the 4th. time she’d met with me over the last month since we’d met.

Therefore, interest on her part is clearly there!

It takes a savvy guy with social intelligence to discern non-interest from interest, playful flirting from adamant defiance and so forth.

I’ve come across tons of guys over the years whom when given token resistance and push-pull from girls they were courting, end up throwing in the towel, under the impression that if a girl likes them, she will just readily comply to any demand, command, suggestion and invitation.

Men who understand women, and female psychology as it relates to courtship, understand how to discern interest from disinterest, like from dislike, genuine from token, etc.

Be as it may, I was so turned on by her physique that I decided to snap a few more picture by ensuring her that I won’t include her face in the shots.

She fought it then eventually abated from fighting.

Damn this girl’s body!!!!!!!

The boobs are even nicer but I wasn’t able to get a shot of those because of the crappy cellphone angle.

All in all, what did I accomplish last night, which seems to have been futile?

Going back to what I said earlier: this was a proverbial mission to gather intel on the seduction of teen-poon as a 32 year old man.

A lot of information was gathered and stored for future reference.

This is the beauty about Pickup and actually being in the field.

Guys like myself, don’t merely derive information and knowledge from books and studies done by men who have zero real-world experience.

Every concept of pickup, is done, tried and tested in the fucking field!

We don’t merely pompously pontificate on the topic of women, without having actual PROOF through trial and error to substantiate our claims and disclaimers.

Therefore, if you want to learn about women: go out there and meet them!


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