No Holidays Nor Hiberation Periods From Pickup – How I Manage To Do It

Looking back, I’ve never taken a rest period from game and pickup over all these years.

Sure I’ve had moments where I burned myself out and get somewhat jaded.

That comes with any territory.

However, the way in which I view pickup, isn’t fucking WORK!

I believe that is where most practitioner-coaches in the game go wrong.

They don’t manage nor see pickup as a hobby or a daily and natural part of their existence.

It is seen as work and a task in which they have to get up and perform.

With such a perspective on seduction, it is inevitable that one will have experienced lots of bouts of boredom, jaded-ness and the need for breaks.

You don’t say you need a break from eating do you?

Of course not!

You also don’t think that showering deserves a break neither.

Those are all enjoined parts of your routine. And for most of us, they aren’t tasks or work but necessities as a human being.

This is how you have to view pickup in order to have longevity in the game.

On a related note, apart from selling pick-up products, programs and services [mostly e-businesses], I have a 9-5 day job…unbeknown to most of my followers.

I work from 8 AM to 4 PM.

I hate my day job and having to wake up 5:30 AM in order to get ready for it!

Surely I don’t have to go as a mean to survive. But the extra income doesn’t hurt.

However, I hate it!

It is work (selling a service).

Saying that bit to say, if you view something: a job, task or hobby, as work, then it is almost inevitable that you’ll get tired of it or worn down due to monotony and lack of stimulation…just as most of us who have day jobs and aren’t too elated by them.

Pickup for me, isn’t work but something I’m please to do.

It isn’t even a hobby because a hobby still denotes “trying” and “doing”.

With pickup, it isn’t something I do.

It is now a natural part of my being.

Hence, whenever I’m out and about, it takes no effort at all to game up chicks and be social.

On a further note, living in the Caribbean where the weather is always conducive to street game, that is another reason why all year around, I’m in game mode and am not allowed any hibernation period.

I’ve noticed that since the late Autumn season struck, most to virtually all PUA-practitioners living in colder climates, went underground to then resurface when the Spring hits next year.

I can imagine the rust factor after these guys will have reemerged to play again.

Though it might seem challenging to fathom the mere thought of picking up women 12 months of the year without a break (as I do). It actually benefits me in various ways.

1.) I get to stay fresh and on top of my game

2.) More opportunities to sleep with more girls

3.) I get to stay physically in shape as I’m chasing ass on the streets

4.) I get to meet more people in general

Once again guys, I just want to urge you to re-frame the way in which you look at pickup.

Stop viewing it as a chore but more as a part of you and something unlike work but a hobby…if anything.

7 thoughts on “No Holidays Nor Hiberation Periods From Pickup – How I Manage To Do It

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  1. This one strucks a chord with me. I live in Europe where it gets quite chilly during the winters, and most daygamers I know suddenly stop approaching because they think they need to ‘take a break’ and that winter is a terrible time for sarging. That’s bullshit. They only take a break because they feel uncomfortable and don’t enjoy it. You have to enjoy it. It’s so vital. The current Christmas shopping season is ideal – there are so many beautiful women looking for Christmas presents, it’s incredible! Most of them wander alone and have got no idea what to buy feeling extremely bored. Approaching them is the best thing you can do.


    1. Great point Tony!

      I agree with you even though I didn’t see it that way before reading your comment.

      It all comes down to comfort level.

      Guys don’t feel comfortable sarging in the cold. It isn’t that it can’t be done.

      But pushing through the uncomfortable should be something that all sargers do instead of using the Winter as excuse to go underground.

      And I agree on the Christmas season being ideal for game.

      Chicks are gonna be out in gangs!


  2. Hi Kenny,

    interesting point. Actually, I can relate with this topic more than with some discourses I just found on a prominent site, dealing recently with men boobs, which kind of bag to buy for your LTR and about what we can learn from some psychotic character on a TV show…. Well, I get it. RSD has a good sense of humor. LOL

    However, Tyler mentioned also in one of his recent vids how difficult it can be to switch from “office mode” to “social mode” after working, let’s say 12 hours plus at your desk. And I don’t know how much time you are spending with writing articles, editing videos, doing social media stuff etc., besides your regular job. I would guess extensive hours. So, you’ll know what I mean.

    Even on my (intermediate) level I wonder oftentimes if it would make any sense during the german winter, forcing myself to leave the warm flat, just in order to enter the streets and the abandoned public transport in Berlin. Reaching the club tired, emotionally exhausted, day-light deprived and shivering due to the freeze. It’s probably like a damn “cold turkey” experience. LMAO

    Me being in this state, any drug addict undergoing acute heroine withdrawal would have better game than I have. :-((

    Of course, it’s a lot of mental stuff keeping me from going out during the week. I aggree to your post. It’s a huge waste of time sitting at home during the week, more or less by oneself.

    I’m getting more and more momentum to change that even before the end of 2014. However, any suggestions how to make the process more consistent would be welcomed.

    Best regards



    1. Great point Matt.

      I never actually looked at my situation before, but I don’t know where I find time to do what I do lol.

      I triple task I guess?

      My day job involves selling a product via word of mouth like a salesman. This is great for my pick up skills because I’m constantly interacting with women and people in general. So in that sense, I’m able to avoid rust and AA (approach anxiety).

      But onto of that, I have to find time to put out articles, make and edit videos, write e-books, do coaching, etc.

      And the thing about it too is that I don’t pre-write articles.

      In other words, if I get an idea for an article right now, I will construct it to post that same day or by the next day.

      I don’t write articles weeks and months beforehand because my thoughts will usually change by that time.

      With that, I also have to find time to game, night game, date, get lays and so forth…including partying, clubbing, etc.

      So that’s massive amount of time out of my day and week.

      As for gaming in cold, I never actually done…though I’ve lived in New York City my entire life, but I never actually went out to do Winter game, so I can understand why your game may be shitty in the Berlin cold lol.


    1. 5 days bro. It’s a 40 hour work week for me. But the thing is as I’d mentioned in another comment is that my job allows me to game at the same time. I’m in an office (where I’m a supervisor) but the set up is in a way that I’m able to slip in and out to game ever so often.

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