Fight With Boyfriend, Ends Up Hanging Out With Me But I Couldn’t Bang Her [Friday-night field report + photos]

Got woken by a whatsapp message after 11 PM last night.

It’s a girl whom I’d been wanting to meet up with and bang since I picked her up some weeks ago.

She had just gotten into a fight with her boyfriend and decided she wanted to blow off some steam by talking to someone (else).

I suggested, in order that she make it up to me for waking me; we should meet up and talk about it.

After all, she did fucking wake me up!

Prior to this, and since picking her up weeks ago, we never really chatted/texted but for “hi and bye” every other day.

She agreed to the flip-flop casual meet-up [always go for super-casual meet-ups which put far less pressure on the girl].

Shortly afterwards, we met up in her area and went to hang out at a pier where she poured all of her boyfriend problems unto me. 😦 😦

Generally, I don’t tolerate this shit [being a shoulder to lean on] because it’s a 1-way ticket to friend-ville. But I allowed her to vent while I sat patiently listening for almost 30 minutes.

I then literally told her to shut up about her boyfriend and that her lamentations were annoying me.

I took this as an opportunity to get physically intimate. So I sat in back of her while caressing her shoulders and running my hands up and down her slender thighs and trimmed waist.

Essentially lightening up her mood as I warned her not to bring up her boyfriend again or I’ll leave [playfully said yet stern enough].

As she swipes through her phone, I lean over her shoulder while nibbling on her neck and lightly running my tongue across her shoulder blades to each side of her neck.

My crotch was pressed up against her ass as I sat behind her on the cold-cemented steps.

The fabric of my thick-leather shorts didn’t allow me to pop a decent enough boner as I straddled her.

I kept this up for about half an hour while contemplating whether I should try to shag her…and where [there were lots of ideal spots around].

I decided that this wasn’t the moment and time to try to f-close [may regret this].

When I thought about it, I really couldn’t fuck this chick knowing that she was in such a vulnerable state from a fight with her boyfriend.

The same way I would never [and had never] fuck a drunk girl because it’d seem like disadvantage of another person.

Make no mistakes about it: I am NOT a champion of ethics! But I’d rather have sex with a girl, knowing that it was due to my skills, than to get an easy picking because someone was in a vulnerable state or pissy drunk.

Anyway, I decided to just have some fun with this girl last night [minus the sex which I could’ve pressed for].

Some photos we’d taken on someone’s boat.

Kiss closing

Kiss closing

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