*Tom Torero’s Fake-Infield Video Accusation* (?)

The asterisks are there for a reason.

I came across the following Facebook-status post yesterday [in screenshot], from Richard La Ruina, aka Gambler, the PUA gurus out of London.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the link to a forum post on daygame.com (where Tom was a former employee), and found the following post made by Andy Yosha, the founder and lead instructor at daygame.com:

Andy Yosha

Andy Yosha

Andy ‘Yosha’ Moore:
Hi guys,

It has just come to our attention that our ex instructor Tom Torero hired an actress to make a fake infield video that he posted on our youtube channel.

I want to point out that Tom Torero no longer works for Daygame.com, if he was still working for me now he would get fired immediately. This kind of thing is NOT tolerated at Daygame.com. Everything we do is LEGIT, if we say we’re showing you a real life demonstration, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

So let’s talking about the initial accusation that started all this, and then I’ll go on to how I investigated to uncover the truth.

Someone on our forum posted a link to one of those “hater” websites that supposedly had evidence that ” Daygame.com” had hired an actress to appear in an infield video.

We get haters saying that our videos are fake this all the time, so it’s nothing new… but this time there was evidence… so I took a look. The post pointed to an actresses online resume.
I’m not going to post a link here because it includes Tom’s real surname, which even in light of this situation I’m not going to disclose. In the “COMMERCIALS” part it, it listed:

DAYGAME.COM de Tom R?le: Sarah.

DAYGAME.COM de R?le: Georgina.

So according to her resume Tom Torero hired her for two acting roles.

Ok… this does LOOK bad. Obviously I thought we must have hired her for an advice video or something…. but then I saw that the hate website was pointing to our Kiss Close video we had (it has since been taken down) on our youtube channel where Tom approaches and kisses a girl called Georgina.


I emailed Tom about this to get his side of the story.

He flat out denied it, saying the guy was obviously just some kind of troll.

So I searched for this actress girl on facebook and found her facebook page, so I contacted her and to try and get to the bottom of this, and she confirmed what I feared – that this is true, he had hired her to record a “kiss” video.

I got her on Skype and got her to explain the entire thing to me, so it’s all proven, I’ve got the recording of the conversation saved.

I am shocked and deeply disappointed. I honestly had no idea, and I’m upset that Tom would do something like this potentially damage all of the amazing work me and the rest of the team have done over the last years making Daygame.com what it is.

Here is the evidence so everyone can see that I, and the entire Daygame.com had nothing to do with this. Normally I wouldn’t “throw someone to the lions” like this, especially someone I used to have a solid working relationship with. But me and Tom stopped working together a while ago for other reasons that led to the breakdown of our working and personal relationship (which I’m not going to get into here), but with people pointing the finger at me and Daygame.com I had no choice but to make this post to make sure that guys understand that this was an isolated incident instigated by Tom and Tom alone.

I don’t like doing stuff like this… I prefer keeping everything positive and just focusing all my energy on creating amazing stuff to help people.

I’m really hoping we can move on from this in a positive way and put this behind us. Daygame is an amazing skill-set that can change lives, and if Daygame.com can help you on the journey then I’m honoured to be at

your side.


Andy Moore
Founder & CEO

I won’t bother to post the e-mail transcript between Tom Torero and Andy Yosha- but you get the point of where Andy stands at least.

Tom Torero

Tom Torero

Ok- my personal take- do I believe that Tom T is guilty as charged here?

The evidence says yes.

Personally, I’m on the fences leaning more towards ‘No’.

I see zero reason for the actress in question to fabricate her part.

Is this scandal worthy?

I don’t think so.

I have a personal philosophy in such cases, and this’ my philosophy in every aspect of life (from spirituality to dating advice):

“If the message is correct, I don’t care what the messenger behind that message does or has done in its dissemination”.

That is my philosophy on life and my belief system.

In other words; I don’t care about the messenger, his background, his color, his profile, nor his agenda (if any). As long as he’s sharing sound information that I see as helpful and beneficial, which coincides with what I already hold as true; then that is all I care about.

I’m not concerned with the character behind the message.

Tom Torero, the England based pickup coach now under scrutiny, might very well be guilty of hiring actresses for his infield videos.

However, should that negate his teachings and render them null and void?

I don’t think so.

What Tom teaches, I am highly on board with!

In fact, Tom Torero has been my favorite UK-based pickup instructor by far!

Not because of his infield videos! But his cold-approach style and overall approach to game and meeting women.

Recently, I watch and posted 1 of his videos to my website, where he’d made a street speech to some of the guys of “Saturday Sarge”, which is a London-based PUA outfit.

From that video alone, I’d learned 3 valuable tips on pickup, that I since incorporated into my cold-approach pickup repertoire to success.

You think I give a hoots about a whistle-blower spewing accusations that he had hired an actress for a kiss-close video?

If that’s true [Andy’s evidence says so], does and should that revelation, discredit the message, inclusive of what I’d learned from his videos recently (which had nuggets of gold)?

Of course not!

Look at all the theorists we have in the pickup world.

They don’t even go out, let alone try to fake infield footages!

However, those pitiful theorists who do nothing but keyboard-jockey and pontificate on seduction: they have the correct information. Just that they themselves don’t and cannot execute them! But it doesn’t negate the information that have and disseminate through internet wars on blog posts!

Hence, that is my approach to accusations of falsified videos of pickup.

Whether footages are falsified or not. Can I myself go out and execute what I see in those footages?

The answer is YES!

Now, the ethics argument of falsified claims and material.

I can imagine guys like Andy Yosha of daygame.com, and Richard Gambler of PUA Training, are looking at this from a purview of ethics in the game.

“Hiring paid actresses for infield demonstrations isn’t cool. And it isn’t a genuine approach to coaching when one claims that his material is 100% legit”.

If that’s where the argument lies: I agree!

But for heaven’s sake: we all know that Tom isn’t a keyboard-jockey!

He’s never been accused of it!

Therefore, I’m hard-pressed to crucify someone who teaches pickup, on the premises that he may had posted 1-single falsified video out of a dozen that were legit.

As I did some research on this alleged charged of fraudulent-pickup videos, I noticed that Nick Krauser aka Krauser PUA, a pickup coach from London, and buddy of Tom Torero, had posted a thread on the new PUA-Hate forum known as Slut-Hate, essentially leaking the accusation to the pickup press. 😯 😯

Nick Krauser

Nick Krauser

This is tantamount to treason!

I wonder what Krauser’s motive was…unless he felt betrayed by someone whom he’d believed in so much (Tom Torero)?

This is the link to the actual post that Krauser had made some days ago on Slut-Hate: http://sluthate.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=44346

In no way am I bashing or blaming Krauser for outing his mentor Tom T. It was probably a noble act to some.

However, why resort to PUA-Hate 2.0, in order to throw your wingman and business partner under the bus?

I guess Krauser didn’t think the post would surface…which explains why he didn’t post his accusation to his own website. ❓

I’ll leave you guys with a very interesting comment left on the daygame.com thread by someone, which sums up and reaffirms everything I said here about Tom Torero and this new accusation.

— Quote from: 907 on December 10, 2014, 10:33:47 PM —A lot of”proof”claiming that Tom’s video was a fake.

But that shouldn’t take away entirely from his credibility. Even Andy will be able to attest that tom has valid daygame skill and knowledge.

Kiss close videos are the most popular kind of”pick up”videos on YouTube, there are tons out there that are fake Vitalyztv is renowned for doing crazy”pickup”stunts and has been confirmed many of his videos were with paid clients.

Maybe Tom was intending to get more traffic to the daygame.com’s YouTube channel. Maybe he did it as an experiment to see what kind of views it would get, Maybe he did it for a laugh.

There are a whole lot of reasons that Tom could have created that video that didn’t involve trying to create any false actions.

It’s kind of a bummer that it’s put in such a negative spot light but anyone who has met Tom or followed his content for a while knows his skill and knowledge is real.

Even if this one video is fake.
— End quote —

Great damn question!

Perhaps Tom was looking to generate more views for daygame.com since the original video was posted to a daygame.com Youtube account.

I can’t see why Tom would falsify a video just to prove that he’s the shit when he’s already hailed as possibly the best day-gamer in London.

I can’t possibly see bad intent here in any scenario I play out to myself as to Tom’s motivation.

Quite frankly, he has infield-audio videos on his Youtube, where he’d fucked girls in bathrooms to boat cruises!

Authenticity of those are NOT even in question!

Hence, if Tom can take a date from dinner to sex without falsifying anything (footage-wise). What does he gain by paying a girl to kiss him in a video?

That’s like a weightlifter who bench-presses 400 lbs, trying to prove that he can lift a 35 lbs dumbbell.

What does he gain in such an endeavor which goes contrary to logics?

What does Tom gain in proving he can kiss a girl on the streets, when he’s already proven that he can take girls to bed…on video!?

Now, I’m not saying he might not have done what he’s been accused of.

However, to claim that some shady motive was a factor: I just don’t see it.

Here is the video in question that Andy Yosha, Krauser PUA and Richard Gambler, claimed that was faked by way of a paid actress.

Having just watched the video for the 1st time, I can’t see how and why this was faked or fake.

If one was going to fake an infield pickup video or getting a fake makeout, I would think that they would’ve positioned the camera a lot better don’t you think?

Also, if the girl was in on it, and the transcripts shows that she was, then why the need to conceal the camera so stealthily (though it was a poor job of stealth since the camera angle was very poor and distant).

If this video was faked, this was a poor job of faking it from a vantage point perspective.

In fact, I don’t believe this video was a fake at all.

The visual evidence shows no sign of it to me.

I can spot a fake infield video and interaction when I see 1.

This 1 is no different than any other of Tom’s videos…unless he faked every 1 of his infield footage.

I mean, Tom and the girl are barely in the shot!

If this was a set up where the girl and Tom knew the deal, perhaps the cameraman didn’t, I would expect that Tom would’ve urged the cameraman to not be too covert in recording this set, thus get a greater-quality shot don’t you think?

Something is fishy about this accusation.

Until and Unless Tom Torero comes clean: I can’t bring myself to believe this was a fake video based on what some girl said.

12 thoughts on “*Tom Torero’s Fake-Infield Video Accusation* (?)

Add yours

    1. I’m not doubting you Kraus. But it’s been days and you haven’t said a thing on this in defense of Tom…unless you’re trying to steer clear of the drama. But I’ll check your Twitter and blog comments.


    2. i read nick’s tweets and they dont say or indicaate anything that he think tom is framed or innocent.so to me is still throwing him under bus in subtle way


  1. Some of the top coaches have brought in female employees to help coach guys and done what they call “drills” or “rehearsals” with the female employees pretending to be single ladies being hit on. Any consumer that feels he NEEDS authentic in-field footage to believe that flirting with a girl can build attraction, might have some underlying doubts he’s failing to address.


    1. I’m not quite sure if I’m following you Nate. Without a doubt companies may hire female coaches for drills and stuff. The part about flirting and underlying doubt I didn’t quite get.


  2. I feel that “in-field” footage should be ONLY THAT(we all know what it is SUPPOSED to be). When you start falsifying that and labeling “demonstrations” with assistants or hired people in general it should be LABELED as such.

    Regardless of the “message,” if you’re trying to falsify footage I am not down with it. Maybe my perception is skewed, but getting a kiss isn’t hard, especially to the extent that it is worth faking for footage with the possibility of discrediting yourself (Lets not even talk about fake footage of number closing..ffs..)


    1. That’s true Bruce. I feel that there might be infield videos out there with hired girls but no label is on the videos so they give ppl the wrong impression.

      Will tackles 2nd part of your comment in a bit.


  3. I also won’t follow the tid bits of news that I really don’t understand about Iraq and the CBI. When I hear the Dinar is trading as a “”real” currency and its time to cash in I will be throwing a party ! Guess it’s just a waiting game to see if it’s really going to happen.


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