Tom Torero Is Being Framed

I am slightly guilty through my own ignorance!

I admit!

As I stated at the end of my previous article on Tom Torero: I highly doubt that his video was faked.

Take a look at my closing remarks:

Having just watched the video for the 1st time, I can’t see how and why this was faked or fake.

If one was going to fake an infield pickup video or getting a fake makeout, I would think that they would’ve positioned the camera a lot better don’t you think?

Also, if the girl was in on it, and the transcripts show that she was, then why the need to conceal the camera so stealthily (though it was a poor job of stealth since the camera angle was very poor and distant)?

If this video was faked, this was a poor job of faking it from a vantage point perspective.

In fact, I don’t believe this video was a fake at all.

The visual evidence shows no sign of it being fake to me.

I can spot a fake-infield video and interaction when I see 1 (just as any skilled guy).

This 1 is no different than any other of Tom’s videos…unless he faked every 1 of his previous infield footage. ❓

I mean, Tom and the girl are barely in the shot!

If this was a set up where the girl and Tom knew the deal, perhaps the cameraman didn’t, I would expect that Tom would’ve urged the cameraman to not be too covert in recording this set, thus getting a greater-quality shot, don’t you think?

Something is fishy about this accusation.

Until and Unless Tom Torero comes clean: I can’t bring myself to believe that this was a fake video based on what some girl said.

In the previous article (at least before watching the video), I was on the fences on whether I thought Tom was guilty of fraud.

After watching the video after I’d posted the previous article, I had to retract and edit some of what I felt, including a leaning presumption of guilt.

I believe Tom is being framed.

Perhaps by competitors in pickup (Andy Yosha ?) or just plain-old haters. But this is definitely a frame job.

I mean, if I were to fake an infield video, especially with the target/girl in on it (since she were hired), why the fuck would I have my cameraman at such a distance?

Another loophole in the accusation I realize, lies in the quality itself of the video.

If someone were to fake a kiss-close video, or any pick-up video for that matter, wouldn’t that person ensure that it was of superb quality in every aspect?

To be honest, this is actually the worst infield video I’ve ever seen published by Tom!

Not only was his verbal game not optimal, but the quality of the shots is piss-fucking poor!

What a horrible job at faking an infield video!

Not to mention the angle of the girl, which indicates to me that this could not have been faked.

Once again, if someone were to fake a video with the girl in on the jig, why would he NOT ensure that the girl’s profile and face were clearly visible?

Moreover, if this girl was a model or actress, then there’s no plausibility in concealing her face, or to limit the viewing of it (her face)- since after all- the girl would’ve been seeking any exposure possible.

Ok, another loophole I find in the kiss itself.

Again- if I or anyone were to fake an infield video, why not make it EPIC!?

Why not pull out all the fucking stops?

This kiss close wasn’t epic nor note-worthy [no disrespect Tom 😉 ].

On a proverbial richter scale: this would’ve registered a 1 – .

Hence, I do not see the logics in faking a kiss close that is so sub-par or average at best.

It wasn’t romantic.

Wasn’t lasting.

Wasn’t panty-peeling.

Wasn’t shocking, etc!

This wasn’t a Steve Jabba type of affair where his kiss close was EPIC and literally made the girl flush in sexual excitement!

Therefore, why fake a video to appear average instead of excellent…especially when all of your other material are average?

Another issue I have with calling this video fake, is Tom’s game.

If Tom and the girl were in on this (allegedly they were), shouldn’t he had brought his A Game and perform for the camera in a sense?

There was nothing in this allegedly faked video which was different than any other video Tom had put out in the past.

I don’t see any acting or coercion on his part.

I don’t see anything uncharacteristic about his approach, knowing he had a sitting duck in a paid person.

No acting for the camera…nothing!

Overall, any well-trained eye, can spot a fake video and fake interaction from a mile away.

There are always subtleties which give away an interaction.

This does NOT have 1 iota of marking of a faked interaction! Neither does it seem scripted in any way.

Tom is being set up dude!

By who?

The girl for sure is in on the set up to take Tom down…that’s for sure. guys are pushing this to the max.

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler, seems to have an issue with Tom…a real bad vendetta as you can see from the following screenshot posted to his Facebook.

Gambler's apparent antipathy towards Tom Torero

Gambler’s apparent antipathy towards Tom Torero

Or perhaps, this is a joke of a publicity stunt and the joke’s on me?

Anyway, so we know for sure that there exist guys in the pickup scene who are avid and undercover haters of Tom.

Who’s the arch-hater?

That remains a secret.

Who’s to gain and in what way?

I guess potential clients can be whisked away from Tom if he were exposed (or framed) as a fraud.

All in all, I see not 1 shred of evidence to indict this day-gamer.

The video in question, isn’t scripted at all.

Not 1 trace of any giveaway.

Nothing anomalous that pops out.

This is undoubtedly a frame-job.

Unless Tom comes clean, there’s no way I would believe he’s a fraud…even with the so-called transcript from the girl in the video.

13 thoughts on “Tom Torero Is Being Framed

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  1. Sorry mate, I’m not with you on that one. I do believe Tom is a legit instructor and his skills are superb. However, I think that two years ago he just decided to take the fast track for a shot or two in order to get a kiss-close on camera quickly due to it being way more time efficient. Undoubtably, he has made an effort to conceal the fact that it was staged. Tom would have been really dumb if he had made a ‘perfect’ shot. Blurring her face, getting a shitty camera angle and not doing any ‘flashy game’ was part of that. Well, it’s all speculation so far but I hope that Tom’s going to answer the allegations very soon.


    1. I hear you Tony. But there are so many k-closes that are perfect shots, so Tom’s wouldn’t have looked out of the norm.
      As for fast tracking his stuff: I can see why and where you’d make that case.
      Question for you. Who do you think is behind this so-called exposure of Tom? The girl or


      1. Well, this is only a theory of mine but it is possible that the cameraman might have been unaware of the fact that she was an actress. It makes a lot of sense. To be fair, the camera angle is not complete shit – it’s just not totally ‘perfect’ which it should’ve been if that was staged. The cameraman only stood where one would stand if one didn’t want to film blatantly. It’s okay. Additionally, letting the cameraman in on that might have put Tom’s career at serious risk.

        To your question. Without knowing any further details, I think Andy and Tom have had a slight variance, but I don’t think it went beyond some meaningless quarrel over business or whatever. I can’t see how Andy would do any mischief trying to harm Tom’s reputation. By doing so, he would also risk the reputation of his company tremendously! Imagine a former instructor of your company being exposed as a ‘scam’ because he faked infields. You hired him, you trusted him and you let him do bootcamps, create programmes etc. Wouldn’t that rather raise the question whether the whole company might be a ‘scam’? Right now I see Andy desperately trying to rescue his reputation. It’s actually funny to watch. I think we can rule out as the cause for the exposure. But why do you think the girl tried to expose Tom? I don’t see any reasons for that. It wasn’t Krauser either, as you mentioned in the other post (it was someone pretending to be Krauser who posted on I personally think it was someone who knew a bit about London’s seduction community. Maybe it was only another PU hater. Maybe it was another rival instructor trying to slander Tom and


        1. It makes sense to rule out now that I think about it. Too much for them to lose.

          The Krauser things was strange too but we all know what happened with that now.

          Definitely someone in the London scene.

          Could be a non-coach.

          Gambler seems to hate his guts and had met him I believe.

          Well, I guess we’ll see how it goes


          1. Why hasn’t he answered yet? It has been a while since the allegations were published. What is he waiting for? I don’t really understand. If it were wrong, he wouldn’t hesitate to release a proper statement explaining things. He doesn’t. I’ve checked all the evidence. The site of the agency, the facebook page of the actress – everything seems to be legit. I love Tom’s stuff (his audios for example) but this is so disappointing.


          2. Good point. I thought this had just happened yesterday until I noticed the faker Krauser account on slut hate dated to the 5th. Well, I guess Tom is trying to handle it like RSD Tyler by not addressing controversy like with the Julien thing?

            As for his media stuff, I can’t seem to find his Facebook after I looked to message him yesterday since we’re in each other’s contact list. But seems like his Facebook went off the map or he deleted it Julien Blanc style.


  2. Remaining silent is not a good idea. I understand why Tyler didn’t want to answer because it wouldn’t make any sense to defend himself and Julien against some outraged and furious feminazis. It was just another media rant and he was sure the storm would calm down eventually. The pick-up scene knew better. We all know that Julien is not a rapist. So it was more like war between furious feminists and RSD. It’s quite different here. Tom has disapointed quite a lot of his clients and fans who want the truth, who are willing to listen. Not saying anything is saying “Yes, I faked the videos.” He can’t continue that way. Either he tells us his side of the story defending himself or he admits it, apologises for it and sees how it goes. Doing nothing is wrong here.


  3. Dumbass. All those things of low quality is to hide an acted-out scenes. All pr companies handle stunts like that. Not to show faces, easy to make excuses, easy to state it was just winged. U dumb fuck. Check ur mental bias. As u need, some inner game clean up. What’s wrong if he faked? It’s just a caught trick of a biz man…


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