How To Pick Up A Girl By Offering Your Service + Knowing How To Strategize [Monday Evening Field Report]

If you live in a region or town that is tourist oriented: this post is specifically for you.

With the amount of travelers floating through places such as London and New Yok City, it’s disheartening to know that guys are not capitalizing off of this by picking them up by merely giving directions to where they want to go.

Ok, let’s crack into this interesting field report from yesterday evening as I was leaving my apartment to grab a bite to eat.

I noticed a certain girl with the body type to my liking, walking in my periphery. But I thought nothing big of it.

Strategy 1: I slowed way down so she can catch up.

As I was walking at a brisk pace, I decided to slow way down and pretended as though I was on a phone call.

The girl was coming up from the back but she was about 30 yards behind so I didn’t want to out walk her…hence my exaggeratingly slowed pace which was strategic.

Now- to be honest- I got into my head trying to find an opener that I was accustomed to using.

My go-to openers nowadays as an advanced seductionist, is either opinion opener or an observational opener.

Essentially, this is considered going natural.

As the girl approached rapidly from behind me, I just couldn’t fucking find an opener/ice-breaker to kick off this set [talk about brain freeze].

When all fail: do anything!

Try anything!

Strategy 2: Allow her to pass and be sure that my opener from behind of her, would stick.

I decided to let her walk pass me (as a strategy) then opener her…but with what? ❓

Me: “That was very rude of you! Not even a “good evening”. People nowadays”!

I said to her!

Note: whenever you put people on the spot like this, they are forced to engage you due to the heavy-social pressure to which you’d subjected them.

She smiles and laughs.

HB: “Sorry”.

Me: “Well I was expecting that an attractive girl like you would have good old-fashion manners…but I was wrong. If you were ugly, I would expect the antisocial behavior”.

Girl: 😆 Attractive girls are usually the bitchy ones”.

Me: “Point taken”!

Ok, so the on-the-fly opener worked perfectly!

The girl was talking, and that is what you want.

At this time, I didn’t know she was a visitor/tourist since she fits in like any local bird.

She points.

HB: “I’m looking for this restaurant. The guide says that it’s 3 more lefts up that way. ❓

Me: “Oh! What restaurant is that”?

HB: “I don’t know the name”.

Strategy 3: Suggest a place and take her there!

Me: “Oh…okay! I think I know where you’re talking about”!

Instead of pointing out the directions to her as most of us will, why not take her there if you knew exactly where she was trying to get?

Therefore, I walked her to the nearest snack-joint, regardless if it wasn’t the 1 she was searching for.

Me: “Let’s go! I know exactly where you’re talking about. It’s about 3 lefts up the bloc”!

We walked together, engaged in fluff talk.

Strategy 4: Be playful, fun and lighthearted!

Instead of leading the way totally, I got a bit playful by suggesting she lead the way.

Me: “You know what! You lead us! If we get lost, I’m gonna so kick your butt girl”!

HB: “But I don’t know where to go! That’s not fair”! 😆

Me: “I said lead! It’s all on you”!

Note: This was all playfully done and said. It’s all about humor.

She led the way, then after a bit, I took the reigns and we walked into the snack-joint.

The proprietor, knowing my face as a regular, and knowing my shtick as a lady’s man- he says to me, “Kenny…another 1”!

I smiled with a sly grin.

We stayed at the snack-joint for about 45 minutes [this was essentially an insta-date] then took off together.

Where were we going?

She wanted to go sightseeing a bit.

In her words, she needs visual proof that she’d actually traveled because her friends don’t believe that she went island-hopping.

With her digital camera in hand, we hit up a few sites in the vicinity where she took some pictures:

•Local airport

•Government buildings


…And a few shots of myself.

I took the photo-shoot as a great opportunity to go Kino.

Strategy 5: Take advantage of the logistics.

As she took some shots of the aircrafts on the airstrip, I got in back of her, placed an arm around her shoulders to guide her camera for a straighter shot of the aircrafts.

Kino successful without a glitch!

We hit up a few other nearby locations before calling it quits.

Exchanged numbers, hugged it out then parted ways.

Definitely wasn’t anything super awesome, nor did it result in a lay.

However, I just wanted to show you guys how keen you should be on seizing opportunities to get the girl.

If she’s unfamiliar with your area: give her directions by taking her to her destination, and not merely directing her.

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