Girlfriend Tries To Play Head-Games With Sex + Why Women Ration Sex In Order To Manipulate Their Partners

You are a slave to your girlfriend and you don’t even know it.

While lying down with my girlfriend last night (at her place) as she watched a movie through Youtube [“Love Jones”], I spooned her from behind while I browsed the internet through my smartphone.

Periodically, every 2 minutes or so, I would smooch her on the cheek, neck, shoulder and back, just to lightly and slowly get her engines revved up for the culmination of sex.

We were in separate worlds yet I ensured that she was stimulated enough to know that sex will be coming opposed to a shock and awe approach.

As the movie approaches its end, my foreplay got heavier: from nibbling to panty play.

I received some playful resistance (as expected) whenever I became too insistent in trying to get her panty off or whenever I tried to toy with her pussy.

Playful resistance is all apart of flirting…and I get this.

It’s akin to a mating ritual: 1 party pushes, the other retreats, resists, pulls, tugs, pushes, etc, etc, etc.

Personally, I couldn’t enjoy sex without an ounce of resistance at least.

A girl who readily submits to my sexual advances (even if she’s my girlfriend), will have presented no challenge at all…which makes for a lackluster and boring encounter from my perspective.

However, when resistance gets forceful, adamant and steps outside of the box of playfulness; I take umbrage with that.

After a while of playful resistance with me trying to finger-fuck my girlfriend, her playful resistance went from token/playful to adamant!

She was adamant about not having sex yet.

According to her- “the movie hadn’t ended and you should’ve just waited” [so I was told later on].

This wasn’t the 1st time that I’d encountered this (definitely won’t be the last).

I would say that any guy who has a girlfriend, will have been familiar with this occurrence of playful to adamant resistance towards getting sexual while in bed.

I view this as an affront to my manhood.

Call it ego.

Call it pride.

Call it whatever!

A movie’s end being the cock-blocking factor to me not having my dick inside of my girlfriend?

I see that as a HUGE disrespect!

Now, had this happened with just a booty-call or a girl whom I was merely fucking with no strings attached: FINE and dandy!

She doesn’t owe me shit!

A girl who dishes out the customary LMR (Last Minute Resistance), has all rights to…and this should be expected!

However, to be given adamant LMR from someone who’s supposed to be your girlfriend: that’s a whole different ballgame!

As a couple, there are certain inalienable privileges which come with the territory of peer-bonding.

Such privileges are what distinguish a fling from a relationship.

For instance: in a relationship, one partner doesn’t need to seek permission or allowance from the other party to get sexual or romantic [this is well understood].

That is 1 of the enjoined perks of being in a relationship: sex should be free of charge, free of hassle and almost on-demand…granted the logistics permit.

Hence, whenever you get into a relationship (committed or not), as part of that unspoken and unwritten contract, you’ve essentially wavered certain restrictions, rights and hindrances as part of this quasi-agreement.

We can all agree that such is the term of a relationship or marriage [concessions granted].

Now, with that being said, apart from her menstrual period, I do NOT take light to my girlfriend adamantly rejecting my sexual advances!

This should NOT be part of the playbook!

Note: whenever a girlfriend (or wife) does this [adamantly refuses sex, finger-fucking or intimacy], either 2 things is at play [maybe a 3rd]:

   1.) She had just fucked another guy minutes to hours earlier, and he ejaculated inside of her vagina, leaving a pool of semen inside of her, which her internal-throwback mechanism hasn’t been able to flush out in such a short period of time [check out Sperm Wars ].

   2.) She’s on her period.

If she usually fucks on her period comfortably; then #2 can safely be ruled out!

If she isn’t seeing her period, yet she refuses to allow you to have access to her vagina whether via fingers, phallus or tongue, then #1 [having fucked another guy minutes prior], should be a likely candidate of the 2…once you’ve done your homework.

It’s also a give-and-take if your girlfriend/partner isn’t feeling well, and just isn’t up for sex due to ailment: fever, flu, headaches, indigestion, etc.

The other night with my girlfriend however [when she refused to have sex], what was the cause of her defiance?

Did she just fucked another dude and didn’t want me to find out by seeing, smelling or feeling semen inside of her vagina?

Or was she on her menstrual cycle?

Or was she not feeling well?

I know for sure she wasn’t on her period.

Certainly she was feeling mighty fine as she was enjoying the film in laughter.

I also know for certain that she could NOT have fucked another guy since we had spent the entire day [Sunday] together at her place.

Then, what was it?

It’s just a matter of fucking head-games and power play on the part of women [my girlfriend in this case]!

What I come to find out over these years (being in a 6 year relationship), is that women [all of them], will often jockey for power and control of their relationship- and by extension- control of the man by cunningly trying to rustle away his power!

Notwithstanding the fact that women aren’t to lead men, but she will still actively seek ways, strategies and tricks, to deceive her man in order to gain control.

This is how women operate!

All of them!

This is where the saying “Pussy Power” gets its credence and strength.

A girl will often times use “pussy power” in order to get her way and to control the men around her.

To be honest: this isn’t fucking news flash!

Men are very well-aware of this deceptive stratagem known as “Pussy Power”.

My girlfriend, for whatever reason, felt that it was wise and advantageous that she holds out on sex and refuses me entrance to her vagina.

Personally, I would never know what her true-surface motivation was besides power.

It’s not like a girl would ever come clean and admit that she’d just fucked another guy. Or that she’s refusing to have sex because she’s trying to gain dominance over you.

She will never admit to this.

However, you can expect to get a concocted excuse just to lull you to sleep.

Hence, my girlfriend’s surface excuse as to why she didn’t want sex, was a movie…which had virtually ended.

This of course, is utter bullshit!

The real reason [to gain control], she will never tell.

Ok, so what is my default recourse in such a scenario?

What do I usually do whenever my girlfriend refuses to have sex?

First off: I would overpower her physically and take the sex!

Social-justice warriors may see this as rape. But I’ve never had my girlfriend, or any girl for that matter, cry rape after I’d forcefully taken the sex.

The reality is: women want to be ravaged and taken!

They want to be dominated and overpowered by a stronger man; whether this be in the bedroom or in any other male-female interaction.

Therefore, 50% of the times, whenever my girlfriend adamantly refuses for me to fuck her; I just take the sex by forcefully removing her panties then penetrate her and we both enjoy the best sex ever (which is usually the forced ones between couples).

Now, the other half, 50% of the time, I will either put my clothes on and leave. Or I would roll over, grab my smartphone and secretly text another girl who may want to hook up instead that night. So that’s a 25%-25% split between accepting no sex and texting another girl to possibly hook up.

On a further note, what usually happens whenever I do stay in bed and no other fish bite (other girls wanting to hook up), as time passes while lying in bed [let’s say 2 hours later], as part of her power-play, my girlfriend would then become sexually aggressive and start to advance upon me.

It isn’t because I froze her out and she’s now feeling a bit rejected.

It is all about fucking power for her and women in general!

She wanted sex to go down on her time, her choosing and whenever she says it’s supposed to happen.

That’s it!

It’s all a fucking game!

Men, we don’t play these fucking games!

We don’t have time for this shit because we are rational and straightforward thinkers.

If we have the urge for sex: we want sex.

If it’s food we’re craving: we want to eat!

We have no time to concoct mischievous maneuvers which will enable us to gain control over our partner in the kitchen or the sack.

No amount of bullshit will cause us men to deviate or to strategize in order to gain control.

A girl on the other hand, thinks strategically and thinks of ways to manipulate the entire process to her benefit.

This is why there’s no such thing as unadulterated LOVE when dealing with women.

Her idea of love [on a conscious and subconscious level], involves manipulative games, head-games, white lies, fabrication and cold-calculating maneuvering.

Am I digressing?

Ok, so under normal circumstances, if and when my girlfriend refuses me sex, and as a result, I decide to move over to the other side of the bed, about 2 hours later, she would scoot over to my side in order to get the ball rolling towards sex…which I fruitlessly tried a while earlier.

What I come to find out is that if you, as the guy, then allows her to get her way in such a situation by succumbing to sex on her terms, she will have gained some sort of psychological edge and power over you.

You will have felt on the inside, like her little bitch, knowing that your power in this situation, had been robbed away by someone wh claims to love you.

In what ways will she use this power later on, is a mystery to all of us. But it definitely has everything to do with conditioning and conditioning her man, i.e. you.

This is all psychology on her part.

It’s no different than a social or scientific experimentation of conditioning.

Pavlov's experimentation to condition and train dogs...

Pavlov’s experimentation to condition and train dogs…

It’s like training a dog or cat.

You condition and program that dog or pet to behave a certain way, by withholding its meal at certain intervals, while giving it a treat if it [the pet] behaves accordingly to the programming…then it receives its full meal as a reward.

Now, do you realize what women do, how and why they do it?

It’s all about conditioning her man like a pet animal!

Is this LOVE?

It is a woman’s brand of love.

These sort of mind-games are totally foreign to men; simply because we do NOT engage in them and we do NOT play such games!

Therefore, if and WHEN [and it is a WHEN] your girlfriend or wife decides to refuse you sex, realize that it is a trick in order to psychologically program and condition you like a pet.

Most men in heterosexual relationships [95% of them], are fucking androids who have been conditioned by their female partner…and they don’t even know it!

This is also why most relationships will have failed…practically all of them [unless the girl is over the hill and realizes she cannot afford to play these games so wantonly]!

After the girlfriend/wife will have conditioned you and put you under her control like a dumbed-down subject, she no longer has any valuable use for you, as your manhood has been cut out…by her doing might I add.

As a consequence: she ends up dumping the same guy whom she had worked overtime to break and condition.

Hence, another relationship down the drain of history along with 98% of the other relationships that have met their fate in similar fashion.

Furthermore, if she doesn’t dump you after managing to condition you through Sex Rations [perhaps she has a soft spot for you…which is rare], she will cheat on you until you yourself, are eventually forced to dump her just to save your sanity…which is what she wanted anyway [a breakup] but was too conscientious to deliver the fatal blow.

I know quite a number of men here in the Caribbean, who had gone AWOL crazy after being subjected to the above callous stratagem of their girlfriends [these men were all eventually submitted to asylums and nut-houses].

Ok, so as a boyfriend or husband, how can you combat attempts by your partner to condition you through Sex Rations?

Refuse Her Sex In Return!!!!

Play the game that she’s fucking playing!

Give her a bitter taste of her own medicine!

Reverse the roles!

This is what we advise men in the pickup/seduction community: to turn the tables on women by doing to them what they do unto us (men)!

This is the only way to avoid being psychologically programmed by women (through sex and other means)!

You have to flip the script on her!

Ok, so how did I execute this in the case of my girlfriend the other night after she refused me sex?

I denied her sex in return about an hour later, when she attempted to get sexual with me as part of her manipulative strategy to Ration Sex on her terms.

I had this all planned out after she’d adamantly rejected my sexual advances while we lie in bed together.

I said this to myself:

“Ok! 2 can play this game. If and WHEN [and it is a WHEN] she tries to have sex with me, I will get up, gingerly put on my clothes and leave as if nothing had happened”.

Note: If you do decide to use this strategy guy, please remember to utilize it as though nothing wrong had happened. Don’t bitch and argue as to why you’re leaving. Don’t appear vexed! Try to look as normal as possible! Smile if you have to…although a case of blue balls might be imminent!

That is exactly what I did!

Between an hour to 2 hours later, she swung her arms around my torso, threw her legs up against mines [this’ usually a woman’s prelude to sex], and it was the opportune moment I was salivating in order to act upon!

Me: “Babes, I’m a bit sleepy. I’m gonna head home. Just remembered I’d left my apartment windows open and it looks like rain is about to come. I’m gonna have to go”.

Something tells me that she knew what was up; that this was retribution for her prior actions an hour earlier.

Whether she senses the plot or not: doesn’t fucking matter!

I got up, put my clothes on and left [it was approximately 11:45 PM].

Without a doubt she’d wanted sex as much as I did.

However, she was banking on getting the sex as she was accustomed to after the head-games she herself instigated.

The fact that I turned the tables on her, which was TOTALLY unexpected, will serve 3 neat purposes in my favor:

1.) It will train her to become a subject to my goals instead

2.) It will leave her horny and give her the female’s version of blue balls

3.) She will get in line and know not to play these unnecessary manipulative head-games anymore…though they will pop up at a future time

Being bested at her own game to ration me sex, will have been a GREAT lesson and shock to her psyche and all that she’d learned growing up as a girl [that “pussy rules”].

I showed her that dick has power too. 😉

The problem with most men in and out of relationships, is that they’re too weak (psychologically) and are pussy-whipped beyond Kenny’s help [even virgins are psychologically whipped by the mere thought of getting poon].

They [men] are also not willing to fucking walk!

Therefore, whenever I advise guys to do as I did with my girlfriend [to walk without sex], it is like talking to a man who’s gotten earplugs stuffed in his ears to avoid hearing hard truths.

Most men who are in relationships where their partner have played these games [and this is all men], will NOT take my advice here…even when all other approaches have already failed!

The 1 piece of advice guys in relationships do not want to hear, is that they will have to do without sex for a few nights…though for a greater-long term cause that will result in more sex on an even plane with their partner.

I can understand why men in relationships feel this way [that they shouldn’t have to ‘Try’ or strategize to fuck their partner]!

Shit- I feel the same way too!

I empathize with guys who think:

“What’s the point of having a girlfriend if sex will not be easy to come by as if I were single and chasing ass?

What’s the point in being in a relationship and I refuse to have sex with my girlfriend when she wants it…and vice versa”!?

I understand the sentiments of men out there!

However, you have to realize that “Game” does NOT end once a relationship begins!

There is such a thing as Relationship Game from a Pick-Up Artist’s standpoint [though this sort of game is grossly under-taught].

Men, being so simple-minded and down-right stupid, are under the impression that once they manage to get themselves a girlfriend (or wife), there will no longer be a need for game, to strategize, be dominant and to jockey for power.

What women aren’t telling you, is that the real fucking game begins once those wedding bells have sounded, or simply when she decides to go steady with you in a monogamous girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Ever hear the complaints of disgruntled men [husbands], that as soon as they got married, the relationship [marriage] seemed to have soured overnight and their wife seemed to have changed?

Well, this is a common cry of men in marriages.

What these men didn’t realize out of ignorance, is that they had entered a new phase of game called “Marriage Game”, which is a super-advanced realm of “Relationship Game”, of which women are master-manipulators.

Once again, men not being game-conscious (while women always are), get lost in the fray of game like sitting ducks.

Listen, my relationship has lasted 6 years and counting, because I recognize Game, I recognize that women are constantly playing mind-games, and that I myself, will have to resort to playing these games, in order to maintain my relationship and my sanity.

I didn’t make the fucking rules!

Women did!

Furthermore, by no means am I saying that the measuring-rod for a successful relationship is how long it lasts.

What makes my LTR (long-term relationship) unique than many others that might have lasted 6 years +, is that I still maintain my Alphaness [manhood] and I haven’t been neutered by my girlfriend…though she actively fucking tries!

Of the men who happen to still be in long relationships [let’s say 5 + years], it is primarily so, because they’ve allowed themselves to become emasculated and are literally paying to make their relationships last.

These are the provider-type boyfriends.

They consciously spoil women to death (monetarily) in hopes these women stick around just to ration out sex every now and then.

All the average man wants is a little poon and he’s satisfied and placated, regardless if his life rapidly goes down the drain…as long as he gets a little poon- that is all of his concerns! The woman can control, dominate, calls the shots, everything, as far as he sees it.

That is not a healthy or good relationship for the man…though it is a lasting 1 as long as he keeps providing (monetarily) and keeps giving away his power while getting a little sex rations in return.

Such a peer-bonding is 1 where the woman gets her cake and eat it too.

She will elect to stay in such a lopsided relationship [getting pampered and empowered] while cheating on the boyfriend with a scumbag badboy at the same time…one who hadn’t provided a thing might I add. 😉

Hence, if your idea [as a man] of a relationship that you’d like to model yours after, is 1 of longevity that has lasted over 5 years, then that is the wrong fucking measuring-rod to use in order to judge a successful relationship that one should model.

My girlfriend is with me today (6 years +), largely because she’s unable to figure me out on many levels.

Sure, my relationship has wonderful moments. But awesome moments are NOT enough to make a woman stick around.

She can have awesome moments with any random Joe Blow!

However, my GF is unable to define and categorize me.

I am still a puzzle to her, because I’m still playing the game that she herself has been playing since puberty, on into her previous relationships into her current 1!

The reason why she hasn’t dumped me as she did to her previous boyfriends, is largely because I always manage to best and 1-up her attempts at locking me down through manipulative scheming [thanks to pickup and my own trial and errors].

The moment that she [or any girl for that matter] senses that she has you in her back pocket like a tool of sorts- and well figured out- it’s game over!

The jig is up!

You’re dumped!

Hence, I have to constantly be on the alert for head-games and attempts at stripping away my power and manhood by my girlfriend. Therefore, I have to constantly be vigilant of how to counteract her subtle and cunning actions.

Make no mistake about it: these games orchestrated by women, aren’t only played through the rationing and withholding of sex.

Such tests to condition you for the kill, can come in various forms:

*Sex rations

*Food rations

*Intamacy rations

*Blowjob rations

*Laundry rations

*Niceness rations

The list is infinite!

Ok, so what are Blowjob Rations?

Every guy who’s been in a relationship, and even those who hadn’t, but have fucked a particular girl more than a handful, can attest to the fact that women will periodically withhold giving him oral sex [for some unknown or bogus reason].

My girlfriend does it to me more than a ton.

To combat this, I would withhold oral sex from her also, by neglecting to go down on her as punishment for not going down on me [though I wisely never clue her in on my plot]. 😉

Once again: do unto her as she does unto you in order that she burns, learns then complies in the future!

Anyway, so blowjob rations or all out withholding of it [blowjobs], just as any other form of manipulation by women, are attempts to condition and control the man through his sexual desires of which he’s a hapless slave.
Rations of niceness and niceties are also used by women to keep their men in check and submissive.

One minute, she’s super nice to you. This jolt of extreme niceness has a tendency to lull you to sleep.

As if by a stroke of some evil misfortune; she goes cold for no apparent reason.

In pickup, we call this “Hot and Cold” technique, which is VERY fucking POWERFUL!

Only that for women, the utilization of Hot and Cold, isn’t just a mere technique as it is for men. But it’s a part of them and deeply ingrained in every girl.

Hence, whenever your girlfriend goes Hot and Cold on you, it is a manipulative technique etched into her framework as the person she is.

For us men, this is something we have to learn about through seduction websites such as mines.

That will be my parting message for you guys.

Watch out for games women play, and always counter them by playing games yourself by giving women a dose of the same medicine that they will have dished out to you.

The reality is, you can’t keep women from playing head-games indefinitely.

You can only keep them [games] at bay until they [women] decide to strategize again for another attempt at power.

For those who hold the sentiments of:

“A relationship shouldn’t be about games! Why all the goddamn games”!?

I agree!

Tell that to women!

Men aren’t the ones playing games in relationships.

We are usually the ones getting played without our knowledge.

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  1. Hi Kenny,

    honestly saying, I’m kind of impressed. While other (excellent) PUAs just ridicule “relationship game”, you take it serious. Yeah, and why not? Why should “hitting” on girls be more relevant than to learn how to get along with a nice woman in a relationship? Totally agree with you that this should not come from a place of neediness or scarcity. Interestingly, “game” seems to be one of the most fundamental characteristics of living nature. Research broke it down even to the level of some single cell organisms (ciliates). The “male” ciliates play the game by “pretending” to be fitter than they actually are by performing some impressing mating swimming ritual plus demonstrating dominance regarding their competitor males. The “female” ciliates play the game by switching between “hard to get” and “easy to get” according to a complex algorithm. Hearts of some ciliates may get broken on the way LOL but the net benefit for the whole system of ciliates as a species is incredibly high, in terms of genetic diversity, biological fitness, saving energy (minimizing entropy), etc. etc. It’s just the way of nature. Men and women should stop blaming each other…Well on the other hand, the blaming might be even an important part of game, too. The ciliates, however, helped me achieving inner peace regarding women,…to a certain degree at least. LMAO


    1. Thanks for that Matt. I used to say the same thing to myself a while back. After I got with my GF, I wanted info on how to keep her and how to be a BF. But there were no such info coming from the pickup world. So I had to learn relationship game through trial and error until I was able to figure it out.
      As for neediness and scarcity. Of course I agree! Most guys accept LTR out of scarcity of not knowing when they’d even get sex again or meet another girl again.
      Wow, I’m blown away by the Ciliates (which I never heard of) and their behavior. Push-pull is even played on a micro level lol. That’s crazy. Will have to read up more on this Matt.


  2. Kenny,

    This is a fucking excellent post!

    Unfortunately, it’s about a year too late for me.

    I’m the typical alpha male player type. I’ve always fucked multiple women and never had a serious girlfriend until about a year ago.

    I had some delusion that as soon as you commit to someone, then you should both be honest, and all games should stop. She pretended to see it this way too.

    However, everything you say in this post was exactly how my relationship went. I always felt like the more honest I was and the less games I played, the more she would attempt to gain power and control. The part about rationing niceness, sex, and everything else is spot on. I felt like I had to seduce my fucking girlfriend anytime I wanted sex! The craziest part is, I’m really good looking and can get laid pretty much any day of the week if I go out. I could not believe the games this chick would play.

    I ended up dumping her 5 times in 1 year and she would always come back begging to do better. The reason this post is so beneficial to me is because I thought that this chick was just really fucked up for playing these games in a committed relationship. Apparently, it’s the rule and not the exception according to your post. Thank you for this info.

    It felt like so much work to always be attempting to outwit one another. For me the cost of a monogamous relationship by far outweighs the benefits.


    1. @Chris I feel what you went through Chris. Every girl- and I mean every- will pretend as though she is on board with the honesty and forthright approach to a new relationship. But her actions will prove differently. And that is where most men get slaughtered in LTR’s because we enter them with the frame that all parties should be honest, and no games are necessary.

      Bro, I totally understand what you mean by saying you felt as though you had to seduce you own fucking GF just for sex!!! 😆

      I still go through this to this day! It’s as if I have to game her for sex, while she can have it on demand from me.

      And I’m glad you now realize that your former GF was not crazy lol. She was as normal as can be. Just that you didn’t realize that all chicks operate this way.

      When I first got into this relationship, I didn’t know this neither. I swore I met the devil’s sister in my GF. She almost drove me crazy! It was after diligently studying women on a whole how I came to see that she wasn’t crazy nor the exception, but the rule.

      The only mistake you made, was not turning the tables on her by doing what she was doing to you.

      So keep that in mind for future LTR’s.

      I agree also that the costs of monogamy has way more downsides than benefits.

      This is why I enjoy the terms of my relationship.

      It is supposed to be a monogamous 1, but a while back, I got so fed up and dumped by GF, but I took her back after clearly spelling out to her that I cannot promise to be faithful, and she will have to live with the reality that I may and will fuck other women.

      She accepted those terms after realizing how Alpha I was, and how easy it was for me to get another girl.

      But sorry for being a year too late Chris. 🙂


      1. Kenny,

        Thanks for the reply, it is spot on!

        Your statement that a woman will say she is on board with honesty and a forthright approach, but her actions will prove otherwise, could not be more true. This was the main problem in my relationship. I would constantly have to break up with my ex because of the game playing. Then, she would beg to come back saying her game playing wasn’t intentional, (later she finally admitted all her actions were intentional) then I would say OK she’s finally on board with an honest approach, only to repeat the negative cycle and dump her again.

        She would do everything you stated and more including, attempting to make me jealous, rarely complement me, seem ungrateful, and have a hot and cold demeanor. Of course she could be really nice at times as well.

        I’m 28 years old and have fucked over 70 women. I always would see any girls I was dating once a week at most. I guess this never gave them a chance to pull this shit on me because every relationship I’ve previously had was all about sex. But this is the first time I actually tried to go way beyond my previous relationships and I was definitely unprepared. The more effort I put in, the more disrespect I got. To all my previous partners, I was mysterious and unavailable. To my ex, I tried to be upfront about everything. Maybe I presented no challenge?

        Your insight is the first time I have ever heard anyone address how women behave in relationships. How the fuck do other guys do it? How can guys be in a relationship where there is a constant struggle for power? My idea for this relationship was to have someone I could be totally honest with and hope we could have each others best interest at heart. But it seems like the more honest you are in a relationship, the more it allows your partner the leverage to fuck you over.

        What’s the solution Kenny? If I want a relationship I have to constantly be ready to one up my girlfriend on the game playing?

        I will say that your sentiments about meeting the devils sister are hilarious and ring true for me too. I literally thought this chick had a psychological disorder because of her actions constantly betraying her words. If all woman are like this I’m gonna be a fucking player for life!


        1. And that’s the shitty part of it.

          Men in general enter the LTR transparently and expecting transparency but it doesn’t work out that way.

          And it happens to the best of us. We decide to get into an LTR (most times sucked into it without our knowledge) and give the ‘serious’ thing a try, then we get burnt for trying to go the monogamy route.

          It’s like girls are punishing us for being faithful and real.

          Every time I’d dumped my GF in the past, she ends up promising to do better and quit the shit, but within less than a week, shit surfaces again in different forms: be it disrespect, doing things that intentionally provoked me…

          But I know it isn’t the best approach to constantly look to 1 up each other.

          I guess if there is a girl out there who isn’t about games, we won’t have to play the game. But I’ve yet to meet such a girl. So that’s the crazy part.

          It’s like the only 2 options is the get even (1 up) or become a Beta-Male boyfriend getting punked and used.

          Most men unfortunately settle for Betaship and being used. I guess that’s the easier route for the lazy man. ❓

          But I hear you man: “player for life” is a viable option. 🙂


  3. Hi Kenny,

    thanks for your reply. Not only me, but probably a lot of guys out there do highly appreciate your passion for providing value and sharing your thoughts so broadly with the community.

    Haha, the ciliates show behavioral traits like women (f.e. switching from playing “easy-to-get” to playing “hard-to-get”, back and forth) without even having a brain. lol

    Anyway, “female” AND “male” ciliates are superior players, proving the feminists AND misogynists being wrong. Just one example: Feminists would blame the “male” ciliates for going for “girls” out of their own league by using manipulative techniques. But biologists found out that if the “females” would not occasionally be seduced by “males” of lower standard who pretend to be high value they would exclusively mate with the top 10 percent or so “males” with premium genetics. But exclusively mating with the best males would diminish the quality of genetics and genetical diversity. Why? Because also the lower ranking “males” have at least some favorable genes which are worth being conserved in the genepool of the species. The “lower standard” males (meaning the “lower” 80-90%) could provide value to society by becoming cool motherfuckers in order to extent the high-quality but very limited genepool of the natural alphas. Of course human beings are much more than just the sum of their genes and should act responsible, but the biologistic viewpoint can help at least to get a better understanding for some contraintuive things going on. 😉


    1. Kenny your post is on point. You know whats funny Pimps use that same pavlov experiment on their women. They manipulate sex and control the sexual schedule. Me and my friends do this all the time and our women become frustrated. But it has been a long time since I commented 🙂


      1. Hey Young PUA, glad that you mention that the Pavlov strategy works even with women. I received a few e-mails from guys and gals calling that fictitious. Chicks play it all the time on men, so it’s ironic that they (women) would deny that it works. And I can see how and why pimps get away with this. I used to wonder why pimps don’t really have sex with their hoes, instead they ration/schedule the sex instead of shagging down the hoes at will…or on her schedule.


        1. Good points. Alot of guys forget that women also get horny and when they do its like an itch THEY CANT SCRATCH. I tease the shit out of then. Being really aloof during sex. At some point I will blantaly tell them “lets not have sex no more and just enjoy each others presence”
          Thats when their demons come and they become really desparate. The down sound I did this to one and she was SO HORNY she fucked my bestfriend. But I learned to tone it down 🙂


  4. Sad to say I think I am a victim of women’s power game play. Recently out of the blue sky my girl has been dishing out some rules about sex, like sex rationing, where we could have sex and not etc. I have tried to make her stop but it ain’t working. I know she s not cheating on me yet but I fear she might start soon. Thinking of getting myself a distraction (another girl) what do think Kenny?


    1. Hey Quake. Well it’s a start that you realize the sex rationing by your GF. Most guys don’t notice it. And even if they do, they would never think that it’s a ploy and plot by their GF. So you’re better off than most guys. A distraction girl won’t be a bad idea. You don’t even have to commit fully to this. Just the thought alone that you are distracted by someone else may do the job in getting your GF back on board and to quit the power play nonsense…at least for a while


  5. The solution is very simple, and many men are doing it. Stop initiating sex. No sex unless she initiates. And even then you might want to turn her down. This totally turns the tables in the relationship. If she never initiates and your sex life dies, good riddance. Dump her and find someone who can love without strings attached.


    1. Solid tidbit of advice John. I like this a lot. This is how men should operate yet they operate from the wrong mindset. Thanks for the comment John. I may have to write about it


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