Are You A Legitimate Sexual Threat? Why Not?

If a girl willingly allows you to cuddle with her; then you’re not a sexual threat in her eyes!

If she willingly accepts your suggestion to come by her apartment; then you’re not a sexual threat.

By the way, I’m speaking of cases when dealing with a girl whom you’d never slept with before.

If she views you as a legitimate-sexual threat, she will object to putting herself in compromising situations as much as possible.

This anomalous occurrence used to trip me out a lot over the years, as it was mind-numbing trying to comprehend how and why certain other guys would seemingly get the chance to be in certain girl’s company, while those same girls wouldn’t give me that opportunity.

It’s not like those other men had game…and they didn’t.

It wasn’t like they were more handsome that I was. But they would always seem to be around more girls than I was.

This is still true to this day.

Guys with no game will seem to be the ones whom women surround themselves with [classic example is the gay best friends].

They will appear to have the most opportunities to get laid.

Why do women trust these men so much?

Because they aren’t sexual threats.

Women obviously know this.

If you were a sexual threat in the eyes of women, they will grant you less privileges, less opportunities and more resistance.

In fact, the less game you have, the more opportunities you will seemingly get.

Furthermore, if you have zero game at all, and are totally lost as to how to get laid- perhaps you’re a virgin- then women will grant you certain accesses such as being her cuddle-buddy and seeing her naked or in bra and panty.

She knows you won’t dare try to fuck her, therefore she will grant you all the chances in the world that she will never give to a lady’s man aka someone who’s a sexual threat.

This is typically what happens to nice guys and guys who get friend-zoned.

Guys get friend-zoned for 1 reason and 1 underlying reason only: they aren’t legitimate-sexual threats.

Not only will a girl lie naked with them, but she will invite another guy over to fuck her, while the friend-zoned guy excuses himself to another room.

I’ve seen this happen a ton!

Therefore, never be fooled by the guys you see walking around in the company of girls.

They’re either gay or friend-zoned…hence, they’re none-threats (sexually).

There isn’t enough #’s in existence that’ll enable me to count the amount of times I see a hot girl whom I’m trying to fuck, parading about with some friend-zoned AFC (Average Frustrated Chump), and I say to myself:

“Why the fuck does she refuse to give me such a chance”!?

The reason why is because I’m a legitimate-sexual threat in her eyes.

If I get the slightest-logistical chance to slide my pecker into her vagina: I will take it…and she knows this!

This is how you should want a girl to think about you, that if she dares grant you the opportunity to be alone with her; you will fuck her!

Such a frame will also serve to eliminate massive amounts of BS and head-games on her part.

If she pussy-foots around when it comes to meeting up with you, then she isn’t DTF anyway.

Time saved!

If she does meet up with you, knowing that you’re a sexual threat, then she is DTF and is subtly submitting herself to be fucked.

Therefore, that is 1 of the processes of elimination I utilize to save my ass some time.

I put my sexual self out there with every new girl I come across. So she gets to know bright and frikkin’ early that I’m not about time-wasting, not seeking a relationship, not looking to be platonic buddies, and definitely not into chaperoning her around time like a puppy on a leash as is the case with 95% of men she will have met.

The girls who do give me their phone #’s, are well aware of what they’re purchasing.

Either they’ll be down with my program and reduce the amount of games they play on the way. Or some way along the line, they will have had buyer’s remorse and try to weasel their way out of meeting up through excessive flaking.

In closing here: you want to be a sexual threat!

This is no different than me telling you as a man, that you should want to be a man and not a man-child.

If you can just take up the telephone and dial Kimberly, and Kimberly unabashedly invites you over to her place- then chances are- you are NOT a viable-sexual threat in her eyes [this is if you’d never slept with her before]!

Therefore, assess how willing women are towards allowing you to be in privacy with them, then you’ll get a greater sense of where you are in your game, how women view you and the necessary adjustments you may have to make.

Once again: if a girl willingly jumps on your invitation to do something together that involves her being along with you in private, then it is an indication that she does NOT view you as a threat, therefore she has no reason to avoid being in your presence in private…because you won’t dare try to fuck her anyway.

The only other reason she will have willingly accepted your invitation, is if she were DTF because of your sexual worthiness from the start.

If you’re a guy who isn’t sexual from the get-go with women you meet, then it becomes crystal clear in which bracket she will have placed you.

What's your view?

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