The # 1 Complaint I Get From Women About Men

Girl: “I should really be somewhere else right now”

“Yours is the best conversation I had for the entire week! Other men don’t know how to talk”!

Nine in ten times, I’m bound to get that thrown at me whenever conversing with a new girl:

“Other men don’t know how to have a conversation”!

I’ll either hear that other men cannot converse. Or of the ones that do converse; they are ultra-boring and make for bland conversation.

Another one I get a lot is this:

“Most men are shy and they won’t just go up to a girl and have a conversation like you do”!

As a conversationalist who had to learn this skill; I’m highly flattered whenever girls stroke my ego this way! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Furthermore, as a guy who’s naturally introverted and shy, I’m proud of myself that I was able to eradicate my shyness by pushing the limits through execution of pickup and seduction routines as a newbie in the game.

I am who I am today because of canned-pickup routines which I was forced to use on random women!

Seeing how far I came, it’s without a doubt that any guy out there should be able to carry great conversation also!

I’m no special case!

I’m actually the worst case, coming from a background where in my 3 years attending public high-school, I never once ate in the cafeteria as I was too shy and scared to eat around girls.

That’s as worse as it gets as far as introversion and anti-social behavior.

Ok, but here’s the weird thing about women applauding me for knowing how to talk to them and have attractive conversation.

In no way am I being friendly and carrying traditional conversation!

Guys need to get this point well drilled into their head!

Whenever I converse with a new girl, and even the ones with whom I’m already acquainted: I am always pushy, sexual, forward, overt, flattering, cocky, playful and teasing!

I do and say shit that the average guy would perceive to be No-Go for conversation.

Hence, whenever a girl says to me, “Kenny, you’re the best conversation I had in ages”!

She isn’t saying so due to my politeness, friendliness and well-mannered vibe…simply because there aren’t any.

She’s saying that because of my original approach and willingness to be forward.

Thus is a girl’s idea of a great conversation. 1 that gets her aroused (not necessarily sexually), invested, thinking, thought-provoked and emotional.

When you converse with a woman, you should be thinking:

“What can I do or say to possibly fuck this up”!?

Then you do it…or say it!

Interestingly enough, you will have realized that women hardly ever get offended with strangers.

Therefore, my conversations are anything BUT special, as to why women love them!

It’s just that I do and say shit out of the box that she most likely would not have seen or heard before…coming from a total stranger.

You also have to learn how to make women emotional!

Push her emotional buttons!

By “Emotional”, I’m not saying you should make her cry [though this will be much better than having her there bored to fucking death].

By “Emotional”, I mean to spark a range of emotions within the target (the girl).

Compliment her on something original!

Flatter her!

Neg her by saying something a bit negative!

Call her out on something she said or did!

Try to kiss her!

Try to hold her hands while walking!

Try to hug her!

Push her off (playfully) as you hug her!

Tease her about something!

A wide variety of emotion-provoking statements and gestures is what constitutes good conversation.

If you’re unable to work these angles on a woman, then you’re good as dead.

This is why girls will often say to me:

“Yours is the only good chat I had for the whole week”!

I inject her with varying ranges of emotions: love, hate, good, bad, fear, confident, emotional, friendly, sexual, sleazy, flirty, etc.

Why talking to women about your lame-shit 9-5 job bores the hell out of them, isn’t necessarily what your job entails, but the fact that you aren’t adding any emotion into it. And you’re also making the mistake of saying too much…at least too much of the boring stuff.

I usually tell women that my job entails sex, money and lots of booze.

Right away, the girl’s emotions get to work as her brain tells her that I’m a gigolo, male prostitute or stripper…though I don’t quite have the buffness of the male stripper. πŸ˜‰

Often times, the girl begins to think that I’m a sex-worker, which causes her emotions to go on a roller-coaster ride:

“This guy is bad!

He’s illicit!

He’s no good!

He’s sexy!

He’s trouble”!

Shortly afterwards, I’ll assure her that I’m not a prostitute. Hence, her brain can now get some rest after being jolted and shocked by the thought of being picked up by a gigolo.

That was a perfect example of what constitutes a good conversation.

It isn’t what you say, but the emotions of what you say and what it elicits in the girl’s mind.

This is why saying to a girl whom you’d just met 20 seconds ago, “I love you”, will actually cause her emotional juices to flow.

The girl obviously knows that you cannot love her under the circumstances of only meeting her 20 seconds ago.

However, it doesn’t matter!

The obvious-facetious statement of “I love you”, will get her emotionally invested!

This is no different than me saying to a random stranger, “I wanna fuck you”, knowing that it will cause her to become somewhat defensive and offended (at least pretending to be).

This is what I want!

This is what most men aren’t prepared to do. And this is why most men and their conversations are deemed bland, lame and boring, because they aren’t pushing any buttons and aren’t working any emotions.

Once again: I am NOT doing or saying anything that special.

I’m merely saying to the girl, things which society and women have taught us men not to say [though a mixed bag of contradiction].

For instance, whenever I chat up women old enough to be my mother, am I operating from a son-to-mother frame? Or a minor-to-adult frame?

Of course not!

I come off as though we grew up together and age doesn’t matter.

Hence, it’s very common for me to approach a MILF in her 40’s, and during the conversation, tell her how much I would do her if the opportunity presents itself.

With such a declaration, I’m shocking her reality and expectation of a man who’s 25 years her junior.

To reiterate: good conversations to women, aren’t ones that are safe, risk-adverse and super friendly [though they would tell you so on the surface].

Good conversations are ones that shock the girl’s reality in numerous ways.

There’s this woman in my neighborhood, who’s probably about 46 years old, but mighty sexy might I add.

Few mornings during the week, she would go jogging.

Whenever I’m headed up the road, perhaps to grab a super-early breakfast about 6:30 AM, and I spot this MILF, I usually say to her:

“Wow! All that sweat running from your body is giving me some raunchy thoughts! I would so do you”! 😈 😈

You would expect that a woman virtually old enough to be my mother, would be offended and scold me for my forwardness.


Never have!

Her default responses are 1 of the following:

” :Lol: πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† ” Laughing beside herself.

“You are such a naughty young man”! πŸ™‚

“Why would you want to do that to an old lady”?

“Stop trying to flatter me”! πŸ™‚

Though I never get close to her to have an actually conversation but the drive-by lines, the picture is still crystal clear.

I am unbridled.



Three ingredients to great conversation.

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