Why The Sexual-Double Standard And Sexualization Of Women In Antigua? Question From A Reader

An ardent female reader of this website, sent me an e-mail yesterday in relation to 3 things (cultural) in the Caribbean (Antigua per se):

1.) Women being sexualized

2.) Lesbianism acceptable when homosexuality is a crime

3.) Public indecency

She adds:

Why is it that women are free to participate in lewd acts of homosexuality (kissing and making out in public, etc) but if 2 men did it, they would likely face imprisonment?

Valid argument. But it’s just the nature of the game and culture.

Though I abhor Lesbianism because it’s a deliberate affront and attack to nature (just as any act of homosexuality), but as most heterosexual males will tell you (at least the young ones): we have no issues with watching female-female sexual acts.

However, male-on-male acts of affection, simply fucking churn our stomachs..aside from the periodic bromance displayed between hetero’ men!

Also, there is a global culture (among westerners) of lesbianism acceptance, where female-on-female romancing isn’t regarded a big deal.

This isn’t just in the Caribbean region.

Just that it is unlawful and an illegal-lewd act of public indecency for 2 or more males to hump on each other, kiss each other…whereas in America, male-on-male affection (even in public) is acceptable, lawful and active.

She also added:

Why is it that males can be so sexually aggressive toward women in the middle of the streets and this not be seen as a crime of harassment or assault?

Once again, it’s more of a cultural thing in these parts.

It’s a male-dominated society. So things such as sexual and physical assault against women, aren’t generally treated as criminal acts by the law neither law enforcement.

Hence, you’re liable to see women’s butts being slapped while held down by other men at public events.

Lastly, the female e-mailer touched on indecency in public.

Why is it that in some of these videos, like the ones you’d posted a night ago from Antigua, that people are allowed to behave indecently in the middle of the streets in high daylight in public view

To put it frankly: this isn’t a prudish society.

It takes an awful lot to constitute public indecency in the Caribbean.

As I mentioned in a previous post: drunkenness in public (public intoxication) isn’t a crime.

Drinking in public isn’t a crime. Neither is humping someone in a public a crime…unless it’s male on male.

Personally, I have no issues with people enjoying themselves wherever they go.

I call this liberty.

Some call it anarchy and an implosion of society and morality.

At the end of the day, it is just the cultural differences between male-dominated societies and female-dominated societies.

Males generally are more tolerant than females when it comes to fun and play.

This is largely due to the fact that society punishes women for being (overtly) sexual. So women are forced to be prudish and less tolerant toward sexuality.

Notwithstanding the fact that feminism has hijacked the American minds, where every seemingly innocent act against women by males, is seen as criminal.

This hogwash of an ideology doesn’t fly in the Caribbean because feminism doesn’t exist here, neither does its message resonate.

The 2 videos [from Antigua] that this female e-malier had brought to my attention and singled out as bias, partial, lewd sexually aggressive and abusive, I will post them below.

What's your view?

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