Wednesday Night Field Report: Quick-Street Rendezvous With HYT [Hot Young Teen]

We met up outside of a popular supermarket for the 1st time in about a week.

For some reason, she was a bit standoffish…though not in a negative sense.

The thing about girls who still live at home, at least in the Caribbean islands, regardless of age, they are still under the supervision and surveillance of parents.

More so with this girl being 17. So I surmised that her mother was nearby which was why she didn’t want to seem as though she was chatting with some guy.

As expected, her mother was inside of the supermarket shopping while she came out to meet me.

This was sorta awkward to say the least. So I suggest we go for a walk.

We walked off a bit but she kept at a distance: either walking in front of me or 10 yards behind.

Periodically, I roped her in with the excuse of checking out her cellphone.

I wasn’t able to go KINO (touching) as I did the 1st night we met where my cock was literally pressed up against her behind in that tight-little skimpy dress she wore.

On this night though, the awkward energy was just too high to go KINO by trying to get physical with her.

My intention wasn’t to shag her at all.

Notwithstanding the fact that she’s a virgin and I don’t do girls with their v-card.

I’m literally just trying to exploring this teen-game thing where I can gather some reference experiences…even just for the edification value of how to seduce girls under the age of 21.

We chatted and walked up and down the avenue for about 15 minutes, bantering back and forth about Facebook and stuff.

I’ll reveal some findings within my next post as far as picking up and seducing teenagers.

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