10 + 1 Things I’m Learning From Picking Up Teenage Girls [My Reference Experiences]

Gaining reference Experience In Chasing Teen Poon.

As I was tweaking my blog’s theme the other day, I happened to come across the stats for my website, and I was astonished to discover that I had a HUGE following in Japan…assuming they are English speakers.

Notwithstanding the fact that the legal age of sexual consent in Great Britain is 16, of which I have a HUGE following also.

Canadians too seem to be huge fans of the sex adventure blog… 😉 with the legal age of sexual consent there being 16 (though monitored with certain guidelines), which was raised from age 14 just in 2008 [I did my goddamn research]!

Ok, so why is this relevant to my reference-gathering?

I received an e-mail the other day from a British fan, inquiring about how to game and successfully meet up with “Teen Girls”.

In my ignorance of this arena [teen poon], I was unable to give the Brit any valuable advice since I had no experience in picking up women under the age of 18.

Hence, it just so happened that over the last 4 weeks, as if by divine intervention, I started to notice a slew of girls under the age of 18 [here in the Caribbean] sending me massive amounts of IOI’s [Indicators Of Interest].

Therefore, I took this as a sign to explore the arena of ‘Teen Poon’.

Personally, over the past 4 weeks, I’d picked up 4 girls [ages 16-17], with 2 having been nexted and the remaining 2 currently in the funnel of my seduction.

10 Things I Learn From Picking Up Teenage Girls

1.) Most Have Their V-Cards Still In Tact

Truth is, most girls under the age of 18, will have still been virgins, with few exceptions.

2.) ADD & ADHD

The younger you are, the more susceptible to visible, oratory and audible stimuli. It’s very difficult to keep these girls steadfast on 1 plan (i.e. date).

3.) Spontaneity; The Name Of The Game

These girls (-18) are uber inclined to acts of spontaneity. This also tied into the ADD factor, where quick bursts of stimulation are more noted opposed to planned-out activities.

4.) Repulsed By Traditional Dating

As a guy who’s totally opposed to traditional dates- lavish dinner & a movie- I can get down with this non-traditionalist frame. The predominant reason why girls under 18 aren’t privy to dating, is because of the static nature of dates and the old-fashioned feel to them. There isn’t much mental stimulation in sitting at the restaurant over pasta.

5.) Impossible Phone Game

Girls in general in the 21st Century, aren’t fond of talking over the phone [shoot blame at technology for this]. But this is more so the case with girls under the age of 21: they just don’t do phone calls.

6.) Text Junkies

In keeping with the 5th point, you can literally set up a rendezvous with a 17 year old via texting. I’ve done it recently. Usually, this would be a misstep with any girl. But you can get away with it when dealing with -18.

7.) Short Patient

Not only in the sense of quick to anger. But because of the inherent ADD (Attention Deficiency), we should understand why these chicks are very short patient in that they’re notorious for concise texts, 1 word messages and replies and are subjected to sending ambiguous texts without the care to correct them for clarification.

8.) Male Teens Their Age Are Turnoffs

This is quite apparent and it’s very well-known that young girls typically prefer to have dealings with men who are older than them. Why so? 1 reason is the savvy factor. Teenage boys just aren’t savvy at all. And also the maturity factor. Girls mature faster than boys. Hence, a girl who’s 16, is likely to be 5 to 10 years psychologically maturer than a 16 year old boy.

9.) Risk Takers

These girls are simply more willing to roll the dice and gamble. With a chick who’s 24+ in age, it may take your over a week (to even 2), to fully get these girls to get on board to meet up…then you have excessive flaking to worry about. Girls under 21, are much more willing to put aside fear and trepidation for the bigger cause…meeting up.

10.) More Open To KINO

By no means is this an indication of how DTF girls under 18 are. I’ve learned that they are more open to being touched (KINO) as this is viewed by them to be a natural part of conversing between the sexes.

11.) Blatant-Sexual Language Weird Them Out

Possibly the biggest thing I’ve discovered over the weeks of chasing teen poon. Blatant-verbalization of sex will usually put them off right away. This is more so true over text than in person.

Nights ago, I tried ramping up the sexual tension via text and got a “BYE” and ignored until the following day.

This had happened with about three -18 girls over the past 5 days.

My sexually loaded text was received with a fat rejection.

Since then, I’ve learned that micro-calibration and scaling back on the sexual was key to keeping their interest.

Therefore, instead of saying to her, “I like your butt”. I’m more inclined to physically show this fondness for her backside by going KINO (touching).

Case in point, when I 1st picked up HYT (Hot Young Teen) on the street, within 4 minutes of chatting her up, my boner was already well pressed up against her porn-star ass as I caressed her shoulders from behind while we checked out some pics in her phone.

I had a hard-on so fucking serious, that without a doubt she felt it stabbing her behind like a jagged-edge knife.

From that instance of physical contact, I realized that it was best to walk it than to talk it [being sexual].

Those were the 10 + 1 lessons I’ve learned thus far over the last 3-4 weeks in chasing teen poon.

I can imagine over the coming days, I will have gathered more intel to a successful seduction.

10 thoughts on “10 + 1 Things I’m Learning From Picking Up Teenage Girls [My Reference Experiences]

Add yours

    1. @Kleyau Yep. I totally agree with you. And this is where most older women get it misconstrued by labeling them as easy. It’s not that they’re easy. Is just rhat they’re fun and more inclined to having fun


  1. Hey hey Kenny

    Fantastic post

    You confirmed a few things I suspected and a lot of new information.

    Also, I have been passing your website to my game buddies in the UK so they are checking you out. Gotta spread the love, bro.

    Keep it up


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