The Skinny On Women, Age Of Sexual Consent, Prostitution & Homosexuality In The Caribbean

If Feminists, SJW’s & Human-Rights Organizations thought women had it bad in America…

In the Caribbean, women for the most part are seen as subordinates and treated as such.

Socially, women are very much expected to be kept in checked and put in their place.

Husbands beating wives and boyfriends slapping up their girlfriends are generally deemed just and cause-worthy…at least by males.

The old adage that women provoke men to hit them, is very much live, well and accepted in the Caribbean…even by the law…however not officially.

Domestic-abuse charges are very much laughed at and are non issues around these parts.

This is a far cry from the drum that is typically sounded in places like America.

However, in this region, it is commonplace to see a woman (whether wife or mere girlfriend) wearing shades to work in order to mask her black eye from public shame, which she’d received the previous night from her partner.

Reporting domestic abuse and violence, often times result in the woman being laughed at and shamed out of the police station and being told to just go home and apologize to her partner.

Law enforcement rarely ever gets involved in domestic situations between spouses and couples…barring murder.

These are usually issues to be dealt with by the so-called experts: relationship, marriage counselors, etc.

The other day while tuned into a popular radio talk-show, a slew of females called in to talk about being hit by their husbands and how wrong it is.

The radio hosts (both males and a female) said to the callers:

“Lady, please deal with your matter at home and stop provoking your husband. You ever thought that maybe that was the reason he had to beat you”!?

Now- to some ears- this is rather appalling.

If it were America, those radio hosts would’ve been fired a long time ago with a major lawsuit slapped under the radio station’s ass!

In the Caribbean however, this is very much acceptable and actually encouraged by the clergy, that women should be beaten when out of line.

The rules are very much different in these parts.

(Social) justice is usually wielded by the clergy.

Corporal punishment in schools is still acceptable where a teacher has the authority to spank any child for misbehavior and other infractions.

Read: Corporal Punishment

Hence, a society of corporal beating is widely acceptable here in the Caribbean…which is also another religion and Biblical ideology [corporal punishment].

Kids are beaten at school. And women are beaten at home.

Some nights ago, I was tuned into another radio talk-show on social ills and what have you.

Once again, a bunch of women called in to address domestic violence and women being beaten by their partners.

As expected, they were chided by the hosts and urged to stop provoking their partner and to do their domestic duties correctly: cook, clean and wash, and perhaps then- their partner will not have had a reason to strike them.

I’m not here defending neither side of this.

I’m pretty much trying to be neutral as possible. So this isn’t a wrong or right issue in my case.

Moreover, the Caribbean is an ultra-conservative region as I spoke about in the previous post.

They do things the old-fashion way: men rule; women are subservient.

Such a region would make feminists piss their panties! 😯

Even in the workplace, women are generally expected to earn less than men simply because of gender.

How do women feel about this?

Perhaps not too pleased. But they resign themselves to the situation as “that’s just the way it is”.

Women’s Rights

As for women’s rights and women’s-rights groups, they are pretty much nonexistent…except for something called “POWA”, which virtually wields no influence nor support from any section of society.

In a Christian-centered society as the Caribbean, the Bible rules as far as social justice and societal regulations are concerned for the most part.

Homosexuality is still an egregious CRIME here in Antigua…and the wider Caribbean!

Anyone merely rumored to be involved in gay sex, is likely to be arrested and prosecuted for buggery, sodomy and rape.

Read: Reverend calls for buggery to remain illegal

There is ZERO consensual-gay sex!

According to the law of the Eastern Caribbean states: one cannot consent to male-on-male sex no matter the circumstance!

The crime of buggery (male-on-male intercourse) is widely deemed a crime in the Caribbean region.

In fact, and to take it a step further, any anal sex is actually rape and buggery! 😯

A guy doing a girl anally is sodomy! 😯 😡

However, male-to-female anal sex, isn’t at all regulated or enforced, so it’s virtually non-prosecutable.

It is merely on the books to appear impartial…I guess. ❓

As expected: the Bible and the clergy are behind the outlawing of gay sex…which as a heterosexual male; I have not 1 iota of issue with it remaining a crime on the books.

Gay rights and gays having rights is unheard of in this region.

Just as the topic of gay marriage isn’t even discussion-worthy.

Surely there are gays…and openly so! However, they have no special rights, and hate-crime laws to protect gays, are nonexistent since gays aren’t recognized as having legal status under the law.

On another topic, cheating and affairs, are generally expected. And it is commonplace that a married man has concubines and lovers.

I picked up a girl the other day, and as we got to know each other, she nonchalantly shared the news with me, that she was living at her with a married couple…and she’s pregnant for the husband…knowingly to the wife! 😯

This is so commonly accepted that it isn’t even news worthy!

Holy shit! 😯 😯

I believe that the Bible once again, plays a pivotal role in the social acceptance of concubines and men having women on the side.

Male privilege?

No arguments from me here! 😉

Male infidelity just isn’t such a big deal as in other regions and societies.

A few years ago, I learned my lesson while trying to seduce a guy’s girlfriend by telling her that her boyfriend is possibly cheating on her because he’s such a player type.

It wasn’t that she didn’t buy it.

It is simply that she didn’t care!

It wasn’t a big fucking deal nor anything outside of the norm.

On the other hand as you would’ve guessed: wives who cheat are shown no mercy.

They would actually be recipients of a physical spanking supported by society…at least the men in society.

Legal Age Of Sex Consent

As for sex and the legal age of consent: that is 16 (some islands 15) across the Caribbean…except the Dominican Republic- for some odd reason or another- where it is 18 [it’s even 16 in Puerto Rico].

However, you still have cases where guys in their 40’s decide to circumvent the law by trying to shag girls under the age of 15.

Read: Man gets 6 years for intercourse with girl under age of 16

Read: 24 year old jailed for sex with 14 year old

As for prostitution (sex work), it is illegal on the books…unless within brothels (whore-houses) where sex workers do their thing.

You’d hardly see hookers walking the streets of Antigua (since it’s technically unlawful). But they operate virtually legal from within sex houses.

As long as it is regulated where the prostitutes pay some form of taxation (as within the brothels), the clergy nor the law-makers have an issue with it.

I bumped into a well-known politician once (an elected official who’s married) inside of a Spanish brothel, and I was dumbfounded to see that he was a regular who didn’t even try to conceal his identity.

All in all, though a very conservative region, there are many liberal and eye-opening practices which are too numerous to note.

Everything from under 18 drinking to under 18 hooking up are seen as very shocking and liberal by modern standards.

I’m reminded of the Hollaback video, “10 hours walking NYC as a woman”>10 hours walking NYC as a woman, and how much women and men alike, cried foul that women were being harassed on the streets by men (via cat-calling).

Not forgetting to mention the Julien Blanc fiasco where he’d simulated a choke on a Japanese girl, but everyone blew it out of proportion as sexual assault and other egregious offenses.

Frankly put, in the Caribbean where it’s predominantly a male-dominated society, those things are usually non issues and a waste of everyone’s time to even talk about.

At the end of the day, I see male dominance as a cultural issue.

It is in the black man’s culture to dominate his women. Only the ones who have been emasculated by western societies and feminism, will allow women to run the show.

It is also common to the culture of this region that men hit women…though I don’t subscribe to the laying of hands on anyone.

As for sex with girls under the age of 18, I’ve only done it once with a 17 year old when I was about 26 years old [this was in the Caribbean by the way].

That too [men being sexually attracted to younger women] is also cultural and even Biblical.

Most Biblical scholars agree that the so-called Virgin Mary, conceived around the age of 13.

Majority of the prophets of the Bible (and the Quraan) also took wives for themselves who were under the age of 15 while those prophets were of elderly age (50’s, etc).

Even today in modern Israel, under Rabbinical law of the Torah, a girl becomes a woman at the age of 13 when she takes her Bet Mitzva, or essentially whenever she hits puberty.

Hence, men shagging women under the age of 18, is a common practice throughout the world except in places like North America, where sex with a 16 year old, is a gross violation of the law, and seen as something rather immoral that will get you put away for a long time and branded a sex-offending pedophile.

I came across an interesting article the other day on a seduction website (Drawk’s) which speaks to this: Are all men pedophiles?

It speaks to the innate contradiction of western societies in relation to the legal age of sexual consent.

I also came across some interesting reports on the push back against gay rights in Jamaica, which highlights how high homophobia is in this region (plus it is also illegal).

The irony as I mentioned at the top is that no one really has a problem with female-on-female homosexuality. It is rampant and you can find women making out and grinding on each other at public events.

It’s just the male-on-male homosexuality that the populace has a problem with.


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