If You Cannot Grab Her Attention – You Will Never Gain Her Attention [Gaming Teenage Girls]

All teen girls are ADD!

Their attention spans are akin to a flickering light-bulb with faulty-electrical circuitry.

This is particularly why I’m not fond of trying to pick them up…let alone to bed them.

However, over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been testing those waters as I picked up 2 seventeen-year olds and have been gaming them religiously.

Rid yourself of the misconception that teenage girls are super gullible and easy pulls.

These girls are savvy, tricky and vapid!

Chicks between the ages of 17 and 20, though they don’t have much upstairs as far as a realistic-life goals and aspirations (but to play on Facebook), these girls are FAR from easy, and damn sure not as gullible as women between the ages of 21-28.

Make no mistakes about it: all women are gullible!

Just that some are more gullible than others.

Please don’t fell for the feminist’s okie-doke and buzz phrases like:

“PUA’s only pick up young girls because young girls are easy”

“PUA’s only pick up young girls because young girls have no ambition, they’re misguided and gullible”

No ambition?


More gullible than others?

Produce some figures…and facts!

Anyway, what I really want to pontificate on, is something I’ve always been aware of, and more so now that I’m trying to bed these 2 teen girls:

Short-Attention Spans.

Arguably the only thing that’s getting in the way of me snatching these 2 notches.

You would think that it is men who are constantly hitting on them why they can’t seem to nail themselves down to 1 position or plan.

That however isn’t the case.

It’s actually their girlfriends, BFF’s and social-media postings that are keeping them distracted.

Ok, so how does this happen?

For example, you send a txt message to girl that she should meet you at point A.

She agrees!

Minutes later while you’re at point A waiting for girl, she gets hijacked by a Facebook posting which delays her for 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes late, you send another text message, “Hey Jen, I’m at point A. Get off Facebook”!

ADD Jen replies, “Oh sorry! I am on my way…although I’m 20 minutes late”!

Jenn then gets distracted again, but this time, by a phone call.

Another 15 minutes goes by and Jen, the 17 year old, still is a no show.

Ok, so how do you “GRAB” her attention?

You must do/say something bold and dramatic!

ADHD girls only respond to things of the dramatic which JOLTS their frame so much that they have to respond and act in the positive.

“I’m gonna so fuck you up if another 2 minutes go by and you’re not here”!

“Go kill yourself Jen”!

Now, generally, such outbursts would’ve been a no-no. But you’re not dealing with regular chicks here but those that are ADD.

Hence, it’s expected to deviate from the usual text-game script and break the rules per se.

Just to illustrate how this looks, I took a screenshot of 1 of the seventeen-year olds whom I’m currently out to seduce.

This screenshot was from last night.

As you can see from the screenshot: she was to meet me at a particular bus stop [we had met there nights before], but she was to text me as she was in the vicinity (of the bus stop) and I meet her there to walk her home…which I’d done twice over the past 2 weeks. 😈 👿

Anyway, so she told me that she’d passed where I were [a restaurant] but is now home.

Had she’d read the text correctly, I told her to whatsapp me when she’s in the vicinity of the bus terminal.

Due to ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’, she was likely distracted by other texts, other people, friends and a load of other shit beyond my control, and forgot that we were to meet…or forgot to read my fucking text at all.

With that, I just want to urge you guys that in order to hammer out any realistic attempt at meeting up with girls between the ages of 17-20 (even 21), you will often times have to get outlandish (dramatic) in order to override her ADD.

Quick note: I’ll be running a mini series of posts throughout the week (under the “teen poon” category of my blog) just to highlight this unfamiliar realm (picking up teens) which is way out of my league.

Stay tuned!

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