Why Women Get Clingy After Hooking Up

There are some chicks who are totally fine with hooking up- “hit it and quit it” style.

Then, there exist those who get all clingy in a genuine sense and a portion of those, just to save face.

I met a girl last week whom I end up hooking up with 2 nights ago.

Last night, she sends me this text message via Whatsapp messenger.

Her concern was that I hadn’t contacted her since hooking up nights ago.

She also kept bugging me about my non-responsiveness toward her messages last night. Therefore, I said to her [in the screenshot], I haven’t reached hom yet to charge my phone…because I told her that my phone was on its last batter which is why I hadn’t responded [that may be true or false].

Nevertheless, what bracket does she fits in:

A.) The girl who just wants to save face after hooking up by ‘PRETENDING’ to not want just a 1-off?


B.) The girl who genuinely gets clingy after hooking up?

To be honest; it is too early to tell and I haven’t really dissected the variables.

What I have no patience for though, are women who get clingy after hooking up: whether her clinginess is feigned or genuine.

Couple with the fact that I do NOT mislead women into the belief or notion that I want more than just sex or more than a 1-off.

Likewise with this girl. When we first met, I stated clearly that I just want to fuck!

Now, not all cases you can be this direct with a new girl and still get her to concede to your desires.

However- with this girl- she apparently registered high on my proverbial DTF meter. So there was no need to beat around the bush.

Regardless of those factors and pre-managed expectations; girls are still liable to get all emotional and clingy…even after just wanting to hook up.

This brings further credence to the old-adages of pickup that:

* Women really don’t have a clue of what they want!

* You should never take at face value anything a woman says she wants.

In addition to that, my good buddies and fellow seductionists, Wayne Jordan and Dominic (Donny G) chimed in on the Facebook post with some pertinent points as to why girls will get clingy after hooking up.

Wayne’s point is from an evolutionary biology one. And it’s clear to see how and why it’s super valid on the subconscious level.

By all means, a girl should be super concerned about sleeping around simply because it’s very likely that she can be put out of commission for nearly a year to then have a newborn to care for. So by all means; girls have a valid reason to be concerned after hooking up.

Donny G makes another great point which is more surface level but still as important.

Anti-Slut Defense (ASD) is basically a girl’s mechanism [saving face] to appear non-slutty.

Anyway, while hooking up is great and all, most guys don’t take into consideration the pending headaches that come as a result of post-sex management by the girl.

What's your view?

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