Can Anyone Give Dating And Pickup Advice?

This question dawned unto me as I was engaged in 1 of those impromptu interactions with a guy who prides himself on his perceived abilities to pick up women.

The truth is: every man walking the face of the Earth, thinks he’s an expert at the opposite sex.

No matter how much imperical data and evidences you can hurl at him to prove the contrary- every guy believes himself to be a dating and pickup guru.

Now, is this true?

Is every guy a personal master at meeting chicks?

Of course not!

It is just the ego at work!

Ok, lemme rephrase that question to appear a bit more fair.

Does every guy know what it takes to become good with women?


Theoretically, every guy on the planet should be able to relate on the topics of how to attract girls, how to get girls and how to get laid.

Talk to the dumbest and most inept dude, who’s probably never graced the walls of a vagina with his penis, and I’m sure he can pontificate on the theoretical aspects of how to get laid.

That however, isn’t the problem.

To talk the talk and walk the walk, are polar fucking opposites!

Most of us can talk it.

What separates myself from the theorists and the guys who can only talk it, is that I actually seek to gather real-world evidence to solidify my claims.

Quite often, I would get into conversations with guys who claim that they know what women want in a man…yet these guys are single.

Also, I would get into similar with debates where guys seem to want to 1-up me by verbally providing their evidence as to why and how they can get girls.

Fine! I can verbally provide the facts also.

However, these guys don’t realize that it is about convincing women of their prowess by actually approaching women.

Any guy can ‘CLAIM’ that he has no problem approaching and opening girls.

To actually get off the fence and get into the game is a totally difference pot of fish.

If you’re a guy who wants to claim that he’s good with women; then approach women and let us see what you’re made of!

I respect a guy tremendously more, who approaches and fails, than a talker who will not approach rather than continue to talk and pompously pontificate about women.

In conclusion- YES- every guy can talk the talk but only a few can walk the walk.

What's your view?

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