Ever Wonder What Girls Think About Their Crushes?

A female friend of mines posted the following status update to her Facebook:

Do you realize how pathetic this is guys, that a girl has to tool you out just to get you to fucking ‘ESCALATE’ to try to fuck her!?

Not to mention:

“Wen I’m at the bar, he buy me whatever I want”.

#1) He’s a pussy.

#2) Buys the girl drinks galore.

#3) Smiles all cheesily.

#4) Met the girl at someone’s house but then got all quiet on his crush.

Enough said!

Stop being clueless idiots guys!

Realize that being a pussy and buying girls drinks won’t win you any favor.

Girls won’t respect when you play all passive and docile.


2 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Girls Think About Their Crushes?

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  1. I see a massive contradiction here. Acting shy, buying drinks, showing interest, smiling are said to be turn offs. Clearly this guy is a wuss yet….. She’s into him.


    1. May seem so and I get why you state it’s sorta contradicting. But this is the thing though. From reading the 10 or so comments on her post, she isn’t into him anymore. She’s actually devised a plan to tool him out at the bar on the coming weekend. So his shyness and ways of trying to buy the girl through drinks, have actually turned the girl off to the point that she’s now contemplating a scheme to make him look bad at the bar. So on the surface; seems to contradict everything pickup teaches. But the girl is truly at a lost as to why this guy just don’t get it and act manlier…however interested she is. Do you get where I’m coming from Fred?


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