A Pick-Up Artist Video That Feminists Will LOVE [By Nate Hananger]

Who thought I was playing an evil prank on feminists with this video of my buddy, PUA instructor, Nate Hananger?

10 thoughts on “A Pick-Up Artist Video That Feminists Will LOVE [By Nate Hananger]

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  1. I don’t understand. Are you advocating this or is it all a joke? And did those lines really work on the girls in the video? Like what the hell? The community is coming under a lot of scrutiny by the public due to the julien blanc incident and now you guys are trying to make it worse? Why? O.O


    1. I understand.
      But i dont think many of your other viewers will be predisposed to that idea.
      You are playing with fire man, thats all i’m saying.
      I dont think it is wise to do something like this but whatever :X


      1. Yeah, I agree with anonymous. Kenny, I thought you and your friend Nate were advocating this kind of approach. I didn’t get that it was a joke.

        I spent the entire time cringing at the video.


        1. If you had a chance to start over, would you make a pua blog again and go public? I know you aren’t fond of guys who write posts behind a veil. I’ve been considering starting a pickup blog in the future

          Problem is 1.) I still can’t get laid yet…so it’d just be mental masturbation or “almost nailed it” stories 2.) I’m not so sure I want to be a public figure…


          1. Tough question. I’ve had people stumble upon my blog whom I wouldn’t have liked to see it. But it is a huge DHV! But if the wrong ppl see it, you can get screwed. But I took that gamble and still stick to it.

            If you’re not gonna write polarizing stuff that may offend, then I don’t see the need to be anonymous.

            BTW no pun intended, but I LMFAO when you said you’re still a virgin. 😆 😆


        2. Interesting…yeah, I’m still debating it. I’d imagine its a hard ass “screen” for who will stay in your life and who won’t.

          I’m waiting until kill #1 or 2 from cold approach to start (if I ever do). You know how some guys will keyboard jockey like they’re such pros. Then you ask ‘the question’ and they start to hem and haw.

          Lol, yep – I have to be transparent about that at least man. So far I’ve only had a few street makeouts and gotten to third base thanks to cold approach. We’ll see what the future holds.


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