You’re An Evolutionary Idiot For Thinking That Looks Or Money Are What Get Guys Laid [Part I]

The things that make a woman sleep with a man is the same today as they were yesterday.

What are those?

   •Attitude (boldness & behavior),

   •know-How (ability to read women),

   •Social Status (fame and infamy)

Those are they!

Today, ‘Fame’ is synonymous with wealth and money, but fame doesn’t necessarily mean wealth and money.

Hence the misconception that having or flaunting money will attract women into bed, actually isn’t true…just ask Elliot Roger how that panned out for him.

Nevertheless, once you realize that a woman’s brain today is the same as her predecessors, you will have known that money and good looks are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

What inspired me to write this post was an all-too-familiar on-the-fly interaction between a curious guy and myself.

I had a guy approach me the other day and say:

“Kenny, I’m gonna be real with you. You aren’t a good looking guy. You don’t have money. Even if you do, you don’t flaunt it. When I do see you at the bar, you never buy women shit and some of them often shame you for being cheap and shit. So how are you fucking all these girls if you don’t have money, not spending on them and you aren’t that good looking…no offense”?

😆 I simply laughed because I’m used to this sort of impromptu interaction whenever I come across guys who are familiar with my shtick as a lady’s man.

I do take umbrage with the label “cheap” though.

I prefer to coin it as careful and smart. 😉

Be as it may, these guys realize that there must be more to it than good looks and money…neither of which I profess to have in any sort of abundance.

Ironically, though these evolutionary inferior men acknowledge that flaunting money and spending lavishly at the bars and clubs, won’t propel women into their arms – or bed- they still rely on money to attract women…to no avail.

This is the rawest definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again with the same result of nothingness”.

Only if these guys knew to themselves and really believed it , that looks and money mean little in a woman’s decision to go to bed with you, then they would begin to see what attraction is really about.

Over the past 3 days, my mobile-internet service has been experiencing huge bouts of non-connectivity, so I was forced to read an e-book (or any book for that matter) for the 1st time in over 3 years.

I’d wanted to read, “Sperm Wars” by Robert Baker, an evolutionary scientist, but I never got around to it…in spite of having downloaded this e-book over 2 years ago.

Little did I know: I was sitting on a gold mine of information which will further support my hypothesis on looks and wealth being infinitesimal to the process of courtship, sex and procreation.

The modern man is so surface and material reliant, that he’s now oblivious to what every man has been well aware of for millions of years.

Women, being light years ahead of men in the intelligence department, are privy [however vague] to the evolutionary process of attraction and hooking up.

The average Jane knows what’s going on!

If not on a conscious level, on a subconscious one.

She knows that men want sex. And that any rational-minded man should want sex.

She also knows that she’s the natural conduit towards this peer-bonding of sexual intercourse.

Men on the other hand, due to societal influences and brain-washing, we no longer can accept the reality that- just like us- women want sex too!

Instead of embracing this about ourselves, most modern men shy away from potential stigmas such sleazy, freaky, sex-driven, shallow, perverted, etc.

Therefore, you now have a situation where women are afraid to expose themselves as ‘wanting sex’ (due to social repercussions).

Likewise with men, the vast majority of us, are afraid to let women know that we have a dick in our pants…also due to social repercussions!

Hence, men are afraid and women are afraid.

Men are afraid of communicating that they are desirous of sex. And women are afraid of communicating that they are equally desirous of sex.

What do we do instead?

Men cloak their sexual desires for women in a facade of declarations such as:

“I respect women”

“I’m not about sex”

“I can wait”

He also shows his ‘liking’ through how much money he has, how much material possessions he owns and how willing he is to spend big.

These things are all done in hopes of sexual favors in return.

Actions like these on the part of men, are what lead me to make declarations such as: “Nice guys are the real assholes who aim to manipulate women into sex”.

This is absolutely the truth!

Quote on quote “Nice guys” are the ones looking to manipulate women into bed…and in general!

They cloak their intentions of sex within a neat package of asexuality and non-sexual behaviors such as chivalry and other such socially acceptable niceties.

Nevertheless, they are the true manipulators of women.

Not because they want to be manipulative. But they’ve been programmed into thinking that they have to manipulate women into liking them or into bed.

These so-called nice guys don’t believe in PUA gibberish such as “All women want to fuck”!

When men harbor such unnatural beliefs as “women only have sex with men they love and have known for years”, it is difficult to convince these evolutionary-retards of the contrary- that women do enjoy sex- crave sex more than men do and are open to sex at any given time with any random Joe Blow who recognizes how women operate.

Why most men cannot accept and live with the reality that the average woman will fuck another man at the drop of a hat, is because of their own fears, that their would-be girlfriend could actually stray and fuck another guy for no good reason.

This is a very unsettling feeling for most men, who aren’t at liberty to just get another girlfriend if this one fucks up and cheats.

Men like myself, who realize that women of today are the same as women of 250,000 years ago, can afford to trade in girlfriends if a particular one isn’t quite working out.

Hence, a lady’s man has less fear in accepting the reality that any girl can cheat whenever she pleases without needing a plausible reason.

The only reason she needs to self-justify cheating, is knowing that other men would like to fuck her!

She doesn’t need a fight with her boyfriend to make this happen!

She doesn’t have to have obscured or concrete evidence that her boyfriend has been screwing some other chick behind her back!

All of those are just rationalizations she will use later on to justify her reason for cheating in case someone finds out…perhaps a relative, her BFF or the swindled boyfriend himself.

However, she doesn’t need a reason to cheat.

To backtrack some, I want to touch on the topic of ‘Attitude’, as 1 key component to attracting and bedding women.

Attitude enjoins with it, one’s perception, disposition and his comportment.

A man who displays the right attitude (of a sex-worthy guy), will have more than a leg up on the competitors who may have money and Brad Pitt looks going for them.

Likewise with having “Know-How”, as a key component to getting into girls’ panties quite often.

If you don’t know the route that would take you to someone’s house; then you simply won’t get there.

Having the “know-how” of how to get to a woman’s panties and how her brain works, will become the deciding factor of whether you get laid or go home empty handed.

What know-how would you need?

Firstly, the realization that everything you’ve been told and taught by the mainstream media and your parents, was absolute bullshit!

For example: “You should be nice to all women no matter what, and you’ll get lots of dates”.

Such cliches should firstly be exterminated from your mindset in order to get you on the right track to getting poon!

You must begin to garner the right knowledge as to what women want, how they want it, how women operate and what makes them operate that way.

Realize that women don’t see sex as something taboo and yucky. But a natural part of life itself.

Also realize that women want to fuck just as much as you do!

Knowledge of this [women love sex, want sex and need sex], will be your cheat-code to the game of hooking up.

Avoid falling into white-knight commentaries such as: “There’s more to life than getting laid”.

Men who embody such declarations are usually the ones who never get laid!

They justify their lack of a sex life by berating other men who chase ass.

Those same white-knights, if they could only get laid, you’d see how quickly they abandon those previously held talking-points such as “there’s more to life than getting laid”.

In all fairness: there is more to life than fucking!

As much as I love chasing ass and sleeping with random strangers- a guy in my position- still cannot afford to just fuck his life away!

It is humanly impossible!

Personally, I have to live, eat, work, blog, help take care of and raise my children [I have 2], party, have fun, exercise, travel, etc.

Hence, the myth that one can actually live a life that is all about sex- is simply just that- a myth!

However, white-knighters, in their attempt to run from sex, are quick to mental-masturbate away their reasons for sucking at this.

It’s incumbent upon you to become secured with your sexual desires and to project this upon women you meet.

Note to yourself that what propels a woman to become sexually interested in a man, is her desire to breed!

She was born for this purpose; to have children!

Everything else, such as amenities of life, is for sheer enjoyment and sport. But a girl’s primal purpose for living is to procreate and to play her part in the evolutionary game.

Knowing this, you’ll soon realize why women often and exclusively cheat on nice guys (opposed to bad boys).

As equally important, why women would sleep around as long as they won’t be judged as sluts and whores.

Be as it may, women must have sex. And you’re an evolutionary waste of semen, to think otherwise!

What attracts women to not-so-handsome guys like myself, isn’t great looks neither money nor material gains.

Sheer attitude and know-how!

If you give the average Joe a high-priced vehicle, dress him up in the finest linen and park him outside of a crowded mall, if he doesn’t have the congruent attitude of a guy who has those things: then he’s just as good as dead!

Those material things won’t mean squat…particularly if he has the wrong attitude, that women aren’t sex-driven!

Likewise for the super good-looking chap.

Devoid of knowledge of women, he too often falls short in taking women to bed.

I know lots of young guys my age, and some half my age, who would purchase fancy cars and motorcycles in hopes to attract women and get laid (though they never admit to this).

Months later, you’ll find these same dudes walking, taking taxis and public transportation.

They had either resold their transportation or reneged on completing the financing, thus repossessed by the dealership or the bank.

They too quickly realize that the vast majority of girls aren’t as shallow to spread their legs solely because of a bugatti, or keys to a powerful motorcycle dangling in front of her eyes.

Once again: nice guys wanting to trick and manipulate women.

This is no different than the so-called professional guy or the entrepreneur, who goes around bragging about his 401K or owning his own small business.

Conversing with one of these ‘out-of-touch with reality guys’, will quickly leave a woman thinking she’s just been to a job interview or been conversing with a Donald Trump wannabe.

Hence, these guys rarely get laid also as they’re out-of-touch with what attracts women (Attitude).

To be continued…

7 thoughts on “You’re An Evolutionary Idiot For Thinking That Looks Or Money Are What Get Guys Laid [Part I]

Add yours

  1. “ ‘Nice guys’ are the ones looking to manipulate women into bed…and in general! ” is a feminist maxim used to shame good, decent men. PUA’s are oblivious to how much they have in common with their supposed opponents.

    The true alpha male acts however he wants around women, whether it’s a “nice guy” or a “bad boy” or something in between. Betas need “how to” guides for something as simple as talking to members of the opposite sex.

    Maybe I’m taking you too seriously…I’m half-convinced that this site is just a parody/satire of PUA.


    1. If one doesn’t know how to communicate with women, and let’s say he’s a Beta, don’t you think it’s reasonable that he reads a how-to guide?

      I was once in that predicament being screwed around by women. I had to read how-to guides from other seduction and PUA sites years ago. So your point is pretty invalid.


      1. You say this as if there’s a “right way” and a “wrong way” to communicate with women. Really? If a woman is attracted to you, it really doesn’t matter how you communicate as long as you don’t do anything too out of the ordinary. Admittedly, that can be a problem for some guys.

        So explain to me again how all nice guys are just manipulative assholes.


        1. I’m confused here as to whether this comment was meant for me.

          Why or how don’t you understand that so-called nice guys are the manipulators?

          For example: They would take a girl out on a lavish date, seeming as though they’re doing it without an ulterior motives (sex), yet they’re not doing so genuinely but to try to buy the girl’s affection.

          That’s manipulation and trickery.

          I can go on and on


          1. Gee…who else would the comment be for?

            Why is a nice guy automatically a manipulator? Just because he’s a nice guy? How do you know he’s not just naturally nice? Do you understand this is the same logic feminists use to shame nice guys?

            And even if he is being nice just to get a girl, how is that any more manipulative than only doing your job because you’re getting paid? People do things to get results…it’s been that way since…well, forever.

            Let’s see…what’s more manipulative…something that comes naturally (i.e. being a nice guy) or something that comes about through reading a “how to” guide? Yeah, that’s a tough one.


  2. “However, white-knighters, in their attempt to run from sex, are quick to mental-masturbate away their reasons for sucking at this. ”

    100% true. Been there, done that.


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