The Pickup PR Machine And How We Went Wrong By Breaking A Fundamental Rule Of The Game

One fundamental rule of pickup was broken by the PR machine (including myself), with the outbreak of the still sizzling hot Julien Blanc situation which has now spilled over into an all-out war against RSD: the pickup company which employs Julien.

Be as it may, there’s an old adage in the pick-up community which we hold fast to:

“Don’t tell anyone about this”!

The truth is, pickup wasn’t meant to hit the mainstream.

That was the mistake made by Julien who purposely posted inflammatory material to his Tinder, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, in hopes that 1 day- it’ll go viral and mainstream would catch on and get pissed while simultaneously gaining him major recognition.

In essence: Julien trolled the mainstream into action.

Well, the backlash to such a move is quite evident now: the cat is out the bag that the once mythical-pickup world does exist.

Bear in mind the fundamental rule of pickup: “Tell no one about this”!

Pickup is sorta like the mafia of old, operating in the shadows of the underworld.

If caught by the authorities, a mafioso was expected to guard the secrets of the mafia by denying its very existence altogether.

Pickup should’ve been, and was always such a community where its members were expected to deny its existence in the face of public controversy and drama.

“It’s not meant to be digested by the mainstream’s consciousness”.

Not that we have anything sinister to hide. But outsiders wouldn’t understand. So why waste time trying to relate to them?

Julien let the cat out the bag, which indeed violated a key tenet of pickup.

With the outbreak in the global-social media world, the PR machinery of pickup was forced to engage the public on the public’s terms and their platforms [Twitter, social media, etc].

Problem is: Pickup was never meant to be discussed in the public eye.

Well, you may say, “But if that’s the case, what accounts for the many videos, blogs, forums and other pick-up related material on the internet? Aren’t those in the public domain”?


However, what usually happens is, the guys who find pickup related contents online, are usually looking for them. Or at least, they already know about pickup and what it entails.

Pickup is very much a niche market. Those who watch, read and purchase our stuff, are pretty much in the know as to what this niche market is all about.

Ok, so this begs the question: “why should pickup be guarded and kept from the masses of the mainstream world”?

Simply because the masses won’t get it.

They simply won’t understand.

Usually, when someone doesn’t understand something, he-she either fears it and steers clear of it, or they bash it!

It’s for this reason why we’ve always tried to avoid a Julien type situation where the mainstream becomes keen on pickup tactics and so forth, which would’ve had the potential to inevitably lead to major misrepresentation of what we do…which evidently happened.

Since they don’t and won’t understand: they’ll bash it to death by attaching to it all sorts of random-overblown labels such as: creepy, sleazy, rapey and unethical.

When something is too abstract for the average person’s brain to encompass and to decipher, they will almost always disagree with what they cannot wrap their hands and minds around.

Pickup/Seduction/Game, is just 1 of those abstractions.

Trying to explain and rationalize seduction tactics to the masses who are prescription junkies to the blue pill, will almost always be a lost cause which may cause more harm than good as far as public relation goes.

Red pill to wake up. Blue pill to remain unconscious and blind

Red pill to wake up. Blue pill to remain unconscious and blind

Hence the mistake I made, and other PUA’s who joined me in social media, was to rush to the front lines to expound upon an ideology [Seduction] that is just too complex and abstract for the average man and woman.

We should’ve just left it alone and let the crazies run with their wild ideas, propaganda and misconceptions of what it is we do.

It’s akin to trying to explain complex algorithms of Algebra to someone who doesn’t even know basic division in Mathematics.

Those outside of pickup, will never understand it!

Those on the outside, will never agree with it.

Hence, such common comments I’ve come across days ago in social media in relation to the Julian Blanc situation:

“No one needs to learn how to pick up girls”!

“You guys are losers! Should be ashamed of yourselves for taking classes on how to meet women”!

“Tactics? More like tricks and deception”!

No amount of edification, breakdowns, distilling of pickup theories, will ever get through to people whose level of consciousness is that of a zombie’s- aimlessly marching along in a state psychological retardation.

There’s nothing you can say to someone such as a white knight or an enraged feminist, that’ll convince him or her that it’s ok to try to actively sleep with a girl on the same day/night you’d met her.

Their brains just aren’t conditioned to process and comprehend this sort of doctrine which appears foreign to them.

With that, our PR machinery slipped up in trying to relate to these people, opposed to simply letting them be with their warped ideas and misconceptions about the Game.

David Kocher

David Kocher

Fellow PUA buddy of mines, David Kocher, was virtually mauled by Jennifer Li as he tried to present his case as to why Pickup is valuable, and to get her take on things.

He had to learn the hard way that there’s no reaching out to these people who are deaf, numb and blind, and lack any sort of foresight whatsoever.

Therefore, the old adage of pickup remains true to this day: “Keep this info away from the mainstream or they’ll ridicule you for what they do not understand”.

Hopefully, this will be my last post on this subject whereas I can return to business as usual; sharing tips with you guys on how to meet, attract, and seduce women on a consistent basis!

6 thoughts on “The Pickup PR Machine And How We Went Wrong By Breaking A Fundamental Rule Of The Game

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  1. I agree with you that some things are better kept ‘secret’. If the game is kept out the mainstream a lot of trouble is saved, yet all the guys who seek to learn the art of seduction still can find the community. When mainstream media report about our community they usually do it in a very superficial and negative way. So people often get a distorted first impression and avoid this beautiful art alltogether.

    I think that the PR and marketing is spoiling our community in many different ways, it upsets me. Too many coaches care more about making products that will sell instead of making them raw effective and helpfull. That’s what I like about guys like Roosh… because he gives you a raw picture of the game without trying making it sound ‘sellable’. I know that you also respect him for that. On the other hand I saw major companys who removed whole sections from their books (containing good advise) probably just to make it sellable for mainstream.

    I’m very shocked about the twitter conversation! Of course you can’t talk with such a monster and the fact that a government can take a person like this seriously makes me worried.

    Thank god we have our game- which is able to trump all the hate and resistance out there. When your game is razor sharp it will cut through all of this and it will enable us to make LOVE. But you don’t even have to succeed to enjoy the benefits of game… it’s simple existence is allready a (holy) remedy in this cold world out there. You can be really proud to teach this and even more because you are one of the guys who didn’t let PR and marketing corrupt your teachings!


    1. I agree totally Tony.

      Marketers are the one fucking up the game by pandering to the mainstream who will never accept this to begin with, as a real option to dating.

      So lots of the products get watered down in order to appear “acceptable” to the masses.

      We want the raw material and not a watered-down version!

      As you rightfully said also, the mainstream usually mocks pickup. Never having anything positive to say about the art.

      I agree with you also on RooshV’s approach.

      From a naked eyes, his stuff doesn’t appear sellable. And he doesn’t try to make it so.


  2. Hi Kenny! Great post. This sums things up nicely.

    I think this is perhaps RSD’s rationale for staying so quiet over the past couple of days; no amount of PR could help their cause. The mainstream just don’t get it and will never get it. I’ve been in the pick-up community for nearly ten years now, and I think RSD is an invaluable resource. I was never too comfortable with some of Julien’s shenanigans. Not sure why Owen, an astute businessman he no doubt is, didn’t want to reel Julien in a tad. But I know why; he was looking for the exposure. There was a video Owen did recently where he was talking about Jeffy’s fight with Jezebel. He said “all publicity is good publicity”. He’s right, sort of. This could have a negative effect on their bottom line and make it difficult for them to travel the world teaching bootcamp. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Keep up the good work, and keep fighting on, Kenny!


    1. Hi Kenny, hi guys,

      in case of everything going down the river, we always will have the option to study game in the lab at least.

      Theoretical Biologists found the mating behaviour of ciliates very similar to…guess. LMAO

      “Ciliates that sensitized or habituated signaling patterns to emit brief periods of either deceptive ‘harder-to-get’ or altruistic ‘easier-to-get’ serial escape reactions began testing condensed on initially perceived fittest ‘courting’ solutions.” (Clark KB, 2010)

      All the best



    2. Hey Jason, I was wondering the same thing. I was actually pissed and disappointed that Tyler didn’t decide to go to the public. But as I thought about it, that is the reason he haven’t gone to the media to address anything.


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