How Kenny Handled His Public Scandal And Outcry Over His Detestable Pick-Up Video [RSD can learn]

Back in May 2014, I experienced a very similar situation like that of RSD’s Julien Blanc.

My case was worse in that law-enforcement was actually involved from the get-go.

Had you missed that article from earlier in the year, I’ll give you the details of what actually happened which led to the public’s outrage in protest of my video.

Ok, back in May of this year, I’d posted an in-field video [hidden-cam video] to my Youtube channel as I was accustomed to doing [had 180 videos uploaded prior to that].

I didn’t think this video was anything special in comparison to my previous videos.

What was this so-called shocking hidden-camera video about?

Girls’ g-strings.

“Huh”!? 😯

Ok, I wanted to make a video which dealt with guy’s approach and social-anxiety issues.

An ingenious idea came to me for a pick-up opener/ice-breaker.

I was to record a 1st-person video with a cellphone cam (hour’s of work) where I went around running game in another town on island, while opening girls by saying to them, “Nice g-string you have on”.

This would then lead to a mini-interaction and I would let the girls go about their business.

The purpose wasn’t to pick up or seduce any of the 26 women (random strangers) whom I’d approached.

It was just to demonstrate how to be bold with women without fearing any social repercussion…like getting slapped or something…which never happens by the way.

Anyway, so I approached 26 total strangers with the g-string opener and the amateur video was captured successfully.

Edited the relevant clips, added the relevant annotations, music and so forth, then uploaded the finished product to my video channel.

All went well…so I thought.

Hours later while visiting my video page out of nagging curiosity, I noticed that the video views had skyrocketed within 2 hours of going live.

It grossed about 350 views within 1 hour!

Now, I don’t know about most guys who post pickup videos, but that shit is staggering in comparison to my other videos!

Hence, something was up as to why this video was being shared and viewed so heavily within such a short period of only 1 hour.

Can’t quite remember what exactly transpired as to how I found out about the trend, but I was contacted by Youtube some time afterwards saying that they’d flagged my video due to massive amounts of complaints over the past day or so.

My video was taken down by Youtube until further notice as they review if I’d violated any of their upload rules…which I obviously didn’t since I was able to upload it in the 1st place.

What I actually believe happened was that Youtube had caved in due to the many petitions and e-mails they’d received about my video being inappropriate and so forth…which was bullshit in my opinion.

Throughout the ordeal and through social media, I was publicly branded a rapist, sleazy, pervert and any other crass term you can conjure up.

Though this took place in the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda, news of it had spread as far as Canada…thanks to the internet: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets.

I received death threats through Facebook from husbands [Beta’s of course].

Contacted and threatened with various lawsuits from about 8 women who had appeared in my video.

My telephone number, being that it was published on my websites and Facebook, I was contacted by all sorts of women threatening to shut my stuff down through petitions and protests.

The authorities had showed up at my office to find out what was going on as they’d received over 30 complaints from various women claiming they might have been filmed without their knowledge.

Irony is, I seemed to have known the law better than the cops themselves did.

How so?

Those idiots didn’t know that it was completely lawful and legal to record anything and anyone in any public domain…NO EXCEPTIONS!

They requested for me to hand over the video! 🙂

Pretty laughable in retrospect as if the video was some sort of incriminating evidence in a crime.

I told them that Youtube had pulled the video or else they could’ve watched it there. And since a crime wasn’t committed in the 1st place, I didn’t see the point.

They were better off telling me that they just wanted to see the video that was causing so much public outrage.

Since they didn’t have a charge in arresting me (no law violated), they resorted to the ‘Parting Talk’ about morality.

“Hey man, on a personal note- why would you record women’s butts and g-strings and post it online”?

My answer was simple:

“I don’t do this for enjoyment, nor for sport. I teach men the art of seduction as a pick-up instructor. Part of my job entails recording amateur hidden-cam videos for my students worldwide. So this is bigger than me. So if you think I’m doing this for perverted reasons- it’s not the case”.

As you would’ve expected, they looked at me like, “Huh!? Pickup? Seduction”!? 😯

The lone-female cop there, pretended as though she was super outraged at the thought of pickup videos and how immoral ‘Game’ was.

Hence, she said to me in a semi-agitated tone:

“Couldn’t you find anything more constructive to do with your time”?

I’m like, “Lady! This is what I do! I run a business! This is part of it. How dare you criticize what I do as unethical”.

The lead officer then said: “Well- you haven’t broken the law. We were just wondering the reason for all these phone calls and reports we were getting at various station”.

Anyway, no harm, no foul..they left.

Before that, I warned them that they should brush up on the law because had they falsely arrested me over bullshit, I could’ve had their fucking precinct sued and jobs stripped!


My only true test after that was to see how I would handle this scandal and when and if it would blow over.

I learned a lot during that storm and immediately after it’d passed.

One of those realizations learned was that those outside of pickup, will never understand pickup nor agree with the concepts of pickup.

It is something that you literally have to come to on your own terms…by chance encounter of stumbling upon a PUA website or something.

There’s no grounds of reasoning and way to get through to people who have their opinions set in stone.

I’ve also come to learn that people who are involved in pickup: students to coaches, are among the most open-minded individuals you can ever find on the planet!

Hell- the reason we get into pickup in the 1st place was due to our open-mindedness and willingness to learn a novel avenue to socializing with women.

The average human is so closed-minded and stuck in his or her own ways, that there’s no way to reach individuals like those.

Feminists are among the most stubborn and spiteful creatures on Earth you’d ever meet!

They know nothing of reasoning and dialogue.

They judge and misjudge without doing their homework.

Likewise with my scandal from back in May where I was a hated man and wanted by feminist-minded women across the globe!

None of them asked, inquired or look to reason and have a dialogue about what it is we do in pickup.

They don’t want to reason!

They want blood!

The best way in which I handled this was to treat my day as I did the days prior to the scandal.

I didn’t change my habits!

I didn’t try to appeal to the mainstream.

I didn’t try to clean up my image by doing some public charity while fronting to be some reformed seductionist.

My suspended Youtube channel was taken off of quarantine status and I was able to resume uploading videos as before.

I also learned that apologizing is the wrong strategy.

Apologizing sorta adds fuel to the fire while indirectly creating the impression that you were guilty of some infraction.

Through the grapevine, Im hearing that RSD Tyler/Owen had apologized on the behalf of Julien Blanc for the so-called fuck-up.

Tyler apologizing isn’t the worst move since he wasn’t the target under heavy fire initially.

However, Julien, should go down with guns blazing by not cowering to social pressure.

You’d be respected more for going down for what you believe in than to back peddle, cower and to give some sorta public apology to appease the dumbed-down masses.

From my incident, which was worst than Julien’s to be honest, I came out more known and recognized than I was prior to the scandal.

My blog readership soured through the roof by 500%!

My e-books were downloaded through by the thousands!

My Youtube videos were in demand like hotcakes as I’d taken a break from shooting amateur videos!

I had more fans coming out of the woodworks than I could possibly thank for watching and following my stuff over the years!

Therefore, and in essence, the public protest and scandal worked to my benefit…though I never planned for it to happen that way!

More women wanted to sleep with me for the mere fact that I was the hot topic of social media for an entire week!

I had chicks contacting me dying to be showcased in my amateur videos!

Had my scandal not happen, I would just be another anonymous blogger in the crowd.

Since then, no one remembers that it had even happened.

It’d blown over within 2 week’s time.

Not saying that RSD and Julien’s issues will blow over that quickly, but it will eventually!

With a new scandal, old ones are quickly forgotten…notwithstanding that people have short-attention spans.

Being public-enemy #1 isn’t as bad as it seem.

Hopefully my bros at RSD take a page out of Kenny’s playbook in how to handle public faux pas and fuck-ups.

As for the infamous g-string video where I’d approached 26 random strangers on the basis of an imaginary g-string: you can watch it here.

Is it a slap in the face of women who might have been offended.

I don’t think so.

As I mentioned prior: this video was not to showcase how to pick up girls. But was a social experiment of sorts in showing guys that they don’t have to fear approaching women with over-the-top comments and so forth. And if you’re a shy guy, it’ll eventually rid you of your social anxieties.

By the way, I video was recorded in the Caribbean.

You can also read the original article in detail from back in May: Women in uproar over Socialkenny’s infield video.

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  1. Fuck the haters, Kenny. Wait, you are too busy fucking real pussy. Just ignore it. Out sarging a while ago, some middle aged vigilante cockblocked my mate in a set with a 7. My mate ignored it, moved on and scored with a Swedish 8. Let the haters hate, we players gonna play.


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