Socialkenny’s Twitter Account Suspended

What a world we live in where and when even social-media giants such as Twitter, cowers in the face of vigilantes such as those white-knight Beta pricks and unattractive femi-cunts who have been attacking me for the last 72 hours.

Goes to show the validity of re-occurring theme that we’ve been preaching in this industry for years: Feminists are destroying the social fabric of freedom and free speech itself.

Be as it may, I tried posting some tweets about an hour ago and to reply to some @mentions, but I kept getting an error message saying I cannot post.

After further fiddling around with the app, I came to find out that my account has been suspended…which is why I cannot post nor receive any @mentions.

I’m still able to access my account but cannot do anything with it as far as posting goes.

Once again, those wicked freedom-suppressing femi-cunts and their minions of white knights succeeded in pressuring others to fold…in this case, Twitter.

If Twitter does terminate my account- it is what it is.

Small thing to a giant.

However, at the end of the day, we still see what the real issue is with men who support #takedownjulienblanc: weak and petrified men vs the dominant Alphas whom women are attracted to.

Weak men will always pander to weak women in hopes of gaining their acceptance.

Ironically, those same jelly-back boys parading around as men, will gladly be weeded out of existence with the very help of the sub-class of women in whom they pedestalize.

On that note: a big-fat fuck you to Twitter, white knights and Feminists!

33 thoughts on “Socialkenny’s Twitter Account Suspended

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    1. Yeah, you keep mocking while 1 in 3 girls gets raped, while women constantly get domestically abused, and, oh yeah, killed in third world countries! But you enjoy your little meaningless Twitter victory. Men will always be there to dominate you in the real world.


    2. Obviously, it shows who were really butt-hurt right? Me alone against 100 Femi-Nazis for 3 days straight defending rights. Yet the lone gunner gets booted? Says a lot about me and a lot about y’all cock-suckers.

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  1. As of today a small feminist organization called WAM can now recommend Twitter to suspend accounts or delete comments. One by one almost all Manosphere guys will be ousted and the femi-cunts can do a circle-jerk forever.


    1. Wow Zel! Never heard of WAM. No wonder I got booted within a heartbeat. It’s real critical. Talk about repression and suppression. This is exactly why femi-nazism isn’t popular with males nor females…at least not the same ones. They are actually for censoring the sexes. Well, the beauty is, they can enjoy the circle-jerk while men like us circle jerk into their girlfriends’ mouths.

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      1. To say that women, feminists and beta males are so fucking useless in your world, we certainly seem to have a lot of sway when it comes to giant global corporations.


        1. Heh – many many leaders of the world are Alphas and the majority of them are even Red Pill in private. Some of them fuck more women and have more orgies than many PUAs. Feminism is only for the lower classes. And Beta males are not useless – they create and upkeep our current civilization, but could be definitely more Alpha and learn Game – and even they are desired to be so by the plutocracy because in such a state most men behave like docile women.
          The corporations and government agencies like the CIA actually finance feminism for various reasons – to the destruction of both women and men. In the end more women will be hurt by feminism, but yeah – you all sound so great and powerful until you are old, single and fat while living with your cats. Then even Jezebel is firing your ass and hiring a young filly as editor, because it certainly conveys the wrong picture for the new moronic lassies ready for the indoctrination. Sieg Heil Bitches!


          1. That’s what they don’t realize Zel. In the end, women are going to be the ones fucked over by feminism. It’s an elaborate plot already in the making. And the CIA angle you cited makes perfect sense when you connect the dots.

            And some choice words for that cunty bitch Amy.


        2. Listen Amy, your existence is only on the fucking internet. Get some real sway in your personal life…like convince a man to take you out or something and quit pretending online. You obviously don’t have a life, nor anyone in your life. Hence trolling on Twitter gloating about some bullshit you cunt.


          1. Kenny, I could be wrong but I suspect Amy is probably busy licking some other femi Nazi’s pussy or her pussy being licked by another Nazi’s pussy… Or busy rubbing her pussy with a dildo…


          2. Like I have said before I wouldn’t touch her with my dick even if you pay me. I hope she doesn’t make it personally. 🙂


          3. I think she’s crying or something. She usually responds with the quickness. Something must be wrong. This chick is a troll…but I know she’s crying right now though. Send her a drink or something. Cheer her up! 🙂

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  2. Hey Kenny,
    this is really f**ed up that your acount was suspended. Freedom what?!?
    I have to pay you respect for supporting your PUA colleagues and standing behind the PUA preach even when stuff gets unpleasent. This shows that you really believe in the PUA idea and aren’t just a pussy who just jumps on bandwagons. In my opinion this makes your advice even more legitimate.


    1. These “femi-cunts” and “white knights” are so fucking stupid not to realise if these women don’t enjoy being choked by Julien then surely you would think they report Julien to the Police. Kenny, sorry to hear you that your Twitter account has been suspended.


      1. Exactly! Which is why I said, according to the white knights, rough sex should be considered rape and unlawful. Playful choking and slapping should be considered assault. These fucking white knights and gender traitors are sickening.


        1. Kenny – the laws move towards more extreme measure. The new Californian YesMeansYes rules for colleges effectively make it necessary for the man to get enthusiastic agreements for every step in any sexual encounter – even when having a girlfriend for years. You would have to get consent from your LTR every step of the way: May I kiss you? Kiss you here? Kiss your buttocks? May I enter you? May I do it stronger?

          They even know that the law is crazy, but they want to have it in case one snowflake decides she was raped by her boyfriend of 2 years – likely because he pissed her off, but hey – rape is anything they say it is. So off he can go to prison and it is absolutely legal in some US colleges already. Fuck those lunatic femi-cunts!


          1. Now that’s crazy! You can’t be serious bro! I mean, what fucking world are we living in? Who’s wielding all these bull shit legislation into existence? Ironically, I knew this is where it would head. Look at the video in NY the other day with the chick who walked around and claimed harassment for guys complimenting her on the streets.


          2. Unfortunately it’s true:
            Also a reaction by Manosphere blogger Rollo Tomassi:

            Yeah – that chick went around supposedly for 10 hours and only on one street in Harlem she elicited some comments. As anyone knows the “tougher” parts of town have their own rules – both for men and for women – things are done a bit differently there and even as a man you would get plenty of comments when not being out of the neighborhood – ranging from friendly to “challenging”. Everyone knows that and so should that crazy bitch.

            The sad part was that no one approached her with real Game, but likely the reason for a woman’s perception is this: Funny and true.


        2. Kenny, first of all white knights wouldn’t get pussy so they wouldn’t get a chance to give rough sex and have them screaming “Fuck my pussy hard!” It’s sad that they will never understand that women want to be fucked really good and they are stupid enough to believe that women are kind of innocent creature.


          1. LMAO I’m telling you Captain. That’s the sad part about it. They don’t even know. They rush to the aid of women’s causes, wanting to be liked and accepted. Yet, women will reject them to go fuck some asshole who treats women like trash. White knights would never learn. Those Betas and Omegas still believe that women are innocent little doves…and that’s to their fucking detriment.

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          2. Kenny, guess how did I know this? I was bought up in a fairly normal family and society taught me to think exactly like white knights. I was one of the white knights until my experiences with women showed me they are anything but innocent. The statement made by Zan Perrion about “All women are beautiful” makes me laugh because it is clearly non-sense but it makes excellent marketing material. Come on mate! If “All women are beautiful” then surely “All men are beautiful” is true then we get certain well known historical figures who managed to kill millions of people systematically. Clearly that statement is bullshit!


          3. What!? Kidding me! Zan Perrion said that!? I wouldn’t think that in a miiion years…but he’s a pickup marketing guru so I wouldn’t put it pass him.

            Hey Cap, we all been there. I was raised a white knight also! I got fucked over by women countless times. I have lots of stories on the blog where my ex had slept with a dude in our bed and I caught them red handed! I kicked her out, felt sorry for her, let her back in and she cheated 2 days later and got caught red handed by me again…in our bed with another dude! If shit like this isn’t an eye-opener that women aren’t innocent creatures, then I don’t know what is.

            But your point taken though. Bullshit statement no matter how you look at it.

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          4. Yeah, it’s written in his book “The Alabaster Girl”. I have joined his Facebook group and called him for his non-sense statement. All the white knights came out and defended the statement. I am pretty sure if Zan tells them to jump off the bridge and most of them will listen and then jump off the bridge immediately. He had to come out to defend his statement and then either himself or one of the forum moderators had to delete my comments and blocked from his Facebook group. It’s hilarious to me because it is bullshit and clearly showed he couldn’t defend his own statement. Either way it makes great marketing material with statements such as “All women are beautiful”. Does anyone smell shit around?
            After hearing your story I had it easy compared to you bro. 😦 The day I believe all women are beautiful and innocent is the day I die. They are just people out in the world to get what they want (20 inch penis) 😉 or whatever serve their interest.


    2. Thanks Tony. I was out there on the proverbial front line from the second this story broke. I felt dude was being targeted for nothing but a friendly photo where the girls were enjoying it. And I’m really upset that other PUA’s haven’t come out. But when I think about it, the ones who haven’t come out, are the bullshit marketers who have no game to begin with. They’re no different than the AFC Beta male. But other PUA’s who really do this, are coming out due to me pressuring them.


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