Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #14- Feminists’ Attempts To Take Down RSD Julien Blanc And The Pickup Industry

In this episode posted overnight [Nov, 6th.], I rant on:

*PUA Politics and why others in Pickup/Seduction won’t come to his aid.

*Why RSD is unfairly hated on by other PUA outfits.

*Why RSD (Real Social Dynamics) is so successful in the field.

*Why men (kiss-ass Beta Males) would defend such a bullshit cause.

*Why some men don’t understand the Pickup arts.

*The Twitter trolls attention-whoring.

*Why feminists and feminism is evil and is a hated and despised movement by all segments of society.

7 thoughts on “Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #14- Feminists’ Attempts To Take Down RSD Julien Blanc And The Pickup Industry

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  1. There hasn’t been any support for RSD because what they are doing is wrong. Nothing to do with jealousy, If people keep supporting RSD or Julien this will escalate into a full war against the PUA movement. So I guess they see that it is best to keep their head down which is a wise move. Even Ross Jeffries has said he thinks this was a long time coming. So keep pushing your crusade and you will see all of PUA getting taken apart. It’s a freaking shoddily veiled NLP cult anyway. It has nothing to do with Mens rights. It scams men and abuses women. Its also a bit cult like when you all just say that any of us who are men pointing this out that we are some sort of “White Knight” or “Beta Male” or whatever weird terms you come up with. This will be the end of PUA if it keeps going the way it is.


    1. Even before this incident, those other cowards in pickup had long since begrudged RSD. Has shit to do with this. So your point is invalid. Don’t try to school me on PUA politics which you know nothing of. This is full-scale jealousy which is why others won’t publicly show support.


  2. At the end of the day all this feminism vs pua is pretty pointless. Rsd’s target market are men therefore it will never die. They’ll receive public shaming sure but all that’ll happen is that it’ll move underground. Pua and feminism will never stop this ceaseless arguing but at the end of the day people are gonna pick up women regardless


    1. I agree with you fully Orax. It’s funny how these guys think they can kill pickup. As long as men feel a need to get laid, pickup is like the sex industry, it will never die. So great point there Orax!


  3. Sure you are Kenny. Sure you are. You’ve spent how many hours whine-blogging and crying on your podcast about how people are being meeeeeean to you?



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