When Feminist Activists Attack [screenshot edition]

Feminists and their activists henchmen and women, actually aren’t proponents of tolerance after all.

As we speak, I’m being mauled throughout the Twitter-sphere like a pack of rabid pitbulls on a lifeless corpse. 😯

Guess who’s behind these attacks?

The self-proclaimed ‘Just’ Feminists themselves!


Because of my previous article in support of Julien Blanc, the Switzerland-born Pickup coach who’s currently under heavy fire from the global-feminist machinery.

I decided to take a few screenshots of the savage beating I’ve been taking over Twitter since my post went live yesterday evening.

My 3 Twitter apps are literally going haywire with notifications of direct messages and mentions from the femi-nazis and their pandering male crowd.

The irony here is, as I’ve mentioned recently, men are the haters and critics of other men…not women!

Ninety-five percent of those who are attacking me as we speak, are men [go figure]!

Why do these men feel such an impulsive drive to defend the social causes of women?

Because they subconsciously see women as subordinates and are in need of being defended by men…since after all- according to men who defend women’s rights- women aren’t smart enough to defend themselves.

Hence, in the grand scheme of things, self-proclaimed nice guys, men who support feminism such as the anti-PUA crowd, are actually the real assholes and misogynists who see women as inferior and incapable of fighting their own social causes.

On another level, men who defend women’s causes, are secretly doing so in hopes that the women they defend, will bestow favors upon them in the form of acceptance, affection, love and most importantly: SEX.

The mindset of a man who panders to women is:

“If I kiss her ass enough, she may actually like me”.

Hence, majority of the men who are attacking me on Twitter, are doing so in hopes to appeal to women as their knight in shining armor.

Classic white-knight syndrome which is the underlying cause as to why men are disadvantaged in the dating scene.

The white-knight will go all out to publicly run to the aid of the damsels in distress. And as always, women show their ingratitude by running off with a badboy like myself, while the white-knight hopelessly wonders as to why he cannot seem to attract women into his life…or bed.

Anyway, the attacks continue from last evening to this minute.

Barely got to sleep over night as my smartphone was buzzing every second with hate tweets from around the globe.

Enjoy the debauchery!

Follow me on Twitter…if you aren’t already.

Also, check out my recently posted video where I touched on the very subject of men pandering, ass-kissing and why they do so…though the message is actually 1 of comfort for women.

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