Friday Night Field Report: Fucked By Shitty Logistics

Headed out about 6:30 yesterday evening.

Had plans to get my night started early but couldn’t get my hand on any spending money due to a glitch at the bank.

This had me set back up until 10:30 pm…and I still wasn’t able to get my palms on any dispensable cash from the fucking ATM! 😡

Why not use a card?

I don’t use cards except my ATM card [I guess I’m one of those dudes who believe that some evil force is behind the credit-card system, hence I refrain from using them].

Anyway, I wanted to hit the bar and run some bar-game but that plan was screwed up the rear.

A little earlier in the night while swooping through some non-party venues, I met a young wife and began to serenade her while she talked on the phone with her husband.

We took lots of photos together…most of which I cannot post due to her status. 😉

After screwing around with someone’s wife for almost 45 minutes, I hit the streets again looking for some trouble to get into…or what I like to term as ‘action’.

Running around the streets on an empty stomach up until 11:45 pm (from 6:30 pm), I was spent and weary from pacing up and down looking to chat up girls.

As I was heading home (on foot), out of the blue, I got a Facebook message from a chick whom I’ve been wanting to hook up with for months now.

Here’s some screenshot snippets from the dialogue through Facebook chat.

Why would she tell me this?

Probably she wants to meet up?

You bet!

As you can see from the screenshots, I’m trying to meet up with her so we can go to the Madison together.

Now the dilemma is, both of us are walking on foot trying to meet up.

The dilemma is that we don’t know exactly where the other is.

She isn’t too familiar with her area since she’d just moved weeks ago. So her directions aren’t that great.

We weren’t able to meet up so she decided to head back home on foot…since she lives near.


Now, she did wait on me at a specific intersection but I was too far to catch up with her in time.

I took this photo while hurrying to meet her!

It was already after 12:30 AM so catching a taxi or public transport is out of the question.

The street and junction that she told me to walk in order to meet her…I couldn’t find!


When I did find the street/junction, I seen some food vendors there so I asked them if they seen a girl [specific description given] standing here for a bit.

They said, “yea; she just went that way”.

This is not my night!!!!

I’m exhausted and haven’t eaten shit since breakfast…so I aborted this mission which had sprung up at the last second.

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