Frame Control By Satori PUA

Frame control and frame battling are possibly the most essential things you should learn to spot whenever interacting with girls whom you don’t know.

A ‘Frame’ can be defined as someone’s position, opinion, stance or belief on any particular thing or matter.

‘Frame Battling’ occurs whenever a girl for instance, tries to jam her opinion down your throat, or subtly tries to steer and control the conversation down her road.

If you lose the frame battle with a girl; then she automatically loses respect for you and the attraction and interest she might have had for you, plummet.
In this video (in-field audio actually), my boy Satori PUA, displays top-notch frame control over 2 hot girls he’d approached in the park over the Summer.

With having the stronger frame over the girl (by beating hers), you demonstrate that you’re of higher value and she should be following your lead.

Most men play ‘follow the girl’s lead’ when in conversation with new girls…or any girl for that matter.

Also, you’ll hear tons of Shit Tests in this audio, in which Satori passed with flying colors.

Those who aren’t privy to pickup jargon, ‘Shit Tests’ are tests which women usually dish out to men (often times unconsciously) in order to test the guy’s resolve, dominance and congruence…or lack thereof.

For instance, if a girl says to you, “Why don’t you go hit on some other girl and leave me alone”?

Nine in ten times: this could be a shit test to see whether you’ll leave [follow her orders] or stay [defy her orders].

If you buy into her frame (her reality) and leave- then you failed her shit test and by extension- her frame wins and she loses every ounce of respect she might have had for you.

Hence, ‘Frames’ and ‘Shit Tests’ usually intertwine in the same conversation.

You’ll also notice from the audio that the girls (sisters) tried getting Satori and his student to leave yet he stayed and plowed (persisted) through the bullshit.

This is very advanced pickup stuff and it’s worth a watch/listen, because undoubtedly, you will have to face this sorta resistance at some point from women…that’s if you haven’t already.

It’s paramount to know how to handle this sort of shit: Frame Control, Frame Battle and Shit Tests.

I can also guarantee that most guys would’ve already left the girls alone or ran out of things to say as the girls were giving so much shit. But persisting is key.

The audio-video starts with an intro by me and an outro which stresses the importance of holding the frame.

By the way, it’s actually posted through my Youtube channel, so feel free to like also.

One thought on “Frame Control By Satori PUA

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  1. Would you say that women (cashiers, cleaners, friends, gf’s friends, sister’s friends, etc.) generally bombard you with trivial nonsense to see if you’ll react, give in, and thus giving them a reason to laugh at your ass because you were faking being alpha, dominant..

    And when you’re raising your value by becoming more of a man (in your other article you mentioned that your gf will try to sabotage you and drain you of your energy, does that occur with other women that you’ve just met as well, because they don’t want you to advance and go slay all the pussy that you can?).

    Also when you’re in a great mood and got a fun/playful vibe going on, walking around, picking up girls, etc. Will it tick off some (feminist, angry, low self esteem, insecure) women because they can’t seem to shake you or overpower your frame?


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