Betas Aren’t Allowed To Get Away With Anything: Part II

A friend of mine posted this meme to Facebook which instantly spurred me to write about it.

Most guys- all of us- are familiar with this occurrence:

We see scantily-clad chicks, we eye them down, and even cat-call them, and we get a negative response in the form of a nasty-facial gesture and sometimes, verbal backlash.

Logics would say:

“If you don’t want men to look at you like a sex object; then cover the fuck up”!

Lots of men harbor that sentiment, particularly out of ignorance as to why women operate this way: rash contradiction!

The reality is, this is just another form of punishing the Beta (a psychologically weak male).

Women will punish Beta-Males for looking at them, checking them out and even trying to chat them up.

Hence, it isn’t that girls don’t want or like the attention [they obviously do].

It is that they want the attention from Alphas (dominant guys) and not the weakling Beta-Males (which most guys are).

Therefore, whenever a hot girl shows up at the nightclub with her boobies hanging out [she undoubtedly knows that her racks are on display], and a gang of Beta-Males gawk and drool over her package, she instantly feels insulted and disrespected, as a Beta-Male shouldn’t be allowed the privilege to set eyes upon her.

Hence the running title of the post: Beta-Males aren’t allowed to get away with anything.

Furthermore, as I mentioned in the epic article on women shagging without condoms, if you want to know whether you’re a Beta or Alpha in the eyes of women, simply look at the way women respond to you and how they treat you.

If women in general allow you to get away with things which are perceived to be forward and offensive: then you’re likely an Alpha-Male in the eyes of women.

Contrarily, if women rarely ever respond positively to your perceived forwardness; then you’re likely a Beta-Male fronting as though you’re an Alpha.

How do you work around this if you find yourself in the Beta bracket constantly being punished by women for checking them out?

Don’t be afraid to be forward with women.

Also: Own your shit!

For instance, in a bar setting, checking out a sexy girl as if it’s something lewd and perverted, she will perceive that you have low value and are afraid to check her out.

However, if you look at her and check her out as though you’re used to doing this (and get away with it)- then she’ll perceive that you’re high value thus allowing you to get away with checking her out.

She will find it flattering…which is a plus in this case.

Moreover, if you check out women as though you’re doing something illegal and unlawful, it will come off as though it’s an unlawful act.

Therefore, it isn’t that girls are messed up in the head and are contradictive hypocrites [though there’s a good argument for this].

It is the guys who aren’t manning up by owning their actions. So a girl will punish you for having the audacity to be forward when you aren’t owning it because you’re a Beta-Male.

The next time you check out a girl’s package and she calls you out on it, or she sucks her teeth or any such negative reaction: Don’t back down!

Don’t fucking apologize for looking!

Most importantly though, and this is where most guys get tooled and clowned by women, is in situations where the guy stares but never approaches the girl to actually speak his mind.

Once again, in a bar or club setting, if you’re checking out a chick but don’t have the guts to approach and let her know that you’re checking her out, she’ll label you a Beta-Male and respond negatively to anything you do and say afterwards.

If you want a perfect example of this, and how I get away with saying forward shit to random women, check out the video where I’d approached over 20 women of all ages and sizes, letting them know that I was checking out their butt/g-string.

Why do I get away with it all the time?

Because I own it!

I’m congruent with it!

I come off as though doing this [being forward] is just another day at the office for me, and it is something that I customarily do and get away with.

I’m unapologetic. And even when girls respond negatively as though offended, I would never sincerely apologize for what I say and do.

With this mindset, I’m perceived as an Alpha-Male, hence I’m allowed to get away with anything.

Had I been a Beta pussy, telling a girl that I love her g-string or her ass, would’ve been tantamount to fighting words, and liable to get a drink thrown in my face.

Situations where guys get drinks thrown on them or slapped [which rarely happens BTW], is a result of the Beta-Male stepping outside of the box which was designed for him to stay within.

Likewise, a Beta-Male trying to step out the box to kiss a girl, will usually result in a super-negative reaction: “WTF”! 😯

If I try to kiss a girl: she’ll either allow herself to be kissed or she’ll simply pull away playfully: respecting the fact that I’m a dominant male who isn’t imprisoned by social norms.

Therefore, if you want to get away with shit: start to own your shit and women will allow you to get away with massive amounts of shit!

3 thoughts on “Betas Aren’t Allowed To Get Away With Anything: Part II

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  1. This has happened to me a lot. Starting to get it. Whenever I half-heartedly check out a female or approach her, I get this look of disgust (like nigga what are you looking at? Why are you even here, ugh.) when that happens, usually my mindset isn’t right, I feel like I’m committing some sort of faux-pas doing that. Hence the females pick up on it and are repulsed. But if I feel alpha at that moment, and do it with intent (eye fucking, confident body language, etc.), they always follow. They let their guard down, they appear to be intrigued, receptive (like who’s this guy), hmm.


    1. Solid points and observation Kent!

      You give a perfect scenario as to how and why women react negatively towards guys who half ass it and the ones who have no shame about it.

      And usually, when you hesitate, the girl will hesitate also as she feeds off of the guy’s vibe.

      So good points Kent! Keep working at it!


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