Field Report [Saturday Night]: Fucked By The Internet

I met a girl some 4 weeks ago and we hit it off instantly, but our timing and schedules just didn’t mesh well, so we were never able to meet up.

No surprise: she has a boyfriend, which further complicates the meet-up.

She’s also a young mom, which again- further complicates the logistics in meeting up.

Probably the only thing I hate about trying to hook up with young moms, is the headache of having to plan around whether she has a sitter or not.

With this chick, we had scheduling difficulties on a previous occasion due to her not having a baby-sitter on the days which I was free to meet up.

Since she has a boyfriend and is rather on the paranoid side, a date type of meet-up has been ruled out…not that I wanted to take her on a date anyway.

A breakthrough finally happened, which I’d least expected.

I wanted her to meet me at a public function across town. But she doesn’t have a sitter so that plan was botched at the gate.

Fuck! Trying to hook up with young moms is really fucking testy!

Out of the blue, I came up with a random-wild suggestion: “I want to come to your place”!

Expecting to hear a big-fat “Hell No”!

She says to me: “When my boyfriend leaves to go hang out with his friends”.

“Huh”! 😯

She’s actually down with wanted me to come to her spot!

Now, the even crazier thing is; she lives with her boyfriend. 😯

In fact, it’s her boyfriend’s place.

Triple shocker! 😯 😯 😯

What I come to find out from her, is that her BF is a constant boozer who spends zero time at home and is always out with the boys on the weekends getting hammered.

This was about 6:30 PM Saturday night.

As she was about to share the particulars with me [address, phone number, time, logistics, etc], my fucking cellphone’s internet credit had maxed the fuck out!!!

Now, what that actually is, is the top-up system with the pre-paid services which people in the UK and Australia, would be familiar with.

In the Caribbean, pre-paid internet and cell services are the predominant service offered by networks. Post-paid plans are actually rare in the islands.

Hence, with the pre-paid package (top-up), you literally (pre)pay for the data that you want in advance opposed to being billed later on as with a post-paid plan.

Now, my internet-date plan had expired on me last night as I was facebooking the girl to get the details to her place.

As my mobile-internet service was cut approximately 6:34 PM, I was left with no other means in contacting the girl.

Fuck Me!!!

We never exchanged phone numbers prior, so she’s unable to contact me also!

I was kicking myself at this point!

So pissed I could throw my smartphone into a river!

I hurried to the streets in search of an open-wifi hotspot connection in which to steal some internet for at least 20 seconds to get the girl’s phone # or directions to her place!

Every wifi connection I stumbled upon in my neighborhood, was password protected!


Another idea struck me!

I quickly took a cab to my grandma’s place where I snuck my cousin’s Samsung Galaxy out of his bedroom while he was in the bathroom.

Launched the Facebook app and logged in!

It was already after 9 PM, over an hour since we last messaged each other.

She left me 3 inbox messages about an hour prior…all of which were not in my favor.

As you can see in the chat-log screenshot, she was wondering why I wasn’t responding to her.

I wasn’t able to get back to her until about an hour and 15 minutes later.

Apparently, she’d logged off and probably went to bed by then.

😡 😡 😡

I sent a few messages, 1 of which in an attempt to get her phone #…but no reply.


I quickly logged out of Facebook from my cousin’s phone. Put it back exactly where I’d taken it from to leave zero trace that I had sneak-used it. 👿

All I can do now was to just wait a bit and hope she gets back to me as I’d left her my phone # to buzz me in order to go over to her place.

I went out about my business looking to pick up other girls (as usual).

However, the entire night passed without the chick ringing me.

I managed to get some wifi connection after 12 AM Sunday morning and noticed that she hadn’t logged on since just after 9 PM Saturday night.

How goddamn close to finally shagging this hot-young mom after weeks of unsuccessful attempts at meeting up!

Yet- I was fucked by my internet-data plan!

Possibly the relationship Gods were also saying:

“Kenny, you will not be fucking another man’s girlfriend…at least not tonight”!

All ethics aside on the matter of shagging girls with boyfriends, as I want to highlight a few things here.

Taking risks to get laid is something I do and I strongly believe in.

Most guys miss lay opportunities because they rather not take that risk…whatever the risks are.

I’ve shagged quite a few girls in the past while their boyfriends had stepped out to grab groceries or to hang with the fellaz.

This sort of move is ultra-risky and life-endangering, as it only takes a guy to forget something at home to return to meet me inside of his woman and hack me to fucking pieces.

As much as I like taking chances. What does this say about women and their affinity with taking chances?

You may actually want to read a field report I put together of a situation years ago, where I’d shagged a contractor’s fiancee seconds before he walked into the hotel suite.

Cheating girlfriend stories

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