Field Report: Using A Cheesy Pick-Up Line + A Bit On Rejection

Firstly, I wanna put this out there right now, that Pick-up lines do work. I’ll shed some light on it in my next video…stay tuned.

Ok, so yesterday about 12:30 noonday while leaving my grandma’s house, arguably the sexiest girl I seen for the year, was heading my direction, so I slowly walked towards her.

“You must be the reason why it’s so hot out today”.

Not expecting that some random guy would just talk to her on the streets, she was sort of caught off guard and didn’t quite hear me.

“What was that”?

Me: “You must be the reason why it’s so hot out today”.

She smiles about it while pausing for a split second, unsure of whether to stop or keep walking.

She decided to keep walking.

Me: “Hey, wait, wait, wait! Let’s talk real quick”!

Girl: “I have to go. I’m kinda in a rush”!

Whenever I hear this from a girl, my bullshit antennae immediately gets raised.

It’s the most subtle and harmless way that a girl rejects a guy, by telling him that she cannot stop and is in a hurry”.

Ok, so what did I do instead?

I followed!!!!!!!!

A key point here I also want to share with you guys, and it’s so ironic that RSD Julien spoke about this in his most recent free-tour video: You don’t have to make the girl stop!

Now, getting the girl to stop is a good thing!

It’s indicative of her willingness to comply and follow. Hence, you should try to get the girl to stop initially.

However, it isn’t a prerequisite neither a must [getting her to stop].

If she doesn’t stop on command, instead of being a clueless dick and self-eject by walking away and essentially throwing in the towel, You follow the girl!

The thing is, most guys cry about rejections and shit and how women are so heartless and they get a high from rejecting guys. But the reality is; you [the guy] reject your fucking self!

Girls are NOT rejecting you (in person that is). It is you who give up and then blame your failure (giving up) on the girl.

Therefore, if you try stopping a girl and she says she cannot stop and she keeps walking- this is NOT a rejection…not even close!

Since most guys really don’t want to have to face and pursue women, they’re more than willing and ready to just give up before the match has even begun.

Anyway, so the sexy girl said to me that she’s in a hurry when I told her to stop/wait and chat.

Most girls at this point, don’t expect the guy to pursue/persist since men are in the habit of giving up after hearing that the girl cannot stop.

Since Kenny is a different kind of animal who doesn’t play by the rules; I followed her instead.

If she cannot stop and chat; we can walk and chat.


Check mate!

Now, what is she gonna say, “Don’t walk with me”!

Of course not!

You’re free to walk any public road!

Moreover, if a girl genuinely is in a rush and cannot stop- by all means- walk with her.

I’ve yet to have a girl tell me not to walk with her…and I’ve walked with easily and well over a thousand girls in the last few years.

The chat though was rather bland because traffic was hectic and we couldn’t really get to communicate because of all these loud-ass MACK trucks zooming by during the 12 noon rush hour.

We literally only got to exchange names and she told me where she works. Just 2 conversational pieces within a 5 minute walk.

I didn’t take her phone number for the simple fact that she told me where she works.

What I will do instead, is to stop by her workplace perhaps Friday (tomorrow) and continue to game her there and build some meaningful attraction.

All in all, a cheesy pick-up line can work and does work.

However, it doesn’t work for 99% of us because we don’t have smarts.

I’ll elaborate on this soon.

As for rejection/ejection. As I mentioned earlier, girls are not going around rejecting guys.

Instead, guys are going around self-rejecting themselves by ejecting out of the set way too early- essentially not wanting to win.

2 thoughts on “Field Report: Using A Cheesy Pick-Up Line + A Bit On Rejection

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  1. Most guys don’t get it so tht makes them quit early and feel rejected. So the most important thing for the guy is to know the signs tht a girl gives to show whthr she is interested or not. If a guy pursues a girl without game he becomes creepy.During the day most girls always want to appear busy hence it makes sense to pursue and the guy shld have game to be successful


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