“Kenny, Do You Ever Hide What You Do From Other Women”?

A question I get asked a lot is:

“Do you ever tell other girls about other girls”?


“Do you hide your pick-up stuff from women you meet?

The simple answer is NO!

Firstly- I can’t…even if I wanted to.

Secondly, I’m a strong believer in the seduction concept of ‘Pre-selection’, where women are attracted to men who have other women in their life.

Whether you buy into this or not. I actually do and it works out for me because I hone it and own it- not like a prick but a boss.

Therefore, I feel no need in hiding that I’m a man-whore with radical opinions about women and dating.

Guys- and realistically- can I actually hide what I do?

In the words of Jeffy Allen, the Pickup guru:

“What happens when a girl googles you? She gets you linkedIn profile?

You know what happens when a girl googles me? She gets to see that I’m the biggest asshole in the world”!

Now, this is so true in my case because of the internet.

If and when a girl googles me, or simply browses the internet to possibly find my Facebook, not only will she find my Facebook and LinkedIn, but she’s bound to stumble upon a plethora of damning information which I have no way in circumventing.

When a curious-nosy chick happens to google me, either through my real name (Kennyata Joseph) or my more popular pseudonym (Socialkenny), you know what she’ll discover?

My man-whoring websites, hidden-cam Youtube videos, Socialkenny’s Facebook page, my many posts on PUA forums, my google + accounts which are linked to my blogs, etc, etc, etc.

No escaping from what I do and who I operate as. So I simply don’t even attempt to hide my stuff.

Interestingly though, what I come to find out, is that whenever girls stumble upon my work (videos and blogs), they almost never reject me based on that.

They actually become more intrigued as women are not used to hearing and seeing such unorthodox insights and approaches to hooking up and dating.

Don’t get me wrong; I do get into arguments with women on ethics and morality of seduction. But this is a plus at the same time.

Hence, my only resort is to man up, embrace it and own my stuff or hide like a jelly-back coward.

This reminds me of a rather poor-quality video I posted well over a year where I crashed a black Bar-Mitzva to then go home with 2 British girls (strangers) who were on island for the ceremony.

I used my pickup schtick as a DHV (Demonstration of High Value), which didn’t kill my chances with those girls, but it actually increased it.

So- no- I don’t and can’t hide what I do from women since an simple google search on the internet will always give me away.

Either I’ll have to change my name and run with another alias. Then again- running just isn’t my cup of tea.

4 thoughts on ““Kenny, Do You Ever Hide What You Do From Other Women”?

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  1. So, when you meet women, it is always on the basis of a straight hook up, no feelings, no strings, no cupid arrows, etc? Just checking….lol


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