Jeffy Allen’s Response To The Haters [video repost by Socialkenny]

We all remember the infamous Jezebel story from 2013 where they branded the PUA guru, Jeffy Allen (aka RSD Jeffy aka JLaix) of San Francisco, as a mentally unstable pick-up artist guru who drives around in a rape-van looking to snatch up innocent little kiddies, etc, etc, etc.

Prominent Pick-Up Artist drives a rape van and harasses women on Ok Cupid.

It even made the San Francisco Weekly: Close encounter with Jeffy; our local rape-van pickup artist.

Say what you want, but the van is creative as hell though

Say what you want, but the van is creative as hell though

Well, Jeffy never formally responded to the haters…until a year later, through a video response.

Unfortunately, the video originally posted to his Youtube channel, seems to be restricted to certain regions, viewers and even not available for mobile devices.

As for me, I’m unable to watch the original video due to this restriction by Youtube, so I instead uploaded it to my channel which will enable me and others who don’t have access, to check it out.

Very interesting video by the way, as Jeffy clears the air about the situation, the rape-van, trolling fat girls and how masses of feminists wanted his head on a silver platter for the Jezebel posting.

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