AMOG’d By An Older Guy In A Truck

Walking down the street about 8 AM this morning.

Seen a youngish-looking girl in office-work attire so I sped up until I got close to her:

Me: “Sup”

Girl: “Good”

Me: “I’m good too”

The girl then sorta ignores me…though I prefer to say a moment of silence had crept in.

Me: “You look familiar. Do we know each other”?

Girl: “I can’t say…but you look familiar too”

Me: “Maybe not because you look very young. I don’t usually talk to young girls”

A truck then pulls up:

“Hey, would you like a ride to work”?

The girl then jumps into the truck so I jokingly said to the older guy who must have been in his late 50’s:

“Hey! I’ll get you back for this. The girl was mines but you win today”!

The 3 of us had a laugh and they drove off and I went my way.

Apparently, they know each other somehow so I don’t think he was a random stranger to her.

Well- it’s all part of the game.

2 thoughts on “AMOG’d By An Older Guy In A Truck

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  1. Yo kenny is cheating really a big deal

    Alot of guys get hung up on being cheated on and if theyre not sleeping with other girls develop oneitis however this disapears as soon as they got options. My point being does being cheated on really matter. I mean if the girl is safe and she doesnt try pawn a baby on you that isnt hers is it really important wasting mental energy on it. The only real hazard is being embarassed. So my overall question does it matter if your girls a cheat


    1. Hey Orax, great question and this has been the way I think as of late. I have a girlfriend of 5 years now (my baby-mama). Do I really care if she cheats? To be honest; not really. I didn’t always feel this way. But I guess over time, you begin no to give a shit about minor things like being cheated on.

      Sounds crazy to think this was but it’s the way I’ve been feeling over the last 2 years.

      I honestly think my GF had cheated on me a time or 2 within or 5 year LTR.

      I don’t give it much thought because I don’t give a shit if she did. And this isn’t because I’m banging other girls. It’s just a mindset you develop over time where more important things take priority.

      So that was great that you raised this point bro.


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