Girls On Facebook Will Enjoy It More Once You Start F@*$ing Around

Never take Facebook too seriously…or serious at all!

Girls seem to consciously understand that Facebook is an alternate reality where their alter-egos can be let loose to play, bitch and have some fun.

Guys on the other hand, we can’t quite get this [men are slow to catch on]…which means we approach Facebook as though it’s reality where everything said and done should be taken literally, seriously and to heart.

The foot cause for this obvious disconnect of how the sexes view Facebook, simply boils down to the oft-familiar noun “DESPERATION”; men are just too desperate to get a girl(friend) through the internet, hence they play it extremely safe.

Coincidentally, these same guys who chase ass on Facebook, are actually lonely sex-deprived dudes in reality, who cannot talk to strangers outside of the web-sphere, hence they frequent an alternate reality [the Internet] where they can talk to women impersonally through this artificial mean.

Moreover, the internet is the average guy’s paradise; a fantasy world in essence.

Sure I chase ass on Facebook too! The difference is; I don’t take it seriously! So my approach is un-stifled, carefree, whimsical and borderline offensive.

Anyway, so what is Facebook good for as far as male-female interaction?

Before I get to that, lemme give you a dose of reality as to what Facebook is and isn’t:

Facebook is not a dating website!

Once again, most men seem to not be conscious of the obvious distinction between dating/hook-up site and social-media site.

Hence, if you continue to, or intend to use Facebook as a site in which to hook up with random strangers; then you’re in for a rude awakening if you haven’t noticed already.

Girls use Facebook just to fuck around and pass time in a virtual reality known as cyberspace.

It isn’t serious to them, in spite of the bullshit cattiness, cat-fights and drama chicks will routinely get into while on there.

The last thing a girl uses Facebook for is to meet some guy to fuck her.

She has way too many options in the ‘REAL WORLD’: from guys at work who want to fuck her, male coworkers, pastor at church, teacher at school, pick-up artists like myself- you fucking name it!

Hence, she isn’t lacking options.

Hooking up with Joe Blow loser guy who’d friend-requested her on Facebook, is not even in the cards for her.

The only realistic chance a guy has at hooking up with a girl from Facebook, is if she’s someone whom he already knows, she’s in his social circle or their circles intertwine somehow, they share lots of mutual friends, etc.

The girl has to know you, or know of you (even remotely), prior to Facebook, to even consider giving you a shot in the sack or even to merely meet up.

One of the only viable ways in which to “TRY” to meet and hook up with a random stranger on Facebook, is to utilize my technique of ‘Just Fucking Around’.

You should not take a girl on Facebook seriously, just as she wouldn’t allow herself to be as stupid to take you seriously.

To backtrack a bit, getting a stranger to accept your friend request, though challenging, is highly possible, simply because women are attention-whores and are always super willing to add more neutered fans and groupies to their bands.

If you and the girl in mind share mutual friends (as few as just 2), then you can simply send her a friend request and she’ll often times accept…that’s if she’s a normal and sane person.

However, this is where most guys [I’d say 99.8% of us] drop the fucking ball out of ignorance and desperation by pursuing the girl in a serious manner through our tone, vibe, sub-communication and messages.

“Serious” is always the #1 attraction killer online!

Whatever you say to a stranger [a girl] on Facebook whom you’re trying to hook up with, ensure that it is void of seriousness…unless you’re obviously screwing around while pretending to be serious.

The antonym for ‘Serious’ is ‘Playful’.

Idle talk, shit-talking and being a dick should be the vibe that you aim for with most girls on Facebook, irregardless of the relationship between you and them [acquaintances, strangers]…

Toe the line of being disrespectful and politically incorrect (however in reason)!

Be forward, sleazy, outlandish, crazy…

What you’re trying to do is to avoid that friend-to-friend communication that 99% of the times leads to no-where land…but a polite rejection in the form of the girl ignoring you.

As I mentioned in the previous post about kissing girls: better that the girl leaves saying to herself, “That guy was crazy, ballsy, funny, sleazy, interesting”.

However, you don’t want her leaving (or logging off) saying to herself, “That guy was friendly and nice”.

If you haven’t realized this by now, whenever a girl uses the adjectives “friendly and nice” to describe a guy, it is a politically-correct way in saying “That guy is super boring and I will never get romantically involved with such a chump”!


It is much better to have a girl think that you’re a sleazy pig than a harmless fly who wouldn’t try to fuck her even if she strips and spreads the pussy wide open for you like an OBGYN.

Quit putting on this “I respect women” charade!

If you truly do; then more props to you and keep championing that cause!

However, she doesn’t give a fuck!

You respecting her as a woman doesn’t play 1 part in her decision to hook up or not to hook up.

Quit communicating with girls [on Facebook] whom you’re desirous of fucking, as if they were your Sunday-school teacher or a nun from some missionary group!

Women want fun!

They want crazy!

They want intense!

They want wacky!

They want un-stifled and unbridled!

They want forwardness!!!

Sure they’d never admit this! But you don’t need them to when all you have to do is look at their actions and what they respond to.

Listen- for instance- whenever I chat with married women, am I all respecting of their marriage, their husband, their perceived status?

Do I look like I give a rat’s ass that she’s sporting a meaningless ring on her finger!?

The answer to that is obvious!

I don’t care because she doesn’t care!

Women only care once you begin to care.

They follow your lead and the tone you set!

You’re the man (supposedly- though your balls have been cut out by society)! You set the way and lead her into your frame/way and she will follow (that’s if she respects your energy)!

If you present yourself to a girl with ‘respect’ and treat her as a saint, she will almost always expect ‘respect’ from you…and this is not what you want as a guy who’s looking to hook up or something greater.

You may want to re-read this stunning article about impressions: She will treat you the way you treat her.

Therefore, to counter all this, be the man who doesn’t hold back anything when chatting with women over Facebook…and in person certainly.

As always, and just to give you guys a real sense of how this is done, I’ll leave you with some screenshots from a chat conversation (over Facebook) that I had with a sexy-married East Indian mom whom I’d just friend-requested [through a mutual friend on island] days ago.

Remind you; she’s a complete stranger! This’ our very 1st chat. She has no impression of me yet since we never interacted. So…this is how I kicked it off.

Also bear in mind: none of what I say is filtered, watered down nor thought about. I just shoot, fuck around, not caring, receive reply, send more bullshitting, etc.

Note: according to her chat, she considers herself a “Christian-church girl”, and she’s married. But am I worried! 😈

The end game is simple: to hook up. But firstly, I have to communicate (through bullshit and fun) that I don’t take much seriously, and that I don’t respect her current situation enough to not try to take her to bed.

Alright? So quit using Facebook as this serious medium where everything for you is thought out, carefully structured and “in line” with what society considers normal.

Get crazy, stupid and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Even if you have to troll these girls like an asshole; that would be more prudent for attraction than going the “Let’s have a serious talk” route.

Also, even when you watch my videos, my vibe is mostly fun, stupid, ridiculous, playful and bold.

Existential shit such as a girl’s age doesn’t faze or deter me (as long as she’s fuckable and sexy).

Her relationship status doesn’t.

Her race or ethnicity means shit to me neither as far as my approach is concerned.

I approach every woman, be it on the net, streets, club or restaurant, the same way, with the same forward mentality, knowing to myself that every girl who’s sexually active, will appreciate a man who can tell her outright that he wants to fuck her…and mean it!

What usually trips guys up, is that they don’t actually believe they can be (this) forward and get away with it. So they half-ass it and the girl has no other choice but to get offended just to save face.

Remember guys- Playful, Bold and take nothing you say to her seriously.

You’ll be amazed to see your overall skills skyrocket in seconds!

Adopt that mentality!

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