Girls Don’t Want To Be Impregnated By Beta-Males + More On Why Girls Have Sex Without Protection

Not intended to beat a dead horse any further, but I’d recently posted a link to Facebook to an article of mines about women and condoms [women not checking to see if the guy has 1 on during sex].

I also copy-pasted a comment left on my blog to Facebook by Apollohan, who made a very good observation which opened my mind to a newer aspect on the subject…which warrants this extensive post.

Apollohaan’s comment:

“Wonder how many girls raw dog the player they met at a bus stop but make their afc boyfriend wear a condom every time”.

To some, this innocuous observation may come off as sexist with a tinge of degradation.

For myself though, it was eye-opening and it made perfect sense.

The truth is, and I’ve observed this over the years, women won’t allow AFC’s to go raw during sex.

Who or what is an AFC?

An Average Frustrated Chump.

In other words; the Average Joe who goes about life in a bubble of illusion and misunderstandings as to what dating and women are like.

Thus, the AFC, who’s also likely an Omega or Beta-Male, or possesses most Beta-Male qualities, is at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to dating and mating.

If he happens to get lucky (which is often the way he gets laid), his chances of procreation via insemination, is as good as a donkey walking on 2 legs.

Albeit, Betas do have kids! However, 95% of those cases I can bet, were unwanted, unexpected and caught the girl by surprise.

No woman knowingly breeds for a Beta-Male or a man who is weak emotionally, psychologically and physically (though perceived-physical weakness isn’t a deal-breaker).

Natural Insemination [penis in vagina] by a Beta usually occurs by accident, sheer chance or negligence on the girl’s part [perhaps she was blacked-out drunk or high].

However, if women were lucky enough to have their way in every facet of life (which they virtually do due to pussy power): every Beta-Male would surely be weeded out of existence…which is pretty much the case.

Now, Beta-Males do have girlfriends, wives and significant others.

They actually dominate the dating-sphere by sheer numbers alone!

How and why is this?

There are actually more Beta-Males, Omega-Males and AFC’s in existence than Alphas, players and guys who possess more dominant and attractive qualities to women.

The world is overpopulated by weak men [Omegas and Betas]!

Dominant men [Alphas] are actually a vast-minority breed.

With this being the reality on the ground- coupled with the fact that women are repulsed by weak men- there is only a tiny portion of men on the globe who get laid semi-regularly.

Whenever I say this, guys always tend to want to call me out on it as being bullshit drivel just to support my hypothesis…until I lay out a very interesting question for them to ponder:

“How many guys living in your immediate surroundings are ladies’ men who are regularly seen or known to be with multiple women on a fairly regular basis”?

The answer is always a dismal: 1 to 3!

Thus, for every guy living in a tight-knit neighborhood of about 200 men [a random figure just for argument sake], it is fair to say that only 4 to 7 of those 200 men, can actually walk the streets and meet a woman whom he can bed within a week’s time.

I really don’t need to cite imperical datum from any other source to back up this claim.

As a brainiac, I customarily take stock of the dynamics of my area, whether I’m out, at a house-party, lounge in the neighborhood, or local cafe.

I make a mental note of what’s taking place, who’s doing what, possible threats (competition), who has game/pickup skills, who are the posers, Betas, Alphas, etc.

My brain is constantly taking an inventory of everything and everyone around me.

On a street by street level in my neighborhood, I only know of 1 other guy besides myself, who do good with women and enjoy a fruitful lifestyle when it comes to women, dating and shagging down.

Just 1!


Every other available and single guy is virtually playing the scratch, sniff and get lucky game, forced to become content with his miserable lonely life as he has no outlet or means in which to better his situation (so he thinks).

Furthermore, I am notorious in my immediate area as a man-whore seductionist who has probably fucked every legally available half-way hot to smoking hot girl around…not that I have- but most think so. 😉

Definitely not bragging, but I am the only guy in my area whom every guy warns his girlfriend or wife to stay away from [though I don’t willfully seduce women in my immediate town].

Read: Angry boyfriend confronts Kenny over rumors about sleeping with his girlfriend. 😯

I’ve worked diligently to gain this Alpha reputation over the years. And the worst my reputation gets (as a man-whore); the more women I manage to attract and sleep with [go figure].

However, I’m just 1 guy.

Hopefully you get the point?

Keeping with that point, and just to throw some random-observational statistics out there: For every 10 guy you come across in a local bar: only 1 will have had the stuff, ability and know-how, to take girls home that same night…and that is still a tossup between Zero and One.

The remaining 9 would’ve been posers and AFC Betas pretending to be good with women.

Hence, the Alpha-Male or the ladies’ man, is a rare breed nowadays (though he always was).

Ok, I know I’ve gone off on a tangent here, but I’ll get back to the issue at hand…though I’ll go off again.

Girls don’t want to be impregnated by AFC Betas!

Doing so will have been an injustice to her progeny as she risks bearing inferior children who may not be equipped with the stuff necessary to survive in such a harsh-cold world.

Now- this shit gets deep!

I hate boring you guys with the human-evolutionary stuff, but it’s well warranted here for further edification.

The core function and purpose of every human being on the planet is to reproduce and procreate – in other words- have fucking babies!

That’s it!

Everything else apart from that primal function, is just time wasted [and we’re wasting major frikkin’ time].

We are here to make babies!

If you subscribe to either of the 3 mainstream religion [Islam, Christianity and Judaism], then you would’ve already known that this tenant was 1 of the 1st commandments given to mankind (woman included): Be fruitful and multiply…replenish the Earth!

In fact, sex should not be for pleasure (according to the 3 dominant religions) but for procreation only!

In theory: religious people should not even wear condoms and use contraceptives, as that simple act of so-called protective measures, is indicative of his or her intention to copulate for pleasure rather than procreation.

Also in theory: a woman who has an abundant amount of kids, is observing the laws of her higher power more so than the guy or gal who only has 1-3 kids in his or her lifespan.

Now, I’m not saying we should all go baby-crazy and have an army of kids just for the fuck of it [though this is still practiced in the Middle East and Africa but for rational purposes]!

However, you get the point…right?

Be as it may, every woman would like to bear children at some point in her life.

Even when dealing with a nutty Feminist or backwards-ass Lesbo who’s against procreation: she is still the exception and has likely been brainwashed by modernism and Westernization, and is a product of the “I’m a professional and independent woman” dogma…or ‘dog-shit’ I’d prefer to label it.

Nevertheless, on a whole; women want offspring!

With this heavily ingrained within every girl’s virtual hardware, even before attaining puberty, she will seek to procreate by any means…even if it means defrauding and beguiling a hapless guy into cumming inside of her vagina! 😯

I honestly believe that a great number of pregnancies come about through trickery and subtle deception on the part of the woman.

In fact; I would go out on a limb to say that over 60% of pregnancies outside of wedlock, fit this bill, whereas the girl beguiled the guy.

Having children (outside of wedlock) is hardly ever mutual.

It’s either 1 party pushing for and scheming towards that hidden agenda.

You have situations where the girl lies about being on the pill (birth-control), therefore lulling the guy into a false sense of security to then ejaculate inside of her…which is what she instinctively and consciously wants anyway. 😈

Pregnancy comes as a result, the guy feels duped and doesn’t want any part of it as he didn’t want any kid(s) at that time. The baby’s here, the delinquent dad gets dragged to court for negligence to pay child support as he feels as though he was tricked into this untimely ordeal in the 1st place (which he was in essence)…

A very common theme today, huh?

Sure is!

You also have cases where the girl, as an attempt to keep the guy [an Alpha] to herself, would encourage unprotected sex and perhaps lie about being on contraception (a pill or shot), with (unwanted) pregnancy being the result of the girl’s deceptive tactics.

This sort of shit isn’t uncommon!

It is pretty much the norm, especially in situations of pregnancies outside of wedlock.

The girl wants kid(s), the guy doesn’t, or at least, isn’t all gung-ho about it, so girl feels a need to swindle guy in some way or another, into cumming inside of her.

Now, there are bound to be some [women] who say, “Well Kenny- he shouldn’t have ejaculated inside of her regardless! So he has to take responsibility ultimately”!

Sure! I understand this sentiment!

Nevertheless, the point I’m getting at here is a simple and obvious 1- and that is – girls want kids! And when they want them; they ensure that they get them by any means!

However- and this is the caveat here that might strike you as contradictive- she will NOT wantonly go about this [attainment of pregnancy] with any old Joe Blow.

She will try her darndest to entrap an Alpha-Male [whomever she deems an Alpha] to impregnate her.

Operative verb: to “Entrap”!

As much as she’s instinctively adherent to her biological and evolutionary calling [to bear children]: she will be mighty mindful of who she allows to bang her raw and to subsequently cum inside of her.

She will also be mighty careful and selective of whom she allows to fuck her to begin with!

She will chase after the dominant males (Alphas), even if they already have women in their lives [which is always the case], in hope to attain pregnancy…her greatest achievement in life (understandingly so since this act brings forth children).

Hence, and moreover, she isn’t fucking chasing after LOOKS!!!!!

This totally squashes the myth that women go after looks [something I’ve been preaching against for years]!


On the surface they might!

A girl might even believe to herself that it is the guy’s looks which attract her.

On the core level; looks don’t, neither are they the cause of that magnetic pull she feels towards a certain guy!

Looks don’t matter to women on an intricate and subconscious level, neither do they matter to their proverbial-biological clock!

Her DNA, her sub-conscience mind, her biological makeup and her evolutionary coding, do NOT and CANNOT process LOOKS in a man…unless her genes have physical eyes in which to see! 😉 😯

Hence, they cannot!!!

Therefore, whenever a girl breeds for a man, the guy’s facial features or his GQ looks, weren’t even a factor in that determination (though she may think they were).

She only thinks they were!

What spurred her on was actually the guy’s perceived Alphaness and dominance which she had mistaken for his good LOOKS…or pinned on his good looks.

Hence, girls often only claim to want a nice guy who pampers them to death. But when they do get this nice-pampering guy; they end up cheating on him with some badboy prick who doesn’t respect them in the least

After all, women don’t know what the hell they want since their emotions overpower logics.

Thus, LOOKS have nothing to do with what women go after in a man.

Looks as in a guy’s facial makeup and physique, account for less than 10% of what attract women overall [this is my estimation from looking at numerous factors over the years].

If you’re a weakling Omega or Beta-Male but possess the face of a Brad Pitt and the body of an Adonis; you will not get laid REGARDLESS of those physical affectations!

Your inner Beta will almost always cause the girl to reconsider, since women go after what they cannot see (inner confidence, etc.), while men are visually stimulated to a fault [tits, ass, lips, hips, legs, etc].

Looks may serve as an initial attraction since the first thing we see in others is the physical. But once the girl finds out that you are NOT a dominant and sex-worthy man; no matter how much good looks you’d inherited, she will NEXT you in a fucking heartbeat.

Hence, looks don’t matter [good looks don’t I should say]! But only to insecure guys who want to blame their lack of good looks for their failure to get laid.

What a girl takes into consideration as to the guy she copulates with [on a subconscious level], are the following:

   *Is he strong (psychologically)?

   *Does he have other women in his life [if yes- a plus]?

   *Will I have to fight for him [his attention]?

   *Is he dominant and able to dominate me physically and psychologically?

   *Will he bear strong and healthy kids [none of which has anything to do with looks]?

   *Does he have other kids…and how are they? Are they weak or strong?

Those are just some of the internal inquiries which the woman’s procreative mechanism ponders (subconsciously).

If she deems that you are a member of this class (the Alphas) – she will allow you to fuck her raw- without protection.

If she only perceives that you’re a weakling and that there’s no chance of you ever betraying her (i.e. cheating); she will not allow you to sleep with her, let alone shag her raw or cum inside of her.

Counter-intuitive, right?

Quick note: Do you realize that Hollywood is largely responsible for cramming the “Looks matter” bullshit down our throats?

Prior to the movie industry going big, a guy possessing or lacking good looks was never a thought at all in a woman’s mind in whether she would date him, have his kids and so forth.

In the Victorian era of Britain, the ugliest of men were the “ONLY” ones getting laid (likewise in other societies). So women weren’t fixated on looks in a man, prior to motion picture and Hollywood. Nowadays, women only pretend to be fixated on looks and outer appearance because they know no better.

Ok, lemme get back on track here!

Anytime a woman allows you to fuck her raw [and I stress “Allow” since she always knows if you have on a condom or not], she is open to the possibility of bearing your children [if you possess Alpha qualities].

She isn’t just “Open” to pregnancy, but she’s “Hoping” that you would cum inside of her.

On the contrary, if a woman doesn’t allow you to fuck her raw, this quite frankly says that you aren’t man enough in her eyes (and likely in the eyes of other women) and you’re either an Omega-Male, Beta-Male, someone deemed too low on the evolutionary chain for she to even consider breeding for you.

It isn’t particularly the guy’s actions or declarations that will determine whether he’s a Beta or Alpha.

It is how women treat him and react/act towards him.

Once again: if a girl adamantly and truly objects to you fucking her raw, then it’s indicative of the lack of manliness she perceives within you.

In harsh terms; you are likely an Omega or Beta.

Now, the thing is, as I wrote in my previous article on the subject, all women will ‘Initially’ object to unprotected sex, no matter how slutty they are or prone to shagging raw.

Irregardless of how many guys she’d slept with without protection prior to you: she will object on the surface to unprotected sex via token resistance/objection.

However, if you’re unable to overrule her token objection(s) [that’s if you’re even trying to], or if she gives you real resistance, then it means you’re likely a weakling Beta-Male in her eyes, whom she will never allow to desecrate her social status by breeding for you.

At the heart of it all as I eluded to earlier, is self-preservation or preservation of her kind, line (lineage) and offspring.

She wants the most dominant (psychologically) father for her kids, opposed to a jelly-back poser who will not be able to ensure the protection and survival of her offspring.

The way we think today in the 21st Century, isn’t nearly as up to date with the times as we’d love to believe.

How we think today is still the same way we thought 250,000 years ago [and earlier] when the appearance of the 1st homo-sapien (modern man) was noted by today’s archaeological communities.

What Homo-Sapiens were believed to have looked like 200,000 years ago

What Homo-Sapiens were believed to have looked like 200,000 years ago

Our brains haven’t changed!

Our ways haven’t changed!

Our need and drive to survive is still the same!

Every habit, thought pattern, action and mindset has been passed down (or up) through the evolutionary chain from over 250,000 years ago.

This is why it’s so difficult to convince people to adhere to so-called protection measures through condoms and contraception, when protection during sex is not a natural part of copulation for the human being, being that his or her primal job is to procreate and not to stop procreation (hence condoms and other forms of contraceptives, just aren’t popular with animals and primates/humans).

Everything from how we have sex, why we have sex, why we fight, why we fear, why we flee (out of fear), who we mate with, why we don’t mate with certain types, etc, has been passed down.

Selectivity and discrimination in mating patterns and habits aren’t new.

You think it’s only today since the advent of pop-culture that women have been chasing after bad boys?

Furthermore, you think it’s just over the last 20 years or so that women have been sleeping with men who knowingly have other women in their lives?

You may think so! But this has always been the case since time immemorial [over hundreds of thousands of years of human existence].

Hence, there’s nothing new under the sun.

We’re all living in a recyclable and cyclical world.

Our thoughts are still the same as yesterday, however refined due to changes in society.

Therefore, a sexy Homo-Erectus cave-woman living 500,000 years ago, would’ve lined up to get fucked and impregnated by the top-dog Alpha of her tribe.

Not for pleasure sake! But to ensure that she doesn’t get weeded out of existence by having no offspring whatsoever to ensure the survival of her lineage.

This is no different than today and how the average Jane operates!

The 21st. Century girl can be granted the luxury [and she does] of having 10 available and single Omega-Males [weak men] at her disposal with whom to copulate with, sleep with and procreate with.

She will still deny every one of those Omegas the chance, while chasing after the Alpha whose plate is already full and overflowing with other women in his harem.

The modern Homo-Sapien Jane will still get in line to be fucked by this perceived-dominant guy…just as her ancient fore-mothers did!

Same shit; different day (or age)!

She will flock to the player who has a woman in every zip code [knowingly so], while giving the mean-cold shoulder to the available Beta and Omega, largely because he doesn’t have other women in his life [which robs her of the competition value], hence he’s regarded as “weak”, impotent and unworthy.

If she does happen to date a Beta-Male, which will often occur because there are way more Betas than Alphas in the world, she won’t allow him to sleep with her without protection…unless (in a rare case) she has full trust that he will never attempt to impregnate her.

If she does allow it [unprotected sex], she will fool him into believing that she isn’t on contraceptives.

Hence, while he [the Beta] cums inside of her time after time to no avail [in hopes to bear fruit], little does he know, she is secretly on the pill or injection to prevent breeding for a perceived-weak male [her Beta boyfriend].

I have an otherwise embarrassing back story which supports this theory of mines.

Many years ago, about a year after I discovered the pick-up community, as an RAFC and a Beta-Male, I managed to luck up and got me a girlfriend- which as I think about it now- I was hooked up through mutual friends (my buddy and his girlfriend at the time).

For some crazy-weird reason, I felt as though I was ready to be a father! 😯

Matter of fact, my girlfriend was so out of my league (so I thought), I felt that I had to knock her up just to keep her off the dating market from other men.

This crazy rationalization of mines was definitely kept to myself.

After some weeks of having unprotected sex (unknown to her…I think), I opened up and let her know how much I wanted to be a father at that point in my life, and I wished to have her as the mother.

In retrospect as my conscience speaks, “how fucking Beta and stupid can you get Kenny”!!! 😆

“You didn’t even know this chick but for 3 months”!

Be as it may, just to appease my fragile heart [I now surmise], she got on board with the idea of pregnancy [she was just 19 years old], so I was super-psyched at the agreed venture…not to mention I was allowed to go raw with impunity.

For about 3 months straight- twice a day- I filled her vagina with my semen…to no avail.

I went so far as to study a woman’s ovulation period and at which times she’s most fertile and susceptible to having her eggs fertilized by my spermie.

I took this shit to the level of a science project [getting her pregnant].

Yet, another month of cumming in her pussy without a positive breakthrough.


“What is happening here”!

“I followed the ovulation chart correctly”!

“She should have been ovulating over the past 3 days”!

“Am I impotent”!?

“WTF man!”

As if I hadn’t yet gone far enough, I consulted a doctor to find out if I was impotent and why the fuck I was shooting all these goddamn blanks for 4 months straight!

An appointment was set for the following week.

Remind you; this was all to the knowledge of my girlfriend at that time.

She was fully on board with every!

She encouraged me to get the checkup!

She wanted this pregnancy too!!!

Before the checkup was to happen, we had a falling out [she cheated on me] which subsequently led to a breakup.

She and her girlfriend moved out of the house which my buddy and I leased for the 4 of us to stay.

While cleaning the room days later, I stumbled upon a pack of pills under the mattress.

Not thinking much of it, I threw the pills into the garbage.

When my buddy got home from work, he threw something in the garbage and seen the pack of pills lying on top.

“Who’s taking contraceptives”?

He said to me jokingly while I tidied up my room.

Me: “Contraceptives? How you know that’s what they are”?

Buddy: “My girl was on it but hers ran out weeks ago. That’s how I know how they look. I brought some for her months ago”.

I said to myself, “That fucking slimy bitch was KNOWINLGLY on the pill all along”! 😡 😡

I felt betrayed as a muthafucka!!!

I wanted to kill her!

All the while trying to get her pregnant with her consent nevertheless, the evil bitch was secretly on birth control!!!

Even in the face of knowing that I contacted a doctor and made an appointment for a checkup which would’ve cost me hundreds…she was secretly on the pill!!!

Ain’t that a bitch!!!

From that point on, I went through a rough phase where I hated women with a passion and didn’t trust anything any woman would say to me.

After a few months of brooding and heavy stress- I resumed pickup full time!

All the notes on game which I collected and compiled (by pen and pad) from reading the following sites which were instrumental to who I am today: Seduction Tuition, Sarge Nation (recently defunct), Become a Player and So, I began to re-read the copied manuscripts of routines from those sites, especially the inner-game stuff which I was desperately in need of.

As my Inner-Game grew solid over the subsequent months and I began to gradually shed some prior Beta-Male traits, my ex happened to contact me out of the blue.

I later received verbal confirmation from her lips, that she tricked me by secretly using contraception while I tried to get her pregnant.

What a goddamn closure eh?

Ok, so you’re probably asking, “In which way does this narration relate to the main point of the article”?

Very much, yet pretty simple: She didn’t want to bear a Beta-Male’s child!

I was a fucking Beta-Male in all sense of the word!

No way in the world was she going to cause shame upon herself by having my child!

Instead of crumbling my fragile heart like a piece of stale bread, she chose to lie and mislead me.

It isn’t because she was some evil-maniacal slut who was prone to deception!

She was only adhering to her fucking biological calling…which’s to breed for an Alpha!

Welcome to the world of women and dating [at times, it gets cold as ice]!

Now, had I been a fucking dominant jerk-off who presented her with challenge and pain through dealings with other women, I can put my head on a chopping-block to say that she would NOT have beguiled me in the least in relation to bearing my kids!

In fact, had I been an Alpha in her eyes, she would’ve been the one suggesting pregnancy and singing the “we belong together forever” tune [instead, I was singing that tune].

Since shedding a lot of those previous Beta and Omega ways many years ago, I routinely come across women who I would hook up with, who hint at the thought of having my babies. 😉

I may shag them raw but I won’t cum inside of them for nothing…on birth control or not!

I do have 2 kids [5 and 3 year old]. And for me; they are more than a handful…plus a headache.

On a related note, what accounts for women who do have kids for Omegas and Betas?

“Perception” and “Deception”!

That’s all.

Perhaps when she met the Beta, he wore an Alpha’s mask.

This isn’t uncommon at all.

Lots of Betas regularly masquerade as Alphas.

Shit- when I was a Beta, by the looks of it, you would’ve thought that I was a pussy-slaying muthafucker with more confidence than the James Bond character!

Thus, most of us cloak our so-called weaknesses and shortcomings beneath a facade of cool, confidence and dominance.

Therefore, whenever that girl meets the wannabe-Alpha poser, she honestly believes that she’d met a dominant-genuine Alpha who’s non-needy and has other women in his life.

However, she was duped by the counterfeit Alpha!

What she bought instead was an Omega or Beta parading around as an Alpha-Male.

She may wind up sleeping with this fraud and subsequently breeding for him [unknowing to her that he’s a fraud], to later find out that he was just a poser all along.

His true ways begin to rear their nasty heads:

   *His Clinginess





His proverbial mask has peeled away.

The girl is too far in her pregnancy to terminate the fetus, so she’s left to bear and bring forth a child (or children) for a worthless Beta-Male.

She then grows to despise him more [the kid’s father] during the post-natal stages.

Though she hates his guts for causing her so much public shame, she strings him along with a vague idea of what is supposed to be a relationship…solely to have someone to take care of her monetary needs [though a weakling Beta] while she liberally screws other guys behind his back…not giving a rat’s ass whether he finds out or not.

She’s essentially punishing him [the Beta father] for ruining her life, reputation and perceived-social status.

If you’re the Omega or Beta-Male in such a situation: then you’ve lucked up in a twisted sorta way!

You’ve succeeded in doing what most men of your caliber could and will not be able to do: procreate and have someone to carrying on his name and legacy (largely if the progeny is a male).

The great irony and silver-lining is this:

If you’re alive today, then you’ve beaten the odds. And your father had also beaten the odds…and his father did, his father too, your great, great, great, great grand father, etc, etc, etc.

The fact that you’re alive today, means that your biological father must have done something right in that there’s a 90% likelihood that he was an Alpha-Male…even if his son [you] were a Beta.

Unfortunately, if you are a Beta or less on the man-chain, your options in women become slimmer.

Your only hope at getting laid at all is either:

   A.) Luck

   B.) Prostitutes

   C.) Relatives

*Luck simply occurs in situations where an extremely drunk chick happens to fall into your bed by some miraculous intervention and you manage to fuck her.

*Prostitution and what it entails is an obvious outlet.

*Relatives come in in situations such as match-making. It often happens where a Beta begs his sister to hook him up with a fat girl from her social circle. It’s also common that a plane Jane female friend of the family gets hooked up with a hapless Beta.

Those are usually, and I would say 9 in 10 times, the only chance an Omega or Beta has in getting his pecker inside of some poontang.

Ok, lastly- what are some traits of the Beta-Male in contrast to the Alpha?

Firstly, an Alpha-Male doesn’t necessarily has to be a player.

Moreover, being a player isn’t the only quality of an Alpha.

Also, whenever I mention “Dominance” or “Dominant” as a trait of the Alpha, this shouldn’t be mistaken for musculature or someone who’s muscle-bound or jacked.

Being jacked has jack shit to do with being an Alpha-Male.

Be as it may, a Beta Male is typically:

   *Sentimental about dating matters





   *Inclined to follow

   *Inclined to agree with women

An Alpha, as you would’ve expected, has the antithesis traits to the Beta, hence he:

   *Doesn’t open up much with the sentimentalities of dating

   *Promiscuous (and often so)

   *Takes risks

   *Inclined to disagree with women and defy the status quo of what women expect and want from a man

I reiterate: Being an Alpha or Beta has nothing whatsoever to do with looks.

One isn’t able to accurately discern a Beta from an Alpha solely from the facial features or outward appearance nor a geeky exterior in contrast to someone who looks cool.

Therefore- once again- looks don’t mean shit.

Contrary to popular belief, Alphas are typically gritty-looking, unkempt, rough around the edges, wear facial hair, have body odor and usually do dirty jobs and manual-labor stuff [think: auto-mechanics, firefighters, plumbers, handymen, construction workers, cleaners, etc].

This is a far cry from the mainstream’s (i.e. Hollywood’s) version of an Alpha, who’s typically depicted as someone well-groomed (no facial hair whatsoever), a professional (does no manual labor whatsoever) and almost always clean in every sense of the word, odor-free, dresses the part and well-mannered.

He’s pretty much metro-sexual in appearance.

That is NOT a true Alpha!

Look around you at the guys who are banging pussy and the ones who hot women chase!

Are they well dressed?

Are they fashionable?

Are they clean-shaven?

Are they professionals or entrepreneurs?







The modern-day Alpha-Male cannot even keep a part-time job let alone run his own business enterprise.

He smokes, drinks and often smells as though he hadn’t showered in weeks…he’s also wearing the same shirt and garment he’s been seen in for 3 consecutive weeks…almost. 🙂

He does nothing constructive with his time whatsoever besides the odd job here and there to support his bad habits (smoke & drink)…whatever those may be.

He’s usually dirt-fucking poor and barely surviving.

That guy is the closest thing to a modern-day Alpha-Male.

Doesn’t sound appealing at all, huh?

Ironically, it is this same guy who gets the most poon in town!

It is this guy who has scores of women willing to kill and die just to have the luxury to claim him as their own.

Not to mention there’s a real likelihood that he’s fathered dozens of bastard kids around the place…none of whom he’s ever laid eyes upon.

He knows nothing about fidelity, monogamy and being a faithful boyfriend…yet this Alpha is the hottest fucking ticket in town!

Most women will outright deny as a reality, everything said within this article.

Yet, run a back-check on their history, and I can guarantee you that every girl, at 1 or numerous points in her life, will have been involved with such a guy (Alpha) who had fucked her over like a rag doll, yet she was still obsessively in love with him to the point of madness!

He wasn’t Hollywood’s version of handsome neither.

He didn’t sport a 6-pack, neither did he drive a fancy car [often raggedy] nor did he have a steady job if any job at all.

Now, the beauty here is that to become an Alpha whom women fantasize about, one doesn’t have to go that route or to that extent or drastic-lifestyle changes…or at least officially.

“Perception” is all you need…and the attitude to match!

An Alpha-Male is more so in attitude, outlook, actions and behavior than lifestyle.

Hence, you don’t have to light up a pack of Benson cigarettes or get stoned like Cheech & Chong [drastic-lifestyle alterations] in order to become an Alpha.

Merely giving the impression that you’re rebellious, unorthodox, unconventional and untamed, will normally suffice.

“Smoking” for instance, perfectly fits in this bracket since it is deemed a rebellious and risky venture [women are attracted to risk-takers].

The “I don’t give a shit about social norms”, is an attitude of the Alpha-Male.

This sort of mindset and outlook on life put a woman’s pussy in a frenzy.

On the contrary, someone who does everything by the book, usually turns women off tremendously.

In conclusion, when it is all said and done, the greatest difference between an Alpha and Beta, isn’t so much their behavior themselves, but how women treat guys who fall into each respective category.

If you’re an Alpha, and even if you aren’t, but women merely perceive you to be, you will be allotted freedoms which the Beta-Male will never get a chance to be exposed to…such as:

   *Condom-free sex

   *Cumming inside pussy

   *Having kids



   *Unlimited amounts of forgiveness and pardons, etc.

Being an Omega or Beta-Male, such freedoms will NOT be granted to you!

Try raw-sexing a girl and you’re liable to get a false-rape charge slapped under your Beta ass!

Menage tois will remain a figment of a Beta’s masturbation.

If you’re desirous of sexual freedom with women: I implore you to become an Alpha-Male by adopting some of his characteristics [mindset, and not necessarily lifestyle]!

Remaining a Beta only has 1 likely and ultimate outcome: that is to die miserable and lonely…and childless!

If you don’t ever want kids- then fine! But the point is crystal clear on the upsides of being an Alpha and the downsides of remaining an Omega or Beta.

There are tons of stories and case studies done by so-called marriage experts (counselors), which show that scores of wives would routinely cheat on their Beta spouses just to get impregnated by an Alpha lover while leaving the Beta husband to raise the Alpha’s child.

This is fucking common in society!

I personally know of over 20 cases where a girl would cheat on her boyfriend [a Beta], become pregnant by the guy on the side [an Alpha], then runs back to the boyfriend (a Beta) to then have the Beta boyfriend raise the child of the biological father [the Alpha].

This once again goes to show that a woman, even if she has to, will cheat, lie and deceive in order to breed for a dominant Alpha, while using the Beta(s) as a provider whom she would never allow to breed her if she can help it.

To shock you even more, this is also 1 of the hidden reasons a girl would cheat on her Beta-Male (non-dominant) boyfriend: in search of that elusive-dominant Alpha for whom she may breed.

The girl may not even be cognizant that this is what’s driving her desire to play the field and cheat…though she already has someone in her life [albeit a Beta-Male]!

Generally, I don’t refer my audience to non-seduction sources, but I implore you to read “Sperm Wars”, a book written by evolutionary biologist, Robin Baker.

It gives you a more in depth understanding of everything cited here.

However, I caution you! You may never trust your wife or girlfriend again after reading that book…that is if you’re an Omega or Beta-Male…which you probably are.

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23 thoughts on “Girls Don’t Want To Be Impregnated By Beta-Males + More On Why Girls Have Sex Without Protection

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  1. It makes sense that a lot of Alphas don’t have jobs because a lot of people are ass-kissers at work, which is totally non-alpha. At one job I was at, I was upset with the new managers. They were doing some shady things, and they tried to have a booth decorating contest to divert from that. I said that it was stupid.

    I also told one of them that someone should do something about their job because of some other things that they were doing that weren’t right. I was suspended and fired, but I didn’t care because the work environment was getting poisonous.


  2. This is so retarded. How old are you idiot? Ok look, i’m a huge fan of rpg games such as skyrim. I hate night club so much. I’m monogamous, faithful, nice with my girlfriend. I’m confident and very attractive to others girls. I had plenty of opportunities and i stay faithful. The world is not divised with 3 kind of species: alpha male, beta male and omega male. Look like a documentary of discovery channel: ” When the primitive female without brain spot an alpha male, the female do a seduction call to attract the superior male. After she pee on her alpha male and leave with the powerful dominant alpha male”. Girls who think like that are just incredebly stupid losers with low self esteem. Before my girlfriend, i slept with a whore who was in relationship with a so called badboy. He was a little bit taller than me, tatoos on his arms, badboy beard and shitty attitude. So i fuck her bitch.


    1. Dude, no girl consciously thinks that way. It is ass subconscious. Are you really arguing against the more-than-obvious seduction tactics that women are attracted to men who display signs of dominance? You’re lost.


  3. Real Alpha men run companies, are sports atheletes, or are a leader of some particular field, and have everyone else kissing their ass because they have the wealth and power to do what the fuck they want, including taking away your job! They score quality ass, as in super models and actresses which I highly doubt the so called alphas of the blue collar level are capable of scoring. Alpha status is teared out, you have low level alphas who may score hot asses but the true alphas are the fuckers who run the world, drink champaign while jetting off to an exotic island and having 3 somes with models.


    1. Oh really? Is that your version of a true Alpha? Now, ask yourself this. If such a guy who had those things didn’t actually have them, would he still be an Alpha? Of course not. If material gains make one an Alpha, then the material is the Alpha and not the guy. So your version of an Alpha is actually a poser. An Alpha Male is one who can still attract women and live an abundant life while being dirt poor. I’m not against wealth building and so on. But those athletes and entrepreneurs are all getting their wealth eaten out by gold-diggers and those same super models who they think are actually into them. So it’s still paying for play like fucking prostitutes. If one has to rely on wealth and his portfolio to get laid; then that is tantamount to paying for hookers since that’s all those guys have to offer women. An Alpha who dominates shit; that is a true Alpha. But not someone who relies on money to attract women.


  4. I think your abit off with the part about how looks dont attract women. Being alpha is not just a mind set/way of life. You simply can not be an alpha with out being a perfect specimen.(or better than the other specimens kicking about) If you want to talk about primal mating, i.e. Breeding, then looks do play a part, why do you think women want their man to be tall, broad shouldered etc. Hence why dressing well will only compliment what you physically have if you get what I mean.
    I agree with you that its not all down to looks, but a women will have more time for a good looking man than some fat ug-o to put it scientifically.
    I also think your right about the wealth thing social kenny,,


    1. Just because one is tall and broad shouldered, that doesn’t automatically make him an Alpha. Looks are important to some degree, but don’t overrate them.


      1. Good point Jbs’. And that’s where Alsmoo has it wrong because he’s still putting emphasis on the physical.
        Whether looks work to attract women or not, a girl is not going to sleep with you solely on your looks. She isn’t gonna pull her panties down mid-road just because you’re a hot guy.


        1. Totally right, I know many guys far better looking than me, but they are 100% still Beta males. Most often you can tell by the dynamic in their relationships with their girlfriend. If the girl wears the trousers, there’s no doubt he’s Beta, and deep within herself she’d prefer another man to breed her.


  5. I think there could be such a thing as beta woman. Can we assume all woman are the same thing and just only men. Maybe all these beta men are just shacking up and fucking beta women,there reproducing themselves only lol thats why there is so many.


  6. Beta woman I’d say are alot more easier to get, becuase its much easier to be “above them” which by heslow law of heirachy you need to becuase of hypergamy. If the chick ever think she is above you on the totem pole, then your out, your done. So it could be quite possible for a beta man to get a beta woman becuase the bar is very low, he is able to get over hers easily…


  7. think you’re an intellectual, or analytical or something?
    this is animal thinking
    subhuma, sexist, spiritually degraded


  8. An interesting article, you’ve got a lot right able Alpha males and particularly Beta and women and how they do everything to have an Alpha breed them.

    You only fell short on your narrow description of Alpha males. I’m a professional, I’m smart with a good job and an entrepreneur too, I work out regularly so am tall and muscular.

    Moreover there’s another side clearly outside your vision, which is becoming a bull. I breed large numbers of girls – 24 so far a total of 28 times and am trying with 8 more girls at present. Moreover I don’t pay a penny of child support because they know up front that is the deal.

    In many cases I’m impregnable a girl behind the back of her Beta boyfriend or husband too. So.. a good article but there are still real Alpha males out in the world siring large numbers of offspring too – there’s ways around the child support trap that scares an Alpha like you from fulfilling your true needs.

    Every day I feel blessed to have found this path and to have shaken off my own pathetic, Beta tendencies of my 20’s to become what I am today. Irony too: the more babies I make, the more other girls want me to impregnate them. You’re on the money too with that observation.


    1. I feel you David. Where you said I fall short, I didn’t quite see it that way. Sure every aspect of Alphadom cannot be touched on in 1 article. But I love your insights nevertheless. And it would be interesting to find out how one circumvents the child-support trap. Not that I want to do it. But just curious. Moreover, it all boils down to the frame one sets from the get-go: the unofficial deal.


  9. This was one of the most hilarious posts I’ve ever read. Some of the things you said are even true. The point is, a woman wants to breed with a real Alpha. You were a beta, still are. And it clearly shows. It’s not an offense, I’m just stating the obvious and whether you read this or not or reply to this, I’m 100% sure you know that too.

    You said one thing that is right, amongst many others: It’s not a conscious choice for the woman, but the “subconscious choice” comes from the genes not from changing your behavior to BECOME an alpha. Either you were born with the genes of an alpha or you were not.

    You did a good job in adapting your beta genes to “fool” average women into the trap, and as a result, you have kids.

    By the way, I’m clearly a woman, don’t want kids or let’s just say that having kids is not my priority in life (I’m almost 40 so I’m pretty much sure of what I’m talking about), i’m not a feminist, and I see things as they are (I must be an exception but I’m not saying I’m exceptional, whatever).

    I believe that not everything is black and white as you state in here but the main traits of human behavior between men and women are there.

    Still, my main point remains, the average woman is attracted by the alphas for reproductive purposes because they instinctively recognize good genes (the Alpha genes). So no matter how much a man tries, if he was born Beta, he will die Beta, and you are not an Alpha my friend. You are still a well-camouflaged Beta.

    That said, one more thing. Since I am an exception and I am not interested in breeding, I tend to be annoyed by a guy who has too many Alpha traits. I tend to enjoy myself a lot more sexually but in general, with a beta or Omega man.



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