Hurricane Gonzalo Hits Antigua and Barbuda [Sunday-Monday] + Photos Of Some Damages

I was awaken exactly 2:30 AM on Monday morning to the force of wind and heavy rain crashing against my door.

Through the seams of the door and beneath it, water was gushing through so profusely that my apartment was nearly flooded out had I not taken measures to quell the water.

I’m writing this post @ 10:04 AM [Monday] and the winds are tremendously strong as we’re currently in the eye of the storm.

The winds are as reported to be as strong as 67 MPH.

If this is fucking 67 MPH, I can’t imagine 100 [74 MPH is officially hurricane status]! 😯

The wind gusts though are almost 100 MPH.

Few trees I can see has been uprooted and huge limbs broken off and thrown into the roads.

Some wooden and galvanized structures in my neighbor’s yard have been completely toppled which I can see from my 2nd floor apartment windows.

As for the stuff I had out on my balcony, my towels have blown away, socks which I had hanging on a line, a book bag, etc.

Also, the electricity has been cut due to downed power-lines, so I’m unable to charge my cellphones- hence once the battery dies on this gadget- that might be it until the power has been restored after the storm’s passing.

As for the entire country/twin-island state, several houses have been completely blown away.

This storm literally caught everyone by surprise.

Usually, you’d have days of advanced warning and a trajectory pattern of where the hurricane would launch and so forth.

This fucker literally popped up out of the blue without advanced notice as it hit Antigua and Barbuda as its first landing point before hitting Puerto Rico which is right next door to us.

I would say we had like 12 hours advanced warning, which is extremely short compared to the normal days notice.

As for right now [5:02 PM] as I’m resuming this post, all 3 major cellphone networks are still down: Digicel, LIME & iMobile.

The winds are still pretty strong and I’ve been forced to remain home for the entire day as advisory warns everyone to stay indoor.

Tuesday afternoon and the electricity has just came on for the first time since Sunday night.

I’m pissed that the telephone networks were also down since Sunday night and I was forced to do nothing but read a book for the 1st time in years. ;

Anyway, after Hurricane Gonzalo passed last night, I ventured out to take a few photos in my area of some downed trees and stuff.

Impassable roadway

Impassable roadway

An outdoor bar and grill joint

An outdoor bar and grill joint

An uprooted-lime tree in my grandma's yard

An uprooted-lime tree in my grandma’s yard

Uprooted banana trees in my grandma's yard

Uprooted banana trees in my grandma’s yard

What's your view?

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