Pull Like A Boss

I love this video where Julien sees his student fucking up and being a bitch, so he comes in and totally steal away his student’s girl…and possibly could’ve taken her home.

A great lesson in how and why you should man up.

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  1. Last Saturday was out with a good friend of mine. He’s a typical dude unfortunately with the girls. So he chatted up this chick who happened to be a doctor. The rapport was excellent. For the next 30+ minutes he continued to talk about celebrities, how he wants to accomplish his masters degrees and that sort of thing. He was so intimidated because this chick was a doctor and hot. She was getting bored no doubt. l swoon in, grabbed her attention and sparks flew. She started to kino me non stop like a little girl. This went on for the next 30 minutes but we had to leave. She gave me her digits without my asking and asked me to meet up that night.

    My buddy was visibly shaken. He was butt hurt but I told him he wasn’t man enough with her. He can’t talk to me since then. Since I don’t own a car he sabotaged that meet up by not wanting to go there saying he’s sick. Either way fuck that. No one wants to be bombarded by talk of the stock market & personal accomplishments for that long.


    1. LOL great! He tried the classic routine that most guys do; which is to try to compete with the girl’s profession by qualifying himself. If a girl’s a doctor, last thing she wants to do on a nite out is to vibe with someone who’s aspiring to be in that field or someone who’s talking nonstop about academics.

      And as you said, no one wants to be bombarded by that sort of talk. It’s boring and meaningless. But I feel what you mean though. I don’t own a ride neither and I do get into these situations like you explained.


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