The Shit Men Do At The Oddest Times

Ok, so last night while @ the fast-food joint with the married chick, 1 of the weirdest things happened which is typical of men by the way.

While we were watching the comedy playing on the projection screen in the distance, some guys comes up to out table.

Well, he didn’t actually cold approach in the rawest sense. But he hovered around like a helicopter, paced back and forth, exited and re-entered the establishment, finger pointed with and to his friends and so on.

If I didn’t know better, I would surmise that this chap knew her husband somehow and our cover was blown. But I wasn’t even thinking anything of it.

After a while, the guy comes up to our table.

Guy: “Excuse me, are you A*******”?

Girl answers, “Yea”!

Guy laughs and smiles:

“Ok. We went to school together….”

After name dropping a few individuals like faculty and alumni, they both realized that they indeed were in the same class. Whether this is from high school or tertiary education level- I really couldn’t say.

They spent a good 5 minutes or so small talking about what they’ve been up to since, bla, bla, bla.

I was totally cool with the situation though.

Felt awkward as fuck! But I was cool.

After all, this isn’t my girlfriend. So there’s no reason in the world why I should’ve been upset or felt like I was being AMOG’d.

He asked her for her phone # and they exchanged away.

This looked like some other dude was picking up my date right in front of my eyes…which is sorta was…in a way. 🙂

Now he tries to tool me out. Or in heavy-pickup community parlance, he tried to lower my value via AMOG tactics.

When they were exchanging numbers, he busted on her about her phone being outdated.

She said that she needs an upgrade.

Well to be exact, he exact word was “Sponsor”; “Well eventually, someone may sponsor me a modern phone”.

This is when the guy points at me as I was able to spot it in the periphery while I was diddling in my phone.

Great AMOG tactics by the way [I must admit].

He left and our date resumed.

This sort of shit happens more often than you think.

Last night was just the latest round of the shit men do and the most inopportune time…for me at least.

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