Snack & A Movie Evening Date With Married Chick [PUA field report]

Ok, so Thursday noonday, I’d picked up a young-married chick as you read in my previous field-report post.

This girl was so psyched to hang out that I really couldn’t refuse to ditch the other date for her.

By no means was sex in the cards for me.

This was not a “I hope I get to sleep with her” kinda date.

It was strictly just a hangout for the sake of it.

One thing I’ve come to realize as of late is that as you advance in the world of pickup and meeting women, sex in and of itself will have lost some of its savor.

In other words, your horniness, eagerness and over excitement to potentially fuck a new pussy, will have been subdued.

I guess what I’m tryna say is that you become less desperate to shag down everything as you get deeper into this lifestyle.

After a while (many years), pussy-banging becomes a normalcy and routine. And subsequently, monotonous and boredom kicks in to where you don’t get that boyish excitement like you used to.

Hence, I had no intention to try to have sex with this girl…however sexy she is.

Anyway, so she rings my phone about minutes to 6 PM yesterday evening, wondering why I hadn’t called/texted her since.

I was actually busy at the moment taking care of some stuff for my girlfriend.

Around 7 PM, I picked her up [married chick] at the location cited and we made our way to the fast-food joint.

Nothing super special took place but just a chilled date while we watched a movie which was showing on a projection screen in the walk-through area of the establishment.

I tried to take some photos but she didn’t trust my intentions…as if I knew her husband and was going to send our photos into cyberspace or to him. 😈

As a result, I just got some crappy-ass photos in the process.

I actually didn’t eat anything so I ordered her a shawarma wrap and grabbed 2 sodas.

The date concluded after 9 some time.

I dropped her off to where she was staying, hugged and kiss on the cheek and called it a night.

Honestly, it was a great date!

It’s refreshing for a change to actually hang out with a cool chick and not try to fuck her brains out. 😉

What I really want to highlight in conclusion is the power of dating and quick dating.

You don’t actually have to spend a week or more trying to get to know a girl in order to hang out.

If you can get her out the next day; then do it!

8 thoughts on “Snack & A Movie Evening Date With Married Chick [PUA field report]

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  1. True stuff hey, I also had a date for the first time in life on Monday. And it was the coolest day I’ve ever had, now, she’s about come to my crib in a few moments. Now I can bang, because I wasn’t so eager to try and get her into bed ASAP.


      1. Bruh! Damn it I’m so let down all that work, all that cleaning, buying vodka for nothing. And nah, I can’t, I only work on Weekends and Thursdays, so I’d get into shit if I missed tomorrow.


        1. LOL I feel your pain. Shit happens. The funny thing is, it always works out that when you make all the preparations, nothing happen. But had you not do shit with preparations and leave your house dirty, the girl will all of a sudden come over. Life is funny.


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