RSD Jeffy Was Right: “You Are Hurting Guys By Answering Their Questions” + Less Tolerance For Bullshit Excuses

Been a while since I ranted!

Well- it’s been days actually, but a pressing issue has arisen again.

I haven’t played an active role on any PUA forum for the past 2 + years.

It was difficult to understand why I became jaded with the domain where men seek answers to their pressing issues.

What I come to find out as I did some introspection, was that my tolerance for bullshit such as AFC problems, had worn thin [AFC is a pickup term referring to the average Joe].

My tolerance and willingness to empathize has officially eroded.

I don’t find this occurrence to be a bad thing necessarily.

It’s just a component to evolving…or a side effect of it if you wanna say that.

Many of pick-up gurus and coaches have gone through this.

This might actually be the biggest and root cause as to why coaches quit the game and retire.

Too many fucking newbies and intermediate not progressing.

A dismal failure rate [1 in 10 pickup student will go on to have success]!

Stupid questions, etc.

Over time, this shit fucks with you.

It’s for this reason why I’d disbanded my paid phone-coaching program and other such coaching programs via skype.

It is too stressful to have to advise grown men on shit that they should already have in the bag.

For instance, there are scores of men out there trying to discover the magic pill to crawling out of the friendzone.

There is no fucking magic pill!

You wanna know what the magic pill is to getting out of the dreaded friendzone?

Get more bitches!!!

To be politically correct: get more girls!!!


That is the solution to getting out of the friendzone.

You shouldn’t even waste your time trying to strategize an out in the 1st place.

Just pick up 5 other girls and you won’t have the time nor the energy to care or even worry about the girl(s) who’d friendzoned you.


These lazy fuckers aren’t trying to hear that.

Hence, this sort of stubbornness to get on board really irks me to death. 😡

You have guys whose primary instinct is to question shit being taught to them.

If I advise a guy to take a girl’s hand and walk with her.

He’ll say, “But I don’t know her”.

“What if she pulls away”?

“What if she slaps me”?

“What if she has a boyfriend”!?

On and fucking on with the excuses!

There are always questions and rebuttals to every crucial point we coaches hammer home.

Back when I was learning pickup as a newbie student; we didn’t fucking have pickup videos!

Infield videos and pickup videos on Youtube- or any other place on the net- were nonexistent!

We had no real way in knowing how certain techniques were done and should be executed.

We had no proof that this or that really works besides some anonymous character such as Mystery, Captain Jack or Wayne Elise saying that it works…and those claims were made through e-books and newsletters.

All we had back then were online-pickup articles and .pdf e books.

No tangible or visual proof of anything as far as women, dating and sex were concerned.

Nowadays, you guys have everything at your disposal: thousands of videos, books, courses, programs, live bootcamps, etc. But you’re still slaving away at how to get back with Jenny, the chick who dumped you like a bad habit years ago.

Thus, getting back with Jenny becomes the story of your pathetic life when the advice you should’ve been given, taking and following, is to go meet other women and you’ll see how quickly Jenny fades away into the dustbin of your memory.

The thing that happens on PUA and dating forums way too often, is that guys are given the time of day in having their Beta-originated inquiries and queries entertained and answered.

Sure this’ 1 of the purposes of an online forum. But more men are being hurt than saved.

More men are being babied into fantastic approaches to their issues instead of given a dose of the true magic pill to all dating problems: Go Get More Girls!

Having girlfriend issues?

Go pick up 5 other girls.

If your GF truly loves you, she’ll beg and plead for you to stay.

If she dumps you because you’d decided to meet other women; then it wasn’t meant to be.

Have a friendzone issue where the crush of your life put you into the friends category because you were a passive bitch?

Go meet 10 other women!

If the girl values you as a sexual option (unlike before), she will beg for your friendship again in which you can easily re-frame towards a sexual relationship.

The same step and theory apply to matters as simple as phone numbers.

You get a girl’s phone number and she never answers when you do call.

You don’t spend 10 weeks busting your head trying to crack this code!

The simple solution would be to go out and get another phone number and try things differently next time around.

The end all be all solution and answer to your girl/girlfriend problems is simply to get more girls!

Unfortunately, most men do not want to fucking hear this!

They want to be pacified and comforted by some easy or elaborate strategy which requires no lifting of fingers.

On a related note: I have yet- and I mean YET- to receive an e-mail or Facebook message from an aspiring PUA or just an ordinary Joe, asking me how to approach random girls, or how to pick up girls in restaurants and so forth.

Look- I receive dozens of e-mails, Facebook messages, Twitter DM’s, comments on my Youtube channel and videos, messages to my Facebook page, etc.

When I say “dozens”, I’m speaking on a daily fucking basis!

On any give day, I easily get about 50 messages from guys with pickup, seduction, relationship and dating questions and queries throughout the various media cited above.

This has become so bothersome at times, that my girlfriend and I have had quarrels over my phone going off at 2 AM or some other random hour, giving her the impression that it’s some girl texting me for a late-night booty call when she and I are supposed to be spending time.

I would constantly have to diffuse this by showing her proof that it was an e-mail or Facebook message from a guy and not a girl for that matter.

Routinely at 4 AM, I’m being woken up because my cellphone is going haywire with alerts. And it’s always some fucking butt-hurt guy with an asinine question about how to win his ex-girlfriend back.

Nowadays, I just completely ignore such messages after skimming the preview header.

When you put it all together, on a weekly basis, I’m getting well over 100 messages on various outlets. And not 1 of those questions pertains to cold-approach pickup, meeting strangers, street game, instant dates, how to kiss a girl and when to, etc.

A hundred percent of the communiques I receive are on the subject of some pussified matter such as, “How to impress a girl”, friendzone shit, getting ex back, how to keep my girlfriend, etc.

The point I’m getting at is a simple 1: men refuse to change.

They prefer to wallow in filth and pain and be placated by kind and sophisticated words opposed to fire under their butt cheeks to spur them into action.

This is why I avoid browsing PUA forums like the plague because they aren’t like they used to be.

Before the VH1 Pick-Up Artist show, the PUA forums and communities were stacked with doers, shakers, movers and men of goddamn action.

The questions we had back then for the guys who were more experienced were stuff like:

“When should I go in for the kiss”?

“How many women should I approach per hour”?

“What is a good KINO technique which will enable me to touch the girl the right way”?

We had real MANLY questions which led to growth in the field…none of which were based on any 1 particular girl whom we were dying to get with.

Today, men have become giant pussies in the wake of internet-dating, shit like Tinder, Facebook and social-media sites.

Men [at least in Pickup] no longer feel the need to get off the couch to meet real flesh and blood women through cold approaching strangers.

Instead, “we can online date or pine away after the chick in class or the girl next door”!

Having tolerance for this sorta shit is intolerable!

Furthermore, look at the top 10 all-time viewed articles on my website.

Seven of the ten are based on text-game (texting) and online dating (texting again) in some way or another.

That is telling!

Goes to re-confirm what I’ve been preaching for a while now: men are content with trying to cyber-space their way into a girl’s heart and vagina when he can do it as easily in person.

However, that’s like telling a guy who gets room service at a 5 star hotel, that he can get the same quality meals by hunting for a restaurant down the bloc.

The only difference is, online dating doesn’t quite work like room service in that the girl isn’t just gonna show up at your doorstep, butt-ass naked on a platter.

Anyway, so if I come off a bit cranky, short patient and dismissive nowadays, particularly with guys who message me on Facebook, I genuinely mean well.

Consider my tough rant as a way to force you guys to man the fuck up!

Either you’ll man up or bitch out!

Quit chasing that 1 special girl and come to the realization that your mind is playing tricks on you.

Quit thinking that meeting REAL-World women is hard to come by.

Take a look at my most recent stats in the field:

Over the past 4 days, I’d picked up about 5 girls- all of which occurred off of cold approach. In other words- total strangers I come across on the streets.

Of the 4 girls, I already went out with 1 [last night], fucked 1 and have a date with another tonight.

This is all within the last 4 days.

I’m not concerned about the bitch who rejected me 2 weeks ago!

The girl who stood me up a month ago; she has faded into frikkin’ oblivion!

Shit- I don’t even remember the names of the last 2 girls I’d banged!

Do you think I have time to be concerned with a friendzone situation or a girl who’s been acting bitchy towards me?

Likewise should be your disposition and attitude also!

The girl who didn’t return my phone call or text?


Trying to find the cure for poor text game isn’t even factored in.

I move on to the next girl.

There’s always more girls.

They aren’t going anywhere.

If a girl jerks you around through text, the solution isn’t to find the right words to get her to quit the games.

The solution is to delete her # and go pick up 2 other girls until you find one who is about business.

When you enjoy options and choices, the petty shit just doesn’t affect you like before.

On that note, if there’s any pressing issues you have and you’re contemplating to drop me a message, please ensure that it is about picking up women and not some sob story about how you got dumped and trying to get your ex back or get back at her.

I will not fucking entertain such queries!

If you want to get back at your ex-girlfriend. The only way to achieve this is to fuck other women and ensure that she hears about it [abundance mentality].

5 thoughts on “RSD Jeffy Was Right: “You Are Hurting Guys By Answering Their Questions” + Less Tolerance For Bullshit Excuses

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  1. Kenny on a roll!!! Loved the videos man!!! I was expecting a hardass who laid down the law but it was all pretty chill and relatable. What you say here rungs true too!


  2. I asked u once for feedback on a field report that ended with LMR and there was no fuckin answer… U better say that u don’t fuckin care about any message, regardless of the topic


    1. I don’t remember that…at least not from anyone by the name of Christian. I typically respond to all my questions pickup related. I don’t recall the field report message you sent Chris.


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